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Conan Exiles Chitin can prove quite elusive within the world of Conan Exiles. Often used by scorpions, sand reapers, and other insects as a natural form of armor, Chitin is an infrequently used resource outside of some more niche applications. Despite that, today we shall be looking into this hardened exoskeleton, working out how to wrench it from the corpse of the various insects and arachnids that own it. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What is Chitin?

Chitin is a chunk of the hardened exoskeleton found on numerous insects and scorpion-like beasts throughout The Exiled Lands and The Isle of Siptah. Typically harvested as a chunk, it’s a mid-grade ingredient that can stack up to 500 pieces, and has a base weight value of 0.25 per unit. Each stack of Chitin weighs in at a hefty 125 units, so make sure you’ve put some points into Endurance before gathering massive amounts of this ingredient.

Chitin, as it appears in the inventory

The best tool for harvesting Chitin is somewhat up for debate. Many players on Reddit claim to swear by the Pick, and in my testing, it seems a decent option. The hatchet seems comparable too, but the former still has the advantage. However, testing also showed that the Skinning Knife is an impressive option, often doubling the harvest compared to a Pick. More detailed testing is necessary but based on this small sample data, I would recommend the Skinning Knife.

The Skinning Knife appears to be the best tool for harvesting Chitin

What use does Chitin offer?

There are hundreds of resources in Conan Exiles, all falling into different categories of how important they are in your gameplay. Ultimately, you’ll require mastery of these resources to thrive. Chitin occupies the more niche end of that spectrum and is only really used in a few applications that themselves are uncommon.

The main application of Chitin is manufacturing a few different sets of armor. These are the beautiful Stygian Raider set, the Epic variant of Stygian Raider, and the Stygian Soldier set. You may also put it to use in creating taxidermies of a few of the beasts found around the world of Conan Exiles. Finally, Chitin can create Bonemeal.

Chitin is used to make Stygian Soldier (pictured) and Stygian Raider armors

Subjective taste in armor sets aside, Bonemeal is perhaps the most important application of Chitin, or so you’d think. Bonemeal enhances compost and allows you to cultivate different herbs and flowers, but can also be implemented in mixing some potions that you may find useful. However, Bone provides a more easily accessible option for creating Bonemeal with a much better input and output ratio, so Chitin is rare in creating Bonemeal. You could quite easily go from Level 1 to Level 60 and complete the game without ever needing Chitin, but if you like the look of some of the Stygian armors, you are going to need this pretty unremarkable material.

Where can Chitin be found?

Whilst Conan Exiles Chitin can be found in very sparing quantities in the pockets of dead enemies, and possibly even in some lower-leveled loot chests around The Exiled Lands and The Isle of Siptah, any notable quantity of this hardened carapace demands to be actively farmed.

Generally speaking, Chitin is easy to get. You’ll need to locate a beast covered in this material, cut them down, and harvest its corpse. Sounds easy, right? Well, it is, but some of these beasts can prove a fair challenge for the inexperienced Exile. Let’s take a look at the beasts in question. We won’t be looking at boss or minibosses that drop Chitin, as they’re not a sustainable method for farming Chitin.


Scorpions naturally appear in two sizes: medium and large. There is an enormous King Scorpion, but we won’t be looking at him, as he is a boss monster. Medium and Large scorpions provide a stable avenue through which to harvest Chitin and are relatively simple to fight.

Medium Scorpions have an armor rating of 28 and a health pool of 261, making them easy targets that are slain within a few good swings. Large scorpions are a little harder to fight, as they have armor ratings of 59 and 564 health. Large scorpions become even easier to fight as you improve your armor and equipment, and generally provide an easy method of acquiring Chitin.


Spiders come in many shapes and sizes within Conan Exiles, some of which are extremely easy to slay. Others can provide quite the challenge. Most of these scuttling arachnids make good targets for your Chitin farming desires, though there are a couple to avoid.

Firstly, The Giant Spider boss in The Silkwood is definitely on the avoid list. The Blue Widow is another, as its crippling poison attack can be extremely hazardous if you get caught off guard. Finally, I’d avoid corrupted spiders for farming, as they’re powerful and aren’t worth the time or effort if you’re only looking for Chitin.

Most other spiders, big or small, provide ample opportunity to farm Chitin. They also offer other vital byproducts like Gossamer and Ichor, which are vital in the efforts of any struggling Exile. Spiders can be a great choice for farming Chitin and are highly customizable depending upon the type of arachnids you seek out.

Sand Reaper

Sand Reapers look similar to giant Locusts and come in three varieties: Green, White, and Yellow. Corrupted and Boss versions also exist, but we’ll be avoiding those. Sand Reapers are fearsome compared to Scorpions or Spiders, especially for lower-leveled Exiles. They can attack with Poison, and the Yellow sand reapers also possess a knockdown attack that could spell disaster.

One of the benefits of targetting Sand Reapers is they can provide slightly more Chitin and an engaging challenge compared to Spiders and Scorpions. Upon their death, you can extract their Toxin Glands, which can be used to craft a powerful Reaper Poison. Sand Reapers could be a compelling option for farming Chitin, though the extra difficulty in fighting them may cause Exiles to favor the previous options.

So now that we know the three main creatures that can provide you with that elusive Chitin, where exactly are the best spots to find them? Well, the ideal destination depends heavily on personal preference and proximity to your base. Some areas can prove bountiful in general, especially considering that you’re likely not going to need too much Chitin for your crafting needs. So, with that said, it’s time to scour Conan Exiles for all the best Chitin farming spots

The Exiled Lands

Spiders: Scuttler’s Shortcut

Scuttler’s Shortcut is something of a hidden gem for the avid farmer. The cave itself & spiders within provide a great source of Crystals, Ichor, Gossamer, and Chitin. You can find a fair amount of spiders within this cave, and they’re a breeze to take down, providing minor risk for quite a considerable reward. Delving deeper into the cavern can prove troublesome, as the center of the cave plays host to a Demon Spider, a fairly tough enemy for the uninitiated. Scuttler’s Shortcut makes a great early-game option for farming Chitin.

Scorpions: East of Sepermeru

Scorpions can be surprisingly troublesome to find in a sufficient quantity. You can usually find plenty around Muriela’s Hope, but they scuttle across a massive area teeming with Snakes and Kudo. Therefore, I recommend the desert plateau east of Sepermeru. Accessing this area can be troublesome, as you’ll likely have to go through The Unnamed City, but it’s a good spot. The plateau has a decent number of large Scorpions that can be “convinced” to hand over their Chitin. These Scorpions can offer a few hundred Chitin in a single run. There is the slight issue of the Scorpion King world boss being nearby, but if you can avoid him and slay the Scorpions around him, this is a great farming spot for Conan Exiles Chitin.

Sand Reapers: Sand Reaper Hive (Desert)

Sand Reapers are a little harder to track down than Scorpions or Spiders, but when in doubt, go to the source. The Sand Reaper Hive located in Map Square I7 is a great spot, as you’ll find plenty of these locusts buzzing around. Beware though, as Sand Reapers can be quite difficult to fight, and thus you could quite easily become overwhelmed. This area is also the stomping ground of the Sand Reaper Hive Queen, a boss-type monster that could quite easily cut your farming run and life short if you’re not prepared. Sand Reapers are a good Chitin option, alongside their toxin glands, but you may have an easier time with either Scorpions or Spiders.

The Isle of Siptah

The Isle of Siptah makes things arduous when trying to acquire Chitin. The Isle was crafted in a very PvP-focused way, and thus resources are often found in dense groups, rather fairly evenly distributed as they are on The Exiled Lands. Sand Reapers don’t seem to spawn on The Isle of Siptah, at least not at the time of writing, and Scorpions can be fairly scarce due to the high amount of grasslands on Siptah. Therefore, the best option is spiders, which are still prevalent on this Island.

Spiders: Asylum of the Outsiders

The Asylum of the Outsiders is the defacto best spot for finding spiders on Siptah

This is probably the best spot to gather Chitin on the entire Isle of Siptah. Located on the central northern side of the Isle near an Elder Vault, this area contains plenty of spiders just waiting to be slain and harvested. Of course, spiders provide Ichor and Gossamer alongside their Chitin, making this spot very popular. You may find this area to be picked clean sometimes if you turn up on the coat tails of another player, or you may have to defend yourself if someone rocks up as you’re harvesting. Siptah is far from forgiving when it comes to acquiring Chitin, but due to its fair niche nature, it’s far from essential on this map.

The Asylum of the Outsiders is a destination worthy of consideration in your plight for Chitin, though exercise caution. This area is the territory of two Demon Spiders, whom you should prepare to fight, lest you become their unwilling dinner.


Generally, I would recommend sticking to farming Spiders. Scorpions can be a painless option, assuming you can avoid the King Scorpion that lurks around the plateau east of Sepermeru, but Spiders are just the most straightforward option. They’re plentiful on both The Isle of Siptah and The Exiled Lands, put up little resistance in your attempts to slay them, and are easily accessible. Sand Reapers are worth avoiding, simply because they’re difficult to fight, whilst not offering enough of a benefit to warrant the extra effort. If you happen across them, however, feel free to relieve them of their Chitin.

If you’re desperate to fill your vaults with Chitin, I would recommend putting together a route that encompasses two or three different locations. An example would be going to Scuttler’s Shortcut, through Muriela’s Hope, and then to the plateau east of Sepermeru, slaying the Scorpions and Spiders in your path. This incredibly straightforward route could effortlessly provide hundreds of Chitin from just a single run.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do I get more Chitin from boss monsters?

Answer: You may get more than from a regular beast. Bosses are larger and upon harvesting, usually, give more resources in their selected loot pool. For expediency though, I would safely estimate you will receive less overall Chitin if you rely on bosses. In the time it takes to slay and harvest the boss, you could have quite easily slain plenty of lesser beasts, harvested their Chitin, and could even be on the way home.

Question: Are the armor sets crafted with Chitin worth using?

Answer: It depends upon your build. Stygian Raider is a standard medium armor that falls in line with most others of its type, offering +1 Accuracy per piece of armor.
Epic Stygian Raider is just an amped-up version of the former, as it is a Level 60 item. It retains its armor class and attributes bonus, just with higher protections due to its level.
Stygian Soldier is similar, though it offers more physical protection as it is classified as heavy. It also offers +1 Agility per piece, rather than Accuracy, which could be more useful.
Are they worth it? Well, that’s subjective. They can be very useful, but there are swathes of alternatives.

Question: Is there any way to craft Chitin?

Answer: You can’t “craft” Chitin, but you can extract it from certain items. If you place a Sand Reaper, Shaleback, Spider, or Scorpion carcass, into a fluid press, you’ll find bones, blood, and Chitin, though not in any notable quantity. This also works for Demonic Spider Heads, which provide Chitin and a single Demon Blood.


Whilst Conan Exiles Chitin is a scarcely used material within the world of Conan Exiles, it isn’t without its uses. It’s used in crafting three different armor sets and creating bonemeal, and whilst it may not be remarkable in any stretch of the imagination, you may find yourself needing some Chitin in the future. With this guide, you can now grab your battleax, and your skinning knife, hop on your steed and gallop down your nearest farming spot. Best of luck Exile!

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