Conan Exiles Abysmal Remnant Guide

Conan Exiles Abysmal Remnant Guide – The Giant-King Dungeater

A Conan Exiles Abysmal Remnant guide can help you defeat this toxic predator once and for all. This dungeon boss is an easy one to take on, but because he’s one of the first bosses in the game, there is a learning curve.

I took a while to get to him because I somehow missed the dungeon. But once I did get there, not only was I over-leveled, but I also had five people with me, so it was super easy. The second time around, after I made a new character, it was a whole new boss.

Abysmal Remnant Overview

  • Abysmal Remnant is the best dungeon boss to take on first
  • Recommended level 30 if alone, 20 if with at least one other player
  • You cannot climb in the Dregs
  • If you get the boss the lunge, you get free attacks
  • You have to shoot circles to get the water to raise in the Dregs in order to complete it
  • You must make a blood sacrifice to enter the Dregs

Story of the Dregs and Abysmal Remnant

Conan Exiles Abysmal Remnant Guide
Image by Emily Medlock

The Dregs is a sewer with a sewer serpent at the end. But there’s much more to that story, according to Conan Exiles lore. If you read the journals in the Dregs, you will find out that someone left notes about how Darfari cannibals chased them into it.

Or rather, they chased them to the sacrifice circle, and their friend was cut down as a sacrifice, allowing the writer to sink into the dungeon below as the Darfari ran away, frightened.

The writer calls the glowing torches ghostfire, which is my favorite term for them. He then mentions that he is looking for treasure in the depths of the stinky waters before he hints that you need to find a way to push buttons to get the water levels to rise.

The writer believes the reason for this is that the sewage system was built for a taller race. This race is, in fact, the Giant-Kings as they lived in the Unnamed City, where the sewage system rests beneath. As worshippers of Set, they often sacciricesd slaves to him, which explains the sacrifice circle at the entrance of their sewer.

In the next note, the writer says that he knows this is the place of his ancestors, the legendary Zapayo da Kordava whose treasure he seeks. Of course, he says that a woman that he is connected to guides him through the dungeon, which players can also hear, though they may not feel as enamored with the voice.

He leaves his last note, stating that he knows he is close to the treasure, the last recipe of his ancestor inspired by the Black Kingdoms. He also feels deeply connected to the woman’s voice that guides him, who he now sees as his love. A woman who he is so near and wishes to take back to be his wife.

His last words are written, telling whoever reads his journals that his fiance is telling him to put down his weapons and continue. After all, she’s such a sweet spirit; why wouldn’t he listen? Spoiler alert, the voice belongs to Abysmal Remnant, a monster who lures adventurers in like a siren – a siren who lives in a Giant-King feces pit.

How to Get to Abysmal Remnant

Dregs Entrance Conan Exiles
Image by Emily Medlock

Abysmal Remnant is a boss at the end of a dungeon called The Dregs. So you have to get to the dungeon, enter it, and complete it before you can fight Abysmal Remnant and get his tasty flesh.

Go to the Entrance

Dregs Entrance Conan Exiles
Image by Emily Medlock

The entrance to The Dregs is at the center of D-4 and at the end of the river. The easiest path is to follow the tiger going west until you reach a closed-off area at the end. You will notice a platform here, which will require a blood sacrifice.

Perform a Blood Sacrifice

To enter the Dregs, you have to perform a blood sacrifice using yourself, another player, or an NPC. I haven’t sacrificed myself or a player before, because I always just lure an NPC there and then kill it.

Enter the Dungeon

Dregs Door Conan Exiles
Image by Emily Medlock

The dungeon isn’t straightforward because there will be circles you need to shoot with a bow and arrow to raise water levels which take you to the net areas. After you enter the dungeon, go straight down the steps and up the next set. Open the door that is surrounded by ghosts.

The Puzzle

Button Dregs Conan Exiles
Image by Emily Medlock

The puzzle in the Dregs can be completed in five minutes, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, it can take much longer. I think it took around 20 minutes the first time I did it.

Here’s a quick overview of how the dungeon works.

  1. Shoot the circle straight ahead (after the ghost door) to raise the water. If you have trouble finding it, go past the pillars in the hallway, and it will be between two arches.
  2. Go through the tunnels and open the door.
  3. Go down the bridge and shoot the circle on the left and swim across the water to open the door.
  4. Shoot straight, then swim to the right and left separately to shoot the two circles.
  5. The next room has enemies you can run past or fight. Once you pass them, shoot the circle to the right, then turn around and go down the tunnel.

Abysmal Remnant Info

Abysmal Remenant Conan Exiles
Image by Emily Medlock

Abysmal Remnant is a nasty sewer snake at the end of the Dregs. I consider him the easiest dungeon boss in the game, weaker than a legendary creature. But he still deserves the respect of a dungeon boss.


  • HP – 2348
  • Armor – 34
  • KB Defense – 1000
  • XP – 21,600

Abysmal Remnant has relatively low stats. His HP is that of an Elite creature, and his armor is not the greatest, so all around, he’s a weak boss. I find him around the same strength as a Wild Boar Alpha creature.


  • Spit – this is his most common attack that he will continuously use. It’s a ranged acid spit.
  • Minions – he has adds surrounding him on the stairs that you can easily take down before you fight him.
  • Acid Bath – this isn’t an attack, but it can hurt you, so stay out of his murky water.
  • Lunge – after he sinks into the water, he will return by lunging out of it, attempting to bite a player. This is easy to dodge by staying out of reach on the stairs.


  • Abysmal Eye – used to make Abysmal Daggers and Abysmal Sword (learned in the Dregs)
  • Abysmal Fang – used to make Reptilian armor and Abysmal Arrows (learned in the Dregs)
  • Abysmal Flesh – used in some foods and fed to some animals (specifically Locust/Reapers) when growing in Animal Pen
  • Reptile Hide – used to make Reptilian armor and Serpent-man weapons
  • Staff of the Triumvirate – a staff needed at the Altar of the Bat to create the talking Awakened Staff of the Triumvirate
  • Level – 20 to 30
  • Number – two or more

You can easily take this on with a good T4 Archer thrall if you’re at least level 20. But if you’re not, it’s best to wait for a few levels unless you have super good gear for your level. Otherwise, you will waste way too much time trying to complete it.

Easiest Strategy to Kill Abysmal Remnant

Abysmal Remnant Dead Conan Exiles
Image by Emily Medlock

Abysmal Remnant is not a hard boss but if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re gonna get burned and eaten. Thankfully, there is a foolproof strategy that has been used for years and is still viable today.

Bait the Lunge and Attack

Abysmal Remenant Conan Exiles
Image by Emily Medlock

There are two ways to do this. Either ensure you are using a thrall with a ranged weapon or have a player shoot them to draw aggro while you get set up with the other half of this trick. If you have a melee thrall, they will just fall into the acid pit and not do anything.

Your goal here is to bait the lunge attack. To do this, stand behind the pillar on the stairs and shoot him while another player runs around in circles around the boss. This will eventually make the boss sink down and lunge, giving you aoppruntiy to attack with him attacking back.

It may take two tries to do this if you’re under-geared, but it works every time. You may not even need the player running in circles but it covers your bases. If you are alone without a thrall, you can just keep shooting and then hiding behind the stair pillar.

Getting Out of the Dungeon

Exit Conan Dregs Conan Exiles
Image by Emily Medlock

The first time I defeated Abysmal Remnant, I embarrassingly spent fifteen minutes looking for an exit. It was long enough that he respawned and we had to fight him again. But what you do is go down the sewer grate behind the drained acid pit.

Knowledges in the Dregs

There are a handful of recipes you can learn in the Dregs. Most of them are learned in the boss room, so you have to complete the dungeon to learn them, a struggle for those that like to hit and run.

Dredger (Knowledge)

Found at the entrance of the dungeon – there’s a runestone to the right down a staircase with blue symbols on it. The rest of the knwolseges are found in the boss room of the Dregs.

  • Glowing Stick – a blue torch made with Bones and Glowing Goop that doesn’t go out underwater.
  • Breathing Potion – an elixir made with Glowing Essence that increases the lung capacity for 60 seconds.
  • Glowing Essence – an ingredient made with Aloe and Glowing Goop.
  • Glowing Standing Torch – a standing version of the Glowing Stick made with said stick and a Branch.
  • Glowing Wall Torch – a wall light version of the Glowing Stick made with said stick and a Branch.
  • Cooked Abysmal Meat – makes the Abysmal Meat safe to eat, heals well, and grants decent satiation.

Herpetology (Knowledge)

This set is made with Medium Padding, Reptile Hide, and Abysmal Fangs.

  • Reptilian Chestpiece – 84 armor, +5 stamina, 615 durability
  • Reptilian Gauntlets – 24 armor, +20 health, and 410 durability
  • Reptilian Tasset – 60 armor, +20 health, and 615 durability
  • Reptilian Helm – 48 armor, +5 stamina, 410 durability
  • Reptilian Boots – 24 armor, +5 stamina, 410 durability

Reptile Leather Epic (Knowledge)

This set is made with Perfected Medium Padding, Iron Bars, and Reptile Hide.

  • Reptilian Chestpiece (Epic) – 140 armor, +5 stamina, 1025 durability
  • Reptilian Gauntlets (Epic) – 40 armor, +20 health, and 685 durability
  • Reptilian Tasset (Epic) – 100 armor, +20 health, and 1025 durability
  • Reptilian Helm (Epic) – 80 armor, +5 stamina, 685 durability
  • Reptilian Boots (Epic) – 40 armor, +5 stamina, 685 durability

Abysmal Sword (Knowledge)

  • Ingredients – 5 Branch, 30 Iron Bar, 15 Thick Leather, 1 Abysmal Eye
  • Damage – 22
  • Armor Pen – 8.55%
  • Durability – 585
  • Effects – Cripple

Abysmal Dagger (Knowledge)

  • Ingredients – 5 Branch, 15 Iron Bar, 8 Thick Leather, 1 Abysmal Eye
  • Damage – 19
  • Armor Pen – 17.1%
  • Durability – 390
  • Effects – Bleed, Cripple

Abysmal Arrows (Knowledge)

  • Ingredients – 10 Branch, 5 Abysmal Fang, 1 Feather
  • Damage – 10
  • Armor Pen – 18%


Question: Is Abysmal Remnant in Sewage?

Answer: Yes. This is a sewer system, and the reason he spits acid and is covered in acid is due to the bacteria of said sewage. It may not be as disgusting as the sewer gaol in Elden Ring, but it is pretty bad for Conan Exiles.

Question: What’s the Best Tool for Abysmal Flesh?

Answer: Cleavers are the best tools to harvest Abysmal Flesh. But you can also use axes and knives. It can even be better if you have a high-tier knife and a low-tier cleaver, but in general, cleavers are best.

Question: How Often Does Abysmal Remnant Spawn?

Answer: Dungeon bosses normally spawn every fifteen minutes. But they can take up to thirty minutes. So if you wait in the dungeon for that long, you can kill Abysmal Remnant again.

Abysmal Remnant is the Easiest Dungeon Boss

Abysmal Remnant rarely causes problems. But if the strategies above aren’t working, you may need to come back when you’re stronger. It’s not a good idea to fight a boss you can’t take at least one hit from.

If you’re under level 10, you will probably struggle to fight Abysmal Remnant. So if you want to farm Abysmal Flesh or Reptile Hide, come back after a few levels and try again. Just don’t forget to bring a bow (definitely not something I learned the hard way.)

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