Conan Exiles Castle Build Ideas

Conan Exiles Castle Build Ideas: Fit for a Lemurian Queen

Conan Exiles castle build ideas will help you create a fortress worth fighting for. My favorite types of builds in survival games are cottages and farmhouses, but castles are the most impressive.

They can be as simple or extravagant as you want and always look like someone cared about their work. But getting started with castle builds in Conan Exiles is one challenging task. That’s why you may need all the help you can get to get those creative juices flowing. Or, use a step-by-step tutorial; I don’t judge.

Top 5 Castle Ideas in Conan Exiles

Floating CastleLinkEradicati0n
Historically Accurate CastleLinkShadiversity
Minas TirithLinkSven P
Humble CastleLinkBARDEN
Castle on a RockLinkLyumi Light

Conan Exiles Base – Keeping It Practical

While building an impressive-looking base is essential for castle builds, keeping it practical is something you want to pay attention to. If you’re playing on a PvP server, I suggest building walls, utilizing trebuchets, and having an excellent place to put golems/pets/thralls.

I recommend prioritizing your workshop if you’re playing on a PvE server. You don’t need an entire castle for your workshop, but having a room for it and for storage (neatly organized) on the ground floor is essential to me.

Castle on a Rock

Castle on a Rock is one of my favorite builds, primarily because of the location. You’ll see a lot of Lyumi Light on my list because he’s the most popular Conan Exiles builder out there for a reason.

This build teaches you how to build on a rock, which is something you may find useful in other builds. The bridge alone is enough to make0stle build.

For this castle, all you need is the People of the Dragon pack DLC. This DLC is where you will get the Nemedian building pieces you see in many tutorial videos. I highly recommend it if you want to get into building in Conan Exiles.

Happy Castle Village

The medieval stronghold here makes me endlessly joyful. It does require quite a few DLCs, but no mods. The castle you see here was created for KiahOnFire’s build competition in which one player drew something for another player to draw.

My Conan Fanatics friends Eradicati0n and Wild Jester participated, and everyone did amazing. But Barden’s was my favorite. He turned Kiah’s one-minute drawing into this masterpiece that I cannot get enough of.

Floating Castle

A floating castle is no simple task to build, but thanks to Eradicati0n, it can be. Anything floating always reminds me of the floating mountains of Pandora, which was nodded to with the similar islands on ARK’s Crystal Isles.

Out of all the castle builds on this list, the floating castle is the most unique. I’d love to see more people venture out and try something like this by putting their spin on it. I know I want to try it.

Practical Castle Base

While most castle builds are just for entertainment, this one has functionality in mind. Creative Builder is so organized that they even have a blueprint laid out at the beginning that is color-coded to each room.

If you want to model your base off of one single build, I recommend this one because you can copy it exactly and still be able to use your base as you normally would. This build is a 10 out of 10 for me.

Cute and Cozy Castle

This build is proof that cozy castles don’t have to be small. The castle is smaller than most other Conan Exiles castles, but it is still much larger than an ordinary house in the game would be.

The whole thing is exceptionally well done, and the interior isn’t neglected. Lyumi Light strikes again with this one that magically merges simplicity with an eclectic splash. I will watch this again when I’m ready to make my next base.

Hogwarts of Castles

This castle is designed for magic, so break out the sorcerers in the Age of Sorcery. Barden always adds blueprints and explanations to his videos, separating the sections of his builds into sections of the video.

It’s hard to imagine how huge or how much work these castles are to make whenever you’re not the one doing it. But each and every one of them is so special, and I’m incredibly impressed by the creators.

In this sorcerer’s dream, from the lights to the perfectly rounded towers, there’s nothing about this build that I don’t like. It’s one of the best PvP builds too, which is critical to note because most castle builds do not take that into consideration.

A Humble Castle

Barden does such an amazing job with his Nemedian Manor. This castle is meant for those who want somewhere to show off without being too pretentious. It’s the feel-good movie of Conan Exiles Castles.

You need the Blood & Sand, People of the Dragon, and Riders of Hyboria DLCs for the build if you want all the details and interior decor to match. But you can also use this to start your design and build it your way.

Of course, it’s much more difficult, especially on the inside, because the base game does not have much to offer regarding decoration and furniture. So you have to get super creative if you want to make anything like this work without DLCs or mods.

Historically Accurate Castle

This Fictional History Channel is a fantastic concept that I cannot neglect. YouTuber Shadiversity shows us what a Hyborian castle may have looked like. The accuracy is intriguing, to say the least, but the fact that it’s completely original as well is what really gets me.

He uses the basic sandstone pieces, so you don’t need any mods. You can build something like this on any cluster of rocks out there or get creative and build it ground level. There are no rules when you’re a barbarian.

Never Underestimate Multi-Textured Castles

I always build my castles with wood and stone. I think it looks so much better, and this is proof that it’s a good combo. I love how everything works together so well, with each well-planned area.

This castle looks quite similar to the castle on the rock as well, but it shows you how you can build on ruins. By the way, I’m in love with the way Lyumi shows the full-day cycle at the beginning; it’s so majestic. If you haven’t at least watched that, do it.

Minas Tirith

I nearly hyperventilated when I saw this castle because Lord of the Rings is my favorite franchise of all time. It took fourteen hours for Sven P to make this, and it was definitely worth it in my book.

He mentions that it is one-third the size of the original, so if you want a real challenge, try to scale it up to size, and you’ve got yourself a real LotR simulator. If you do, please invite me over.

If you want to see this castle in all of its glory without watching the two-and-a-half-hour video, feel free to skip to the end. After all, who could ever recreate such a masterpiece? I know I couldn’t.

Age of Empires 2 Castle

Lyumi Light is one of my favorite Conan Exiles builders, and he strikes again with this castle. I’ve never played an Age of Empires game because I’m not into RTS games, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate them.

The setting that Lyumi chose is so majestic, too, working perfectly with the AoE castle. It’s done in his style, which you get a taste of in the castle on the rock build, but there’s something special about this one.

Wildcard Pick: Nemedian Modded Castle

Conan Exiles Castle Build Ideas Wildcard Pick Nemedian Modded Castle

There’s no video for this gem, but you can view all of the images here. I chose it because it shows you what you can do with a ton of mods and how different it looks from vanilla castles.

While the exterior is impressive, it’s the interior of the castle that really shines with mods. The Workshop for Conan Exiles is excellent and never leaves me wanting. If you want a place to start with building mods, check out what this user utilized.

Castle Build Ideas (no tutorial) for Conan Exiles

If you want a challenge, consider using your favorite fictional castles as inspiration. When I create a build in a survival game, I almost always start with tutorials to learn how to build in that game. Then, I find pictures of either real or fictional places and try to recreate them.

Castle Aaargh!

Conan Exiles Castle Build Ideas Castle Aaargh conan exiles

Castle Aaargh is the easiest build on the list if you can find the right spot. It’s so simple, but Monty Python and the Holy Grail fans will likely recognize it immediately. That movie is and always will be my guilty pleasure.

I believe this would be one of those builds that looks super easy, but once you get started, you realize that you can’t make it perfect. But it would be one of the simplest castle builds imaginable if it does work out.

Temple of Time

I prefer Hyrule Castle, but the Temple of Time is much easier. You can take a look at PixelCave’s video, pausing when necessary to help you build it, but there’s not a great tutorial for the Temple of Time in Conan Exiles.

Howl’s Moving Castle

Conan Exiles Castle Build Ideas Howl's Moving Castle

Howl’s Moving Castle is one of my favorite movies of all time, so I couldn’t resist this suggestion. I’ve never seen a Howl’s Moving Castle build in Conan Exiles, though some people have made a similar vibe.

There’s no way that you could make an identical version of Howl’s castle in Conan Exiles. But you can get close enough that any fan would be able to tell what you made. Just don’t forget the fireplace.

Castle Volkihar

Conan Exiles Castle Build Ideas castle volkihar
Image from Elder Scrolls Fandom

The Elder Scrolls franchise has a lot of castles, but none are as famous as Castle Volkihar. Building Skyrim builds in survival games always reminds me of Drengrheimr on ARK’s Fjordur, which is a replica of Bleak Falls Barrow.

Castle Volkihar would be a little tricky because the fog is what makes it so iconic. So if you do take screenshots, don’t feel bad if you have to add some foggy photo effects.

Dracula’s Castle (Castlevania)

Conan Exiles Castle Build Ideas Dracula's Castle (Castlevania)

Dracula’s Castle is fantastic in every adaption of Castlevania. The castle changes every time, with the most impressive being in the Netflix animated series. But let’s face it; any Castlevania castle will be satisfactory in Conan Exiles.

Theed Royal Palace

Theed Royal Palace would be one of the most challenging builds without mods. There aren’t any great rounded pieces for this, so it will look quite blocky. But it’s a challenge that some players will take as an exciting weekend project.


Question: How Long Does It Take to Build a Castle in Conan Exiles?

Answer: That depends on how grand the castle is. Some may only take 30 minutes, but most will take over three hours. On average, you can guesstimate that it will take you a couple of hours, even if you follow a tutorial.

Question: Do You Need Mods to Build a Castle in Conan Exiles?

Answer: No. Any of the materials in Conan Exiles will work for castle builds, but a mixture is usually your best bet. The Reinforced Stone pieces are the most traditional for castles in Conan Exiles.

Question: Are There Castles in Conan Exiles?

Answer: Not really. Conan Exiles has cities and ruins, but nothing I would call a castle. The closest I can think of is the Ruins of Xullan in the snow, which is what a Hyborian castle may look like.

A Unique Castle Built Your Way

The best way to build a castle in Conan Exiles is to use your favorite aspects of the builds out there to make something unique. Or, make a completely original build. If you do, I suggest uploading it to share with others, even if you don’t share a tutorial.

I love looking at builds, especially castles, that people are proud of. Conan Exiles castles are always impressive to me, whether inspired by another build, a fictional castle, or something that began in your imagination.

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