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Amongst the plentiful resources on offer within the world of Conan Exiles, Gossamer can be elusive. A weak, flimsy cobweb often found on walls or wrenched from the body of those who crafted them, Gossamer is invaluable if you seek to assemble some of the best-looking armors within the game. Today I’ll display how to collect Conan Exiles Gossamer, weave it into a workable material, and manufacture the armor of your dreams. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What is Gossamer?

As alluded to in the introduction, Gossamer is generally an incredibly flimsy and weak material. Within the world of Conan Exiles, Gossamer is composed of cobwebs and offers very little protection or sturdiness. Before you may begin to produce items using this material, it first demands to be carefully weaved into something more rugged.

In-game, Gossamer appears as lumps of webs on the ground or harvested directly from the weavers that spin it. It appears in the inventory as a web. Gossamer is a mid-grade ingredient that stacks up to 500 units and weighs 0.01 per unit. Each stack will weigh a minuscule 5 units of weight, enabling you to carry untold amounts of Gossamer with little effort.

What uses does Gossamer have?

Conan Exiles Gossamer can be a somewhat niche resource, not imbued with a large number of implementations. One shouldn’t disregard Gossamer, as it has uses in a few different creations you may find yourself interested in pursuing.

Once Gossamer has been weaved into Silk, you can begin to manufacture the high-level healing items Infused Wraps and Stutter Wraps. Silk is also employed in the creation of various armors and clothing, all to different degrees of protection and usefulness. It also sees usage in a large number of decorations, alongside the fletching of the Ancient and Hyrkanian bows, both of which may be useful tools for an archer.

What beasts offer Gossamer?

Gossamer is the definition of a one-source ingredient. Unlike hides or bones, Gossamer is incredibly particular about where it appears and what animals it’s harvested from. As you may have already deduced, Gossamer is one of the byproducts of the ever-useful Spiders that inhabit The Exiled Lands and The Isle of Siptah. Gossamer can be acquired by slaying the spiders and then subsequently harvesting them. Another method is spider eggs, which can be picked up by hand or harvested using a tool.

These scuttling arachnids are the frequent target of many farmers and hunters, primarily attributed to their varied loot pool that offers Gossamer, Ichor, and Chitin. Fortunately for us, they’re plentiful throughout The Exiled Lands, though they can be a touch troublesome to find upon The Isle of Siptah.

What tool should I use to harvest Gossamer?

Of all the tools available for your use, the Sickle proves to be the most efficient when employed in harvesting Gossamer. The Sickle provides a bonus to Gossamer harvesting. Gossamer can be scarce, so using a Sickle is highly recommended.


There aren’t any true pre-requisites to harvesting Gossamer, though there are some that I would personally recommend. You should invest in the Iron Tools feat, unlocked at Level 10 and purchasable for 3 Feat Points. Now you can craft an Iron Sickle! This grade of Sickle might not be amazingly efficient, yet it remains preferable to relying on your bare hands.

I also recommend the Tanner feat, which unlocks at Level 10 and costs 2 feat points to purchase. This allows you to build Tanner’s Table, where you can weave Gossamer into Silk. This can be achieved by hand at the same speed and resource cost, so it isn’t essential. The main benefit is the capability to leave thousands of Gossamer in Tanner’s Table to weave whilst you’re free to continue with your survival adventure. Remember that you will need an Armorer thrall to weave the Gossamer into Silk, as the bench won’t do it without an Armorer.

Where can I find Spiders?

Within The Exiled Lands, spiders are fortunately plentiful. You’ll find them scattered across the map in extremely generous clusters, assisting greatly with your farming endeavors. With that said, let’s take a look at where you can find these scuttlers.

The Exiled Lands

Scuttler’s Shortcut

Scuttler’s Shortcut is a cave located in the north-eastern corner of Map Square F7, in the central desert. Within, a horde of spiders big and small, solidifying its role as one of the best locations to farm Gossamer, alongside Ichor and Chitin. This cave offers numerous spider spawns both inside and out, though one should exercise caution. Venturing too deep into the cave system will lead you to the Summoning Circle, placing you in the pincer-bearing crosshairs of the Demon Spider that lives within.

Scuttler’s Shortcut provides a great location to harvest Gossamer within. If you can avoid being devoured by the Demon Spider, you’ll find plenty of Gossamer in your pockets once you’ve finished.

Weaver’s Hollow

Weaver’s Hollow is a small cavern located in the center of Map Square F7 in the central desert. Similar to the Scuttler’s Shortcut, this cave also provides access to the spiders that live within, though it does, unfortunately, offer fewer overall spawns than the previous. That being said, this cavern links to the Summoning Circle that holds the Demon Spider, so it is possible to enter through Weaver’s Hollow and leave through the Scuttler’s Shortcut, allowing you to farm both caves in one round motion.

Weaver’s Hollow is a great option for part of a farming route. As a primary farming location, it can prove disappointing.

Skittering Cavern

Skittering Cavern is a cave located on the western border of Map Square F5 in the central desert. Much like Scuttler’s Shortcut, it offers access to a horde of spiders that prove a great source of Gossamer. Due to its relative distance from the previous two caves, the Skittering Cavern is infrequently used in comparison to Scuttler’s Shortcut or the Weaver’s Hollow. The Skittering Cavern is also home to The End Of All Hope, a Giant Spider boss which could be troublesome. However, you can also grab the invaluable ‘The Nemedian’ helmet here, so it might be worth trying to kill that giant Spider at least once, just to get that helmet.

The Skittering Cavern is a great location for farming Gossamer, alongside the other Spider byproducts. It can stand on its own as a primary farming location, but it also shines as part of a farming route.

The Silkwood

Located in the south-eastern Jungle in Map Square M4, The Silkwood is infested by spiders and provides a great place to farm Ichor, Chitin, and Gossamer if you happen to live in the eastern Jungle. This destination is better suited to high-level players, as amongst the smaller spiders are multiple Giant Spiders. They’re not extremely dangerous, but they could easily cut your farming run short if you’re not prepared to fight them.

My recommendation? Avoid The Silkwood unless you’re a high-level player, or if you happen to live in the eastern Jungle. The giant spiders can be a tough fight, but the extra Ichor, Gossamer, and Chitin they provide are a very welcome addition to any farming run.

The Isle of Siptah

The Asylum of the Outsiders

The Isle of Siptah can be troublesome regarding acquiring Gossamer, amongst other resources. The primary and best option for the aforementioned is The Asylum of the Outsiders, an Elder Vault that sits sentinel on the central northern side of The Isle of Siptah. You’ll find the land surrounding this vault crawling with spiders of all shapes and sizes, including two dangerous Demon Spiders. The dungeon within includes more Demon Spiders, which can also offer Gossamer, with great danger.

If you’ve chosen to play on The Isle of Siptah, I would advise forgoing Gossamer as much as possible. The lack of available locations to harvest it from complicates the process beyond a reasonable degree, and with so many other armor and weapon options, Gossamer is far from the best choice on Siptah.

As for The Exiled Lands, the recommended route is simple, depending upon where you’ve laid down your home base. If you’re north of the central desert, go south to Skittering Cavern, then Weaver’s Hollow, and finally back through Scuttler’s Shortcut. If you’re south of the central desert, run the same route. Weaver’s Hollow appears to be a one-way entrance, leaving you unable to exit through it, so therefore you’ll always want to enter Weaver’s Hollow and exit through Scuttler’s Shortcut.

What gear do I need?

You don’t need the best gear in the world for these farming runs. Gathering large quantities of Gossamer is perfectly achievable with Iron weapons, low-level armor, and a bit of extra effort. That being said, better tools provide better results. Below, I’ve included two screenshots of gear for both a budget and an improved gear recommendation. I won’t be including Legendary weapons in these recommendations, as they’re not worth damaging on simple farming runs.

Budget Gear

This gear is intended to give you a minimum baseline to aim for so you can farm efficiently.

Heavy or Medium armor set. Heavy provides bonus encumbrance alongside its buffed defensive stats, so it’s a good option:

  • Iron Sickle
  • Iron Axe, or your preferred weapon.
  • Aloe Extract potions for burst healing
  • Roasted Haunch for slow-burning healing over time

This gear is intended to kill any boss spiders that you may encounter, such as the Giant Spiders or Demon Spiders.

  • Argossean Phalanx Armor or equivalent. A bonus to Vitality or Encumbrance is preferable
  • Hardened Steel Sickle
  • Two-Handed Hardened Steel Greataxe, or a non-legendary weapon of your choosing.
  • Concentrated Aloe Extract for better burst healing
  • Exotic Feast for an improved heal over time

Crafting Silk

So, you’ve done it. You’ve conquered the eight-legged beasts that lay within their caves and crevices, you’ve desecrated their mangled corpses, and now you’re left with a massive lump of cobwebs and confusion. How exactly do you make Silk from Gossamer?

Well, it’s simple! Open up your inventory, find the “weave” option in your crafting panel, and you can begin to weave your Gossamer into Silk! I’m not sure exactly how weaving gossamer works when you’re sprinting through the desert avoiding crocodiles and salamanders, but it’s best not to ask questions.

An alternative and, in my experience better method, is to use Tanner’s Table. You’ll need an Armorer thrall tending to the bench, which you should easily be able to pick up at one of the many NPC camps around the map.

Throw all of your Gossamer into Tanner’s Table, select the “weave” option, hit “craft all” and let your enslaved Armorer do the work for you! You’re now free to craft, build, farm, or just relax whilst the man you knocked out and forced into servitude painstakingly weaves fragile threads together into something you can use. Who said life in The Exiled Lands was always tough?

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are there any alternative methods to attain Silk?

Answer: Yes, there is. Silk can occasionally drop from enemies, but not in sustainable quantities. Another option is extracting Silk from Fat Grubs. This requires you to place a Tier 4 named Tanner thrall onto your Artisan table, and supply him with Fat Grubs, which can be difficult to find in large quantities.
From there, your Tanner thrall will do something that probably borders on animal cruelty, and he’ll manage to extract some Silk! This isn’t a very sustainable method though, so traditional farming is preferable if you require a large quantity.

Question: Are the armors manufactured using Gossamer worth the effort?

Answer: In my opinion, not particularly. There are some good armor sets in there, some of which may provide a huge buff to your playstyle, but generally speaking they’re not vital. If you happen to play on a PvE or Roleplay server, these armor sets are visually pleasing, and thus they may be something you want for fashion purposes.

Question: Should I be stockpiling Gossamer/Silk?

Answer: It depends on your situation. If you’re still a fresh spawn, definitely not. You have way more critical things to worry about. If you’re a fairly high leveled player and you’re thinking about doing some decoration around your base! Gossamer only becomes easier to get, and if you want some fancy decorations, a good quantity of it can’t hurt.


So now you know how to farm Conan Exiles Gossamer! It’s a fairly simple process, but due to the restricted pool of enemies that can provide it, knowing the best spots and the ideal farming methods is critical for your success. Now you can head out into the world of Conan Exiles and begin to commit a slow genocide of anything with eight legs. From the spoils, you’ll probably have more silk that you know what to do with. Best of luck Exile, hope you’re not an arachnophobe!

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