The Dregs Conan Exiles Guide

The Dregs Conan Exiles Guide

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One thing that keeps me interested in Conan Exiles is the challenge of going through many dungeons, each with its rewards. By playing the game, you’ll get the opportunity to dive into the deepest parts of the Exiled Lands through caves and dungeons that hold secrets, only fully revealed if you venture into them.

The Dregs dungeon is part of your adventure as an Exile, and like many other places, there are unique items and recipes to collect in this area under the ground. What makes this dungeon so popular among early-game players and which secrets it hides is what we will find out in this The Dregs Conan Exiles Guide below.

The Dregs Summed Up

You can read the detailed guide about The Dregs dungeon or opt for this abridged version instead:

  • Recommended level and items to take with you: level 20 (over this level if inexperienced). Melee and ranged weapons with multiple arrows, a shield, and Medium armor (it’s safer than Light armor but not obligatory). Food and healing items (preferably potions) are valuable.
  • Location: southwestern side of the Exiled Lands (D-4). Unavailable on the Isle of Siptah DLC map.
  • How to enter: Lure one of the humans from the Skulker’s End camp inside The Dregs entrance and kill them over the round stone on the floor to access this dungeon.
  • Enemies: Komodos, Skeletons, and the Abysmal Remnant (boss).
  • Loot: Common items from loot chests. Glowing Goop, Reptile Hide, Bones, Steel Bars, Weathered Skulls, Abysmal resources (Abysmal Flesh, Eye, and Fang), and the Staff of the Triumvirate from enemies.
  • Dungeon Knowledge: Dredger, available at the mystic stone by the first room’s stairway. Herpetology, Reptile Leather (Epic), Abysmal Sword, Abysmal Daggers, and Abysmal Arrow, at the boss room (kill the boss so the acid pool will drain and reveal the knowledge book).
  • Lore: find journals on the floor to read the four Adventurer’s Notes.
  • Hit the targets (round stones on the walls from some rooms) with arrows or throwable weapons to raise the water levels and reach the platforms above you to go through the area.
  • Kill the Abysmal Remnant boss by shooting with arrows (a safer but slower option) or hitting it with melee weapons after it jumps out of the acid pool once you approach it (recommended). Hide, run, or use a shield to defend yourself from the boss’ attacks. Leave the dungeon through the boss room sewer gate.

The Dregs is an easy-difficulty dungeon. Most of the dungeon’s rooms are enemy-free, but the lack of proper lighting and the puzzle you must solve to progress through it can confuse you at first.

This dungeon is not as extensive as others, but the Abysmal Remnant can steal some of your time even though it’s one of the less challenging dungeon bosses.

The recommended level to complete this dungeon may vary, depending on the player’s experience or if they’re going alone or with someone else (players or followers). Progressing to level 30 before entering this dungeon is a safe option for starters, but you can complete it at level 20.

What to Take Into the Dungeon


Wear Medium armor as a safe option. Opt for healing potions (like Weak Aloe Extract) instead of wraps. Bring some food with you, but don’t worry if your Waterskin gets empty, as there’s plenty of water in this dungeon. Dungeons and caves have poor lighting, so bring a portable torch to see things better.


Besides melee weapons (Iron ones are enough), a bow and arrows are crucial to progress through The Dregs, especially for hitting the round targets to increase the water level, giving you access to the following parts of the dungeon.

Throwable weapons like a Javelin or Throwing Axes will hit close targets, but arrows are better for any of them.

The Dregs Location and how to Enter


You can find The Dregs dungeon at the left end of the southern river from the Exiled Lands map (D-4 on the map grid). You can see the Skulker’s End camp in front of it, the home of several enemies from the Darfari Cannibals faction.

the dregs location Conan Exiles Guide
Image from Wild Jester
Image from Wild Jester

How to Enter The Dregs

Your first challenge of The Dregs dungeon is to figure out how to get underground. A cannibal tribe is camping near the dungeon’s entrance.

Choose to run through the whole camp (from east to west) and deal with all the enemies or to avoid chaos and approach the dungeon’s entrance from other available paths nearby. However, you’ll still have to deal with the few human NPCs guarding the area.

Skulker’s End camp. – Image from Wild Jester
Image from Wild Jester

Go upstairs to find the round stone on the floor. Luring one of the camp’s enemies and killing them over this stone platform is essential to access the dungeon. Once a corpse is over that stone, step away and watch it rise above the floor, exposing the spiral stairway that will teleport you inside the dungeon.

A player about to kill an enemy above the platform. – Image from Wild Jester
The Dregs dungeon entrance is open. – Image from Wild Jester

Knowledge and Recipes from the Dregs

Like in any other dungeon of Conan Exiles, there are good rewards for venturing yourself into The Dregs. You can learn some Knowledge from this place. Drinking potions (Yellow Lotus, Natural Learning) will not reset what you’ve learned inside dungeons or other areas of the map. Unlock the following Knowledge in The Dregs:

  • Dredger
  • Herpetology
  • Reptile Leather Epic
  • Abysmal Sword
  • Abysmal Daggers
  • Abysmal Arrows

Dredger Knowledge


You’ll find a Knowledge stone by The Dregs entrance at the top of the stairs. Interact with it to learn the Dredger knowledge.

The Dregs Conan Exiles Guide
Image from Wild Jester
Image from Wild Jester

You’ll unlock the following crafting recipes upon learning the Dredger:

  • Glowing Stick
  • Glowing Standing Torch
  • Glowing Wall Torch
  • Glowing Essence
  • Breathing Potion
  • Cooked Abysmal Meat

Glowing Stick

The Glowing Stick is a portable light you can use like a regular Torch to see better what surrounds you when it’s dark. Handcraft a Glowing Stick with one Bone and 3 Glowing Goop.

You can use it anywhere you go, even underwater while swimming, which is the biggest advantage of the Glowing Stick since any other portable lights in the game (torches) get extinguished as soon as they touch the water. This efficient portable light lasts about 20 minutes (you can fix and reuse it).

Image from Wild Jester

Glowing Standing and Wall Torches

With one Glowing Stick and a Branch inside an Artisan’s Table, you can either craft a Glowing Standing Torch or a Glowing Wall Torch and place them in your base.

Image from Wild Jester

Glowing Essence

The Glowing Essence is a crafting ingredient you can make with 10 Glowing Goop and 2 Aloe Leaves in any Alchemist’s Bench. Since the Dredger knowledge isn’t available on the Isle of Siptah map, you can’t learn the Glowing Essence recipe if you’re playing on it.

You can still find flasks of Glowing Essence randomly while exploring any map, though (loot chests, NPC corpses). Use it to craft Witchfire Powder, Breathing Potion, Sloughing Fluid, and Light or Oil Arrows.

Image from Wild Jester

Breathing Potion

The Breathing Potion allows you to stay underwater for longer. Craft this potion at an Alchemist’s Bench with one Water Orb and 5 Glowing Essences, or get it by looting chests or enemies that randomly drop it instead. Compared to other underwater breathing items, the Breathing Potion is the one that has the shortest effect.

The Glowing Goop guide, which you can read here – Conan Exiles Glowing Goop Guide – has a detailed section about every underwater breathing item.

Image from Wild Jester

Cooked Abysmal Meat

Upon learning the Dredger knowledge and getting some Abysmal Flesh, you can cook it at any campfire to get Cooked Abysmal Meat, which will help decrease your hunger and slightly regenerate your health during a short period.

Since it’s a perishable item, you should keep it preserved inside a Preservation Box with Ice if you don’t want to consume it yet.

To get Abysmal Flesh, kill and harvest the Abysmal Remnant (The Dregs boss) or a few other creatures that drop it (like the boss from the Bastion of the Bat-Demons Vault (Champion Demon-bat) and the rare creature from the Volcano (Emissary of Abhoth)).

Image from Wild Jester

Herpetology and Reptile Leather Epic Knowledge


After killing the dungeon boss, its acid pool will drain, so you can interact with a red book that’s in it to learn both Herpetology and Reptile Leather Epic knowledge, unlocking the following recipes:

  • Reptilian armor (from Herpetology)
  • Reptilian armor (Epic) (from Reptile Leather Epic)
Image from Wild Jester

Reptilian Armor

The Reptilian armor is an entire Medium set with small resistance to cold and warm temperatures, having a total defense value of 240 points. Pieces bonuses: Stamina (Helm, Chestpiece, and Boots), Health (Gauntlets and Tasset).

You can craft this armor at the regular and Improved Armorer’s Benches with Medium Paddings, Reptile Hide, and Abysmal Fangs.

Image from Wild Jester

Reptilian (Epic) Armor

The Reptilian (Epic) armor has the same appearance as its regular version but with boosted heat and cold resistance, higher durability, and defense value (400 points). Craft it inside an Improved, Campaign or a Garrison Armorer’s Bench with Perfected Medium Paddings, Iron Bars, Reptile Hide, and Abysmal Fangs.

Abysmal Sword, Daggers, and Arrows Knowledge


You can also learn this knowledge by interacting with the book inside the boss’ acid pool. After learning, you will unlock the following things:

  • Abysmal Sword
  • Abysmal Daggers
  • Abysmal Arrow

Abysmal Sword

Classified as a Strength Weapon, the Abysmal Sword is acceptable enough for when you’re in early/mid-game since it’s only slightly more powerful than an Iron Broadsword.

Causing low damage to enemies (20 damage points), it has a durability of 585 and the ability to penetrate armor of around 8%. This Abysmal Sword will cripple enemies as a bonus.

The Dregs Conan Exiles Guide
Image from Wild Jester

Abysmal Daggers

The Abysmal Daggers are two-handed Agility weapons that will make your enemies bleed.

These are slightly better than the Iron Poniards but fit for a player who still didn’t progress a lot through their gameplay since they only deal 18 damage per hit (you can increase their power by applying a Damage Kit on these daggers or using consumables and gear that give you extra Agility Weapon Damage as a bonus.

These daggers are less durable than the sword (390 Durability) but cause a much higher armor penetration (17%), making them somewhat valuable.

Image from Wild Jester

Abysmal Arrow

The Abysmal Arrows are just one level above the Ironhead Arrows, dealing 10 Damage points per hit, with an armor penetration of 18%. These arrows will hurt your opponents but not apply any special effects on them (like Cripple, Poison, etc.). You can craft these at a Carpenter’s Bench.

Image from Wild Jester



Komodos live in a few areas from the Exiled Lands: in the Jungle and inside The Dregs. This dungeon’s Komodos are albino, and you’ll come across them right after you go downstairs, in the first room.

They are fast and aggressive, attacking you on sight, so watch your step. These dungeon creatures have about 359 health points, and you can try killing them as they were crocodiles due to their body and movements.

Image from Wild Jester


You will encounter a small number of Skeletons inside the dungeon. Skeletons are also present in other areas of the Exiled Lands, like the Unnamed City and The Arena. The Dregs dungeon Skeletons are weaker (385 health points) than others elsewhere on the map.

These undead enemies are quite aggressive, so dodge or use a shield to protect yourself from their attacks, especially if you’re fighting multiple Skeletons at the same time.

Image from Wild Jester

The Abysmal Remnant

The Abysmal Remnant is a 3-Skull boss that dwells in a pool of acid from The Dregs’ final room. With an insatiable hunger, this ferocious boss devours anyone who crosses its path.

conan-exiles-enemies-the abysmal remnant boss
Image from Wild Jester

Here are the ways it will attack you:

  • By spitting acid (ranged);
  • Biting;
  • Jumping out of its pool to fall over you.
Image from Wild Jester

Like other bosses, the Abysmal Remnant has a weakness: it will become quite vulnerable to attacks after jumping out of its pool for a short period, allowing you to hit it with a melee weapon without stepping on the acid.

You will take longer to kill the boss if you use ranged weapons against it. Even if you hide behind the room structures to escape its attacks more safely, choose to use your melee weapons to kill it faster. While the boss is getting ready to jump, keep running to avoid getting smashed.

Image from Wild Jester
Image from Wild Jester



The dungeon contains a few chests with common items (also found in many other parts of the map) you can loot.

Image from Wild Jester


Harvest the enemies to get some resources such as Reptile Hide, Bones, or Putrid Meat.


By killing and harvesting the boss, you will obtain items like the Abysmal Eye, Abysmal Fang, Abysmal Flesh, Reptile Hide, and the Staff of the Triumvirate.

Image from Wild Jester

Abysmal Eye

This Abysmal Eye will help you craft the Abysmal weapons (Sword and Daggers) in a Blacksmith’s Bench with other resources (Thick Leather, Iron Bars, Branches).

Image from Wild Jester

Abysmal Fang

This Fang is a crafting ingredient like the Abysmal Eye. Collecting enough from the Abysmal Remnant carcass will help you craft some pieces from the Reptilian armors and the Abysmal Arrows.

Image from Wild Jester

Abysmal Flesh

You will get some Abysmal Flesh by harvesting the boss. Use it to make Cooked Abysmal Meat, Ichor, or Shadespiced Corrupted Flesh. If you consume Abysmal Flesh in its raw state, you’ll get food poisoning and become corrupted. You can also use this meat to raise several pets in an Animal Pen or obtain Dung through them.

Reptile Hide

The Abysmal Remnant drops Reptile Hide, which you can use to craft various items like the Reptilian armor sets pieces, Serpent-man weapons, Taxidermied reptiles, and food (Spiced Slivers and Feast of Set).

Alternatively, you can place it inside a Tannery fueled with Bark to make Leather (and Tar as a byproduct) or inside your Tanner’s Table to turn it into Hide.

Image from Wild Jester

Staff of the Triumvirate

This Staff is a unique item dropped by the Abysmal Remnant.

Image from Wild Jester

Use it to craft the Awakened Staff of the Triumvirate at the Altar of the Bat, located in The Tower of Bats (F-5 on the map grid). You’ll also need Albino Bat Demon Blood inside the Altar to craft the Awakened Staff of the Triumvirate.

Albino Bat bosses drop this blood, and you can encounter them at the Tower of Bats and in The Aviary (Unnamed City, G-5).

The Tower of Bats. – Image from Wild Jester
Albino Bat Demon boss, the White Death. – Image from Wild Jester

After you have crafted the Awakened Staff, place it on the ground like you would with workbenches or decorative objects, then interact with it so you can get some hints about the location of the Exiled Lands map artifacts required to create The Keystone (needed to finish the game, which will restart your whole progress and character).

Image from Wild Jester

Lore Locations

You will spot some game lore inside this dungeon through the leather books known as Journals.

Journal 1

This first journal (Adventurer’s Note #1) is lying on the stairs of the dungeon right after the entrance.

Image from Wild Jester
conan-exiles-adventurer's-note #1
Image from Wild Jester

Journal 2

You’ll find the Adventurer’s Note #2 in the same room as the first one – but in front of the gate instead. Cross the water to reach it.

Image from Wild Jester
Image from Wild Jester

Journal 3

You can read Adventurer’s Note #3 after shooting at the second target in one of the enemy-free rooms. It’s in front of the gate.

Image from Wild Jester
Image from Wild Jester

Journal 4

The Adventurer’s Note #4 is near the boss room entrance.

Image from Wild Jester
Image from Wild Jester

“Come Closer…”

You will hear someone calling for you while running through the dungeon rooms. That “someone” is the horrific Abysmal Remnant boss luring you – only to make you approach it so it can devour you – don’t be fooled!

Image from Wild Jester

How to Go Through the Dungeon

Once you enter The Dregs, unlock the Dredger Knowledge on your right side and go downstairs. After crossing the water (watch out for the Komodos in this area), interact with the gate to open it. You’ll find random loot chests and Glowing Goop if you dive to the bottom of the holes underwater by the first room.

Image from Wild Jester

Solve the puzzle throughout this dungeon to reach the boss room by hitting the round stones (targets) on the walls with ranged weapons to raise the water level and access platforms that will give you access to other rooms.

Some stone targets can be close or far away from you, so bring with you a bow and multiple arrows (throwable weapons are optional but only recommended for closer targets).

The water level stays up for a short period, so move quickly after hitting the targets and step over the platforms that will lead you somewhere else.

Image from Wild Jester
Image from Wild Jester

Inside one of the rooms, you must hit the targets in a specific order: first, the one in the middle, then the other two on the sides further away to raise the water level from the current and the next room.

dredger-dungeon-conan-exilesThe Dregs Guide
Image from Wild Jester
Image from Wild Jester

Cross these rooms as fast as possible before the sewer drains the water. If you can’t make it on time, repeat the process.

Image from Wild Jester

You can check all The Dregs’ corners to loot every chest if you wish to. This dungeon’s chests spawn random items you’ll also find outside in other areas on the map.

The Skeletons guarding an area look threatening, but you can choose to take them down one by one for their loot (Putrid Meat, Bones, Steel Bars) or rush through them and jump down from the stairs to the water at the next room instead, avoiding damage while saving up some time (these Skeletons will eventually quit chasing you).

conan-exiles-the-dregs Guide
Image from Wild Jester
Image from Wild Jester

Climbing dungeon structures is not allowed in the game, so use the stone ramps and other reachable platforms to get out of the water. The puzzle ends right before you enter the Abysmal Remnant’s (boss) room.

Image from Wild Jester

How to Beat the Abysmal Remnant Boss

Move to the left or right from where you came from, and go to the middle of the stairs to take down the two Skeletons before the boss sees you.

Image from Wild Jester

If you approach the acid pool, the boss will jump out of it to crush you, so avoid standing still and start running around once the Abysmal Remnant is getting ready to jump.

Avoid taking a bath in the acid pool, by the way! Once the boss jumps, it will be knocked out for a few seconds, becoming highly vulnerable – this is your chance to use your melee weapons against it safely before it wakes up.

Image from Wild Jester

You can attack this boss at a long range (from the stairs) and shoot it with arrows instead, but you will deal more damage quickly using melee attacks.

Image from Wild Jester

After killing the boss, the acid pool will drain, allowing you to interact with the book safely and learn new Knowledge/recipes. Don’t forget to harvest the boss for its loot. The boss may respawn if you leave its room.

Image from Wild Jester

How to protect yourself from the Abysmal Remnant

  • Hide behind the room structures (by the stairs) to avoid getting hit by the acid spit, especially if you’re healing yourself or using ranged weapons and projectiles to attack the boss.
  • Use a shield to defend against all kinds of attacks (except jump and crush) from the boss.
  • Opt for potions (like Weak Aloe Extract, for example) to heal yourself since the potion-drinking animation is shorter than the one from wraps.
Image from Wild Jester
Image from Wild Jester

How to Leave the Dungeon

Interact with a sewer gate inside the boss room to go back to the surface and be teleported to a safe place at a distance from The Dregs and the Darfari Cannibals’ camp. Running back to the dungeon entrance is another option, but you’ll get teleported to the area in front of this camp instead.

Image from Wild Jester
Image from Wild Jester


Question: Where Can I Get more Glowing Goop and Reptile Hide if I don’t want to go to The Dregs Anymore?

Answer: If you don’t want to return to The Dregs only to harvest more Glowing Goop or Reptile Hide, you can get these crafting ingredients somewhere else on the map.
Besides this dungeon Komodos and Abysmal Remnant, you can harvest Reptile Hide from several other Exiled Lands (and Isle of Siptah) reptilian creatures as well (Crocodiles, Cobras, Snakes, Serpent-men, etc.). Use a Fluid Press to get some of this hide by putting Crocodiles, Komodos, or Salamanders carcasses inside it.
Glowing Goop grows in other parts of the Exiled Lands map (also in the Isle of Siptah), making The Dregs a non-obligatory area to collect this aquatic plant. A more detailed guide about Glowing Goop is available here: Conan Exiles Glowing Goop Guide.

Question: Are the Abysmal Eyes and Abysmal Fangs Exclusive Drops from the Abysmal Remnant?

Answer: No, Doels also drop Abysmal Eyes and Fangs when you harvest them. The Blood-moon Beast boss spawns Doels around it to bite and distract you.
This boss usually appears during encounters/events in certain areas, like up north of the Bridge of Betrayer (F-11 on the map grid) during the “Sacrifice Interrupted” encounter, for example.
The Blood-moon Beast was originally designed for the Isle of Siptah map expansion, where it still spawns (during the Maelstrom, at the Fractured Citadel, and the Pools of the Grey Ones (use a Blood-moon Beast figurine in here to summon this boss).

Question: Will I Become Corrupted Inside The Dregs?

Answer: The Dregs dungeon doesn’t contain any form of Corruption, so you don’t need to worry about bringing corruption cleansers with you while inside it. Unlike other undead enemies, the Skeletons from The Dregs don’t corrupt you each time they damage you.


For dungeon explorers, The Dregs dungeon is the headstart of everything. If you’re not fully leveled up yet or don’t feel safe enough to face the dangers at the northern side of the Exiled Lands, you can warm up (and take a bath!) inside The Dregs.

This place is one of the easiest dungeons you can go through. Now that you’ve figured out the riddle to progress through this dungeon and the Abysmal Remnant weak spot, there is no reason to avoid exploring this place.

If you’re interested in exploring areas like The Dregs, the Exiled Lands offer you multiple other dungeons, each with its demands – go for it and become an expert adventurer!

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