Conan Exiles Witch Hunt Guide

Conan Exiles Witch Hunt Guide: Hyborians Did It Before It Was Cool

A Conan Exiles Witch Hunt guide can help you understand this confusing event better. As part of Chapter 2’s sorcerer event, where you can turn in skulls for rewards, a Witch Hunt gives you another currency.

The Witch Hunt caused a lot of problems in Conan Exiles, and thus, it does remain in Chapter 3 as far as I can tell. Or at least, the camps that people thought would disappear when Chapter 3 hit remain. So you can still hop on and check out everything the Witch Hunt had to offer.

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The Witch Hunt Remains, or Does It?

Conan Exiles Witch Hunt Guide
Original Screenshot

Conan Exiles’ Witch Hunt wasn’t added until December 2022, and it was supposed to end in March 2023 when Chapter 3 began. However, I checked two months after Chapter 3 hit, and the Khitan camps remain.

I believe this could be because there were so many issues surrounding it during Chapter 2, so they are giving us extra time. After all, Grave Matters started as an event and is now permanent.

I thought perhaps that the camps were there and everything because my game was stuck on Chapter 2. But Kurak’s new dungeon at Mek-kamoses Spire is there, and everything at that camp is working as well. So it seems at least part of the Witch Hunt event is still active.

However, I couldn’t get Witch Hunts to trigger even though everything else was working properly. But even in Chapter 2, I only got two Witch Hunt encounters to activate, and after some research, I realize I’m not the only one.

At least I got to participate in the benefits of Witch Hunting via admin commands and had fun playing around with Khitan camps. After doing so, I realized that the Witch Hunt is such a great concept that I couldn’t resist a deep dive.

Story of the Witch Hunt

Conan Exiles Witch Hunt Guide mek-kamoses
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The Witch Hunt lore begins with Mek-kamoses. Mek-kamoses is the Set religion trainer who has a fascination with sorcery because he was a sorcerer of the Black Ring before his exile.

But his rival sorcerer, Thoth Amon, is one that Mek believes is partially behind their exile. In the Witch Hunt event, Mek has gone off the wall and has recruited Khitan members to help him collect samples of the new magic.

While he accepts any sorcerer skulls, or even better, live sorcerers, what he wants more than anything are the skulls of select sorcerer bosses. This is where the witch hunt comes in.

Every “Witch” to Hunt in Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles Witch Hunt Guide
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The spawn points for these may change, but right now, there are four possible witches to hunt (encounters), and each of them has a unique spawn point. Each of these bosses has around 800HP.

None of them are difficult if you are max level. But if you’re doing it when you’re under level 50 and don’t have high level thralls to help you out, then you any struggle. I suggest leveling before you take on one more than once. But I’m always up for trying anything once.

Radziljas – Lightning

Conan Exiles Witch Hunt Guide Radziljas - Lightning
Image from Conan Exiles Fandom

Radziljas is the lightning boss that spawns between the Upper Staging Area and The Passage, way up in the northwest jungle. You will know he’s there if it’s storming in the area with full lightning bolts.

There are Summoned Demons around him that I suggest defeating before fighting him because they really get in the way. When you’re ready, head to the vine barrier, take it down, and then defeat him.

Faiman Afthag – Darkness

Conan Exiles Witch Hunt Guide Faiman Afthag - Darkness
Image from Conan Exiles Fandom

Faiman Afthag is a scary boss at Stargazer’s Crest, where Dalinsa Snowhunter can be found. He darkens the area so that it’s difficult to see anything. You may see a round barrier indicating his position.

Like the other bosses, Faiman has minions that surround his barrier. The minions are archer assassins, so they will attack you from afar. However, they glow with purple light so they are easy to see.

Uzor the Boneless – Fog

Conan Exiles Witch Hunt Guide Uzor the Boneless - Fog
Image from Conan Exiles Fandom

Uzor the Boneless is South of the Ruins of Xullan. You know his witch hunt is active when you get near the ruins, and a fog appears. It is so dense that it’s almost harder to see in it than in the darkness from Faiman.

He has zombie warriors to help him out and is surrounded by a rock wall complete with dead bodies. His minions do disappear on their own after a while, as zombies do, but the dog will stay until you kill him.

Baalzamon – Fire

Conan Exiles Witch Hunt Guide Baalzamon - Fire
Image from Conan Exiles Fandom

Baalzamon is the most difficult witch hunt encounter. First of all, you have to go to the volcano, between the volcano obelisk and the Shrine of the Oracle, to find him. Then, you have to avoid the lava while you fight him.

His minions are demons with hammers, and even after you take down his rock barrier, there is a wall of fire that will hurt you if you get in it. So make sure you lure him out of it to fight him.

Khitan Exile Camps

Conan Exiles Witch Hunt Guide khitan exile camps
Original Screenshot

When you kill a witch encounter, you can get a Magi Skull from the body, among other rewards. The skulls are a currency that you can spend at the Khitan camps/caravans in the Exiled Lands. But you can also use Ancient Obolus, which you get from turning in these skulls, to buy special items.

Each of these locations also has a merchant that sells thralls (choice of combatant or worker) and a merchant that sells Supply Materials. There is a chance that the thrall could be T4, but it’s rare.

  • Sepermeru (A7) Near the Westwall landmark – Sandals of the Mad Prophet and Baal-pteor’s Razor
  • Skulker’s Camp (D4/E4) – Bracer of the Mad Prophet and Frostshot
  • The Den, south (E8) – Black Blood Hatchet and El’s Drinker
  • New Asagarth (F10) – Helm of the Mad Prophet and Glimmermoon
  • The High Way (G13) – entrance to the Volcano – Daggers of Nameless Days and Harness of the Mad Prophet
  • Thugra’s Stand (G6) – Warspear of the Black Circle
  • Ruins of al-Merayah (G7/H7) – Axe of the Lion and Black Blood Sickle
  • Deathwhisper Ruins (I6) – Momentum
  • Voyager’s Vigil (I7) – near the Black Galleon – Black Blood Pick and Eye of the Khan
  • Descent of Dagon (L6/M6) – northwest – Forgelight and Tasset of the Mad Prophet
  • Buccaneer’s Bay (N8) – east of Flotsam – Black Blood Skinning Knife

Above, I listed the special items you can get from merchants. But you can also sacrifice skulls and sorcerers at the camps to get other rewards. There are usually three or four merchants – one to two for special items, one for thralls, and one for supply materials.

Available T4 Thralls

conan exiles Available T4 Thralls
Original Screenshot

These are the thralls you can get from the random thralls you buy with Obolus. The workers don’t matter too much as long as they are T4, but not all combatants are created equal. Keep in.0 mind that it’s rare to get these. You’ll probably get a T3 or lower, which is also fine for workers 90% the time because they now share many recipes with T4s.

  • Acastel Ninefingers (Builder Carpenter) – provides maximum durability, increases weapon damage, and armor pen bonus. Can also convert wood into branches and vice versa.
  • Darmok the Experimenter (Alchemist) – increases crafting speed at Alchemist Bench by 100%. Has recipes for Demon-fire Orb, Gaseous Orb, Grease Orb and Fill. Can also make Spice and Tar more easily.
  • Gratt Stinkfinger (Tanner) – increases crafting speed at Tanneries by 100% and has special recipes for Silk.
  • Jon the Tinkerer (Smelter) – increases crafting speed at Smelters by 100%.
  • Njoror Battleborn (Scoutwright Armorer) – increase crafting speed at Armorer’s Bench by 100% and has better recipes for Thick Hide and Silk. Also has best weight reduction for armor, as well as a moderate boost to other stats.
  • Oyvind Tall-tree (Entertainer) – fast corruption removal and optimum health regeneration.
  • Dalinsia Snowhunter (Fighter) – one of the best Fighters in the game. If you get here, hold on to her tight.
  • Janos (Fighter) – a good Fighter, but not nearly as good as Dalinsa.
  • Markos, Bane of Beasts (Archer) – a very good archer, top-tier archer that is otherwise only available during the Purge.
  • Varpnir (Archer) – a decent archer, but not the best.

Sorcerer Skull Trade-Ins

Conan Exiles sorcerer skull trade-ins
Original Screenshot

Put a Sorcerer Skull in the cauldron to get these items. If you want to stack up coins, I think this is the best way because if you’re geared up, you can take down sorcerer after sorcerer in certain areas (such as Mounds of the Dead.)

You don’t get many for each turn it (ex one gold coin possibly) but I still think it’s worth it ebcause you also gain XP and other rewards for taking the sorcerer down in the first place.

  • 1-5 Gold Coin
  • 6-10 Silver Coin
  • 3-5 Ancient Obulus
  • 10-16 Alchemical Base
  • 5-10 Steelfire
  • 1-2 Demon Blood

Live Sorcerer

Knock out and tie up a live sorcerer for at least this many of each of these items. This doesn’t pay off, in my opinion, because it doesn’t give you enough extra materials on average for the work it takes to get one there alive.

  • 5~ Goldstone
  • 8~ Silverstone
  • 1 Lasting Feast
  • 25~ Alchemical Base
  • 32~ Steelfire
  • 12~ Ancient Obulus

Magi Skull Trade-Ins

magi skull conan exiles
Original Screenshot

Trade in Magi Skulls from the witch hunts for even more items and the best source of Ancient Obolus coins. This makes sense considering they are harder to get than the other skulls. Every single one of these items is valuable, though relatively easy to get otherwise. I’m such a sucker for loot crates and random rewards that I can’t resist farming skulls for this event.

  • 33-44 Alchemical Base
  • 15-22 Ancient Oboli
  • 4-8  Demon Blood
  • 6-9 Goldstone
  • 7-12  Silverstone
  • 45-60 Steelfire

Supply Materials

Some camps also have T4 Supply Materials, which have a random amount of these items when you open them. Unlike with the skulls, it won’t necessarily have all of the items on the list, but rather a couple each time, with the metal and tar being the rarest.

The other items are just fillers you can use to plant a garden at your base. It’s not a bad idea to have a garden full of aloe, lotus flowers, and berries with easy access. This is a cheap way to get seeds.

  • Highlands Berry-Bush Seeds
  • Hops Seeds
  • Aloe Seeds
  • Golden Lotus Seeds
  • Iron Bar
  • Steel Bar
  • Tar


Question: Are the Witch Hunt Events Random?

Answer: They spawn randomly, yes. There is not set timer for them, and there is no bar, like for the purge. At the time of writing, Funcom has not shared any intel on how the timer does work.

Question: Are the Witch Hunt Events Coming Back?

Answer: That has not been shared. At the time of writing, they are still here, with the Khitan camps all going strong. But they may disappear soon. If they do, there is no indication whether they will come back in later patches or not.

Question: Why Won’t the Witch Hunt Spawn?

Answer: It is a bug. This is a bug many players experienced, and no one knows why it happens. For a while, the hunts wouldn’t spawn for anyone and to this day, it is very glitchy.

The Big Problem with Witch Hunts

Conan Exiles Witch Hunt Guide
Original Screenshot

The Witch Hunts have been buggy from the start. Some people never ran into one, despite visiting the encounter locations regularly. The whole thing kind of flopped, but I see potential if they keep it going.

In single-player, I spawned in my own skulls to turn in, and on my server, the admin had some events for us to collect Magi Skulls because the Witch Hunt wouldn’t spawn. Thankfully, you can still do this, as the Khitan camps are up and running.

My concern is that Funcom will focus on Chapter 3 and beyond, leaving Witch Hunts in the dust. This is understandable, especially since it isn’t their best event, but I would have liked to have time to enjoy it the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

At least we have golems to play around with and the new dungeon, which is one of the best yet. If you’re lucky, you at least collected all of the event items from the Witch Hunt and will forever be the Mad Prophet of your server.

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