Conan Exiles Jhebbal Sag Guide

Conan Exiles Jhebbal Sag Guide: Don’t Laugh at His Name

A Conan Exiles Jhebbal Sag guide will help you devote yourself to the Lord of the Beasts. You can’t learn this religion when making your character or building an altar. Instead, you have to go through a dungeon with that very purpose

Jhebbal Sag is a common religious choice among those who feel close to nature because none of the other deities consider themself as such. But Jhebbal Sag is sometimes called the god of nature and animals.

When I first heard his name, I did chuckle, and I am ashamed of that. But after saying it a few times, staying chill is much easier. After all, when you devote yourself to a god, stoicism is necessary at times.

Conan Exiles Jhebbal Sag Guide
Original screenshot by Emily Medlock

Jhebbal Sag Overview for Conan Exiles

  • Visit Midnight Grove near the Den to learn the Jhebbal Sag religion
  • Jhebbal Sag is a nature/beast god
  • You need the Blood Letter, made at any of the altars, to make most of the other items, as you need Sacred Blood, which you can only get via harvesting with the Blood Letter
  • Jhebbal Sag followers can learn to make lures, which draw in specific types of creatures
  • Other exclusives include two potions – one to give you night vision and the other to increase concussive damage

Jhebbal Sag in Conan Lore

Jhebbal Sag isn’t unique to Conan Exiles. He is common in Conan lore as the leader of the animal gods, such as Jullah and Jhil. He was often worshiped by savage, primitive tribes.

In most Conan the Barbarian lore, Jhebbal Sag can transform into many animals, which he appears ask, usually at night. In some stories, followers of Jhebbal Sag could call upon animals in the wild to help them. Followers also believe that every living creature once served Jhebbal Sag and spoke the same language. But few remember this.

Jhebbal Sag in Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles Jhebbal sag smmon
Original screenshot by Emily Medlock

In Conan Exiles, Jhebbal Sag is the Lord of the Beasts. Much of the same lore, such as the world forgetting that once we all worshipped him and that he can transform into other animals, remain.

In this world, Jhebbal Sag once spent his days seeking out and mating with all sorts of animals before he added humans to his “stables.” So yeah, the god of savagery isn’t for everyone.

Jhebbal Sag Settlements

Conan Exiles Jhebbal Sag The Den
Original screenshot by Emily Medlock

Jhebbal Sag’s followers have a few different settlements on the Exiled Lands. They aren’t as spread out as other deities’ followers but instead like to group together, primarily in one place.

The Den

The Den is the number one place to find Jhebbal Sag’s followers. There’s a lot to do here for anyone, even if you don’t follow the god of beasts. The Dogs of the Desert inhabit this area, who are all Jehball Sag savages.

T4 Jhebbal Sag priests like Parin of the Blood-Moon and Koros the Feral can be found. Merchants that you can buy Camel and Rocknose babies/eggs from are here. The recipe for Specialist Brewing I and the Belly Dance emote are also at The Den.

Midnight Grove

Midnight Grove is the dungeon where you learn the Jhebbal Sag religion. The dungeon may be a side effect of a drug you take and thus an illusion or perhaps the only way to connect to a dream-like plane.

Drinking the Potion

To enter Midnight Grove, you must drink the Potion of Midnight that you can either make or buy for a measly five Feral Flesh from the merchant Child of Jhebbal Sag near the Den. You only have a few seconds to drink the potion before it spoils.

Getting through Midnight Grove

Midnight Grove isn’t an easy dungeon, but it is straightforward. You get to choose each step of the way which path to take with indicators as to what likes ahead, giving you control over what you fight.

Bosses of Midnight Grove

There are four bosses in Midnight Grove. The panther Brother of the Night is fast, hearty, and difficult to dodge. The gorilla Brother of the Moon is tanky but the easiest of the four in my opinion because he’s easy to dodge.

The bull Brother of the Mists is most unique. He is strong but is easy to dodge, but if you leave his arena, you will get hurt by the fog. Finally, the werewolf Brother of the Blood is all-around difficult so it is best to bring a friend to draw aggro.

Why Visit Midnight Grove?

To learn the Jheabbal Sag religion, you must defeat Brother of the Blood, who will drop Flesh of Remembrance. It will spoil but not right away. When you eat it, you gain knowledge. Aside from that, Midnight Grove is the most unique dungeon in the game and is really fun to play through.

Jhebbal Sag Caves

There are four Child of Jhil caves in Conan Exiles. The children of Jhil are a step down from Jheball Sag children but are a sub-version of them. They re still Jheball Sag followers as Jhil is a lesser god to Jhebbal Sag.

  • Bin-Yakin’s Seal – northwest H-10 – the boss Feasts-On-Flesh drops Black Blood tools.
  • Jhil’s Roost – southwest H-10 – the boss drops one of three legendary weapons.
  • Lockstone Cave – south H-10 – the boss drops a Fragment of Power, Specialist Ammunition IV scroll, and Skeleton Key.
  • The Scraps – central H-10 – the boss Fiend of Jhil drops one of three legendary weapons.

Jhebbal Sag’s Altars

Conan Exiles Priest of Jhebbal Sag
Original screenshot by Emily Medlock

Jhebbal Sag has three tiers of altars, each with unique items you can craft in the altar. You have to learn each altar to build the next one; the altars are built in the previous altar.

Everything you can make in one altar, you can make in the higher tier one. However, you must learn the recipe by unlocking that altar, which will allow you to make those items.

Each altar unlocks new items and lures. Lures are items you can use in Conan Exiles to attract a specific type of creature. For example, a Feline Lure will draw in hostile tigers, panthers, etc.

Bower of Jhebbal Sag

Conan Exiles  Jhebbal Sag 2
Original screenshot by Emily Medlock

The Bower of Jhebbal Sag is the basic altar that you can learn in knowledges and build with a Construction Hammer. It just takes stone, wood, and twine, so you camke gather the materials almost anywhere.

Blood Letter

  • 30x Bone
  • 5x Branch

The Blood Letter is Jhebbal Sag’s unique tool that allows you to gather Sacred Blood from corpses. This is later used as an ingredient for lures and other items made in the Jhebbal Sag altars.


  • Bird Lure – requires Eggs, Plant Fiber, Twine, and Sacred Blood
  • Canine Lure – requires Feral Flesh, Hyena Pelt, Twine, and Sacred Blood
  • Imp Lure – requires Putrid Meat, Twine, and Sacred Blood

Manifestation of Zeal

The classic currency for gods that you can make directly or as a byproduct of making other items. You can make this in any tier of altar and you need them to make the special weapons/tools of the gods.

Precepts of Jhebbal Sag

precept of jhebbal sag conan exiles
Original screenshot by Emily Medlock
  • 50x Plant Fiber
  • 2x Hide
  • 5x Manifestation of Zeal

This is a way to teach other people the ways of Jhebbal Sag. So if you didn’t have enough Flesh of Remembrances or you have new clan members, make them one of these to read to learn the Bower of Jhebbal Sag without going through the dungeon.

Hunter’s Potion

  • 1x Water-filled Glass Flask
  • 2x Sacred Blood

Hunter’s Potion increases your concussive damage by 50% for five minutes. So you can drink it right before you break a thrall to ensure that you have an extra boost when using a truncheon.

Night-Eye Potion

  • 1x Water-filled Glass Flask
  • 1x Sacred Blood

The Night-Eye Potion gives you night vision for five minutes. It won’t give you perfect vision but it does look nice if you don’t have a torch or don’t want to alert your enemies with a light.

Retreat of Jhebbal Sag

Conan Exiles Jhebbal Sag Summon
Original screenshot by Emily Medlock

The Retreat of Jhebbal Sag will let you craft anything that the previous Bower of Jhebbal Sag does but adds a few extra items.


  • Reptile Lure – requires Feral Flesh, Twine, and Sacred Blood
  • Scorpion Lure – requires Putrid Meat, Twine, and Sacred Blood
  • Spider Lure – requires Putrid Meat, Plant Fiber, Twine, and Sacred Blood
  • Rocknose Lure – requires Savoury Flesh, Twine, and Sacred Blood

5x Blood

  • 1x Demon Blood

When you learn the Retreat of Jhebbal Sag, you can turn one Demon Blood into five Blood. Not only is this perfect for those who farm Demon Blood, but it also resets the spoil timer.

Headdress of Jhebbal Sag

  • 1x Light Padding
  • 15x Hyena Pelt
  • 5x Feather
  • 5x Sacred Blood

The Headdress of Jhebbal Sag doesn’t do much. It’s light armor with hardly any armor. But it’s the perfect way to show your devotion to Jhebbal Sag and to intimidate others who refuse to follow the lord of the beasts.

Grove of Jhebbal Sag

Conan Exiles Jhebbal Sag Avatar Summon
Original screenshot by Emily Medlock

The Grove of Jhebbal Sag is all you need to make Jhebbal Sag gear. You can dismantle the others once you build this. You need to be level 50 to make this altar, but it is well worth it.


  • Sand Reaper Lure – requires Putrid Meat, Twine, and Sacred Blood
  • Feline Lure– requires Savoury Flesh, Twine, and Sacred Blood
  • Demonic Lure – requires Putrid Meat, Alchemical Base, Twine, and Sacred Blood
  • Dragon Lure – requires Exotic Flesh, Alchemical Base, Twine, and Sacred Blood
  • Elephant Lure – requires Elephant Hide, Alchemicla Base, Twine, and Sacred Blood
  • Rhinoceros Lure – requires Rhino Hide, Alchemical Base, Twine, and Sacred Blood

Blessed Blood Letter

  • 1x Blood Letter
  • 13x Manifestation of Zeal

There isn’t a real reason to upgrade your Blood Letter because it still only gives one Sacred Blood per corpse. But you can do it for the extra durability which is significant if you use the weapon a lot.

Claws of Jhebbal Sag

  • 30x Star Metal Bars
  • 4x Shaped Wood
  • 50x Manifestation of Zeal
  • 5x Shadebloom

These weapons are super fun to use, especially if you want to feel like Wolverine. They have a base damage of 40, armor pen of over 9%, and do bleed damage. Overall, they are a good agility weapon.

The Sign of Jhebbal Sag

Conan Exiles Jhebbal Sag Sign
Original screenshot by Emily Medlock
  • 1x Sacred Blood
  • 20x Alchemical Basse
  • 5x Twine
  • 100x Brimstone

This unique item allows you to place creatures on a platform to be judged by Jhebbal Sag. If Jhebbal Sag says the creature is worthy, a werewolf will spawn for you to fight. But if it isn’t worthy, the creature will disappear forever.

Ritual: Jhebbal Sag’s Protection

  • 500x Mangestation of Zeal

When you use the Ritual of Jhebbal Sag, you gain a shield around your base that is ten foundations wide and tall. It lasts for 36 hours and requires a T4 priest to craft. The shield will protect you from most attacks.

True Name of Jhebbal Sag (Variant B)

  • 500x Mangestation of Zeal

This item summons the manticore avatar to fight for you. It lasts 60 seconds and makes you vulnerable while summoning, which takes a while. It is often used in PvP to wreak havoc on other players or in PvE because controlling the avatar is fun.


Question: Is Jhebbal Sag Tied To Any Key Items?

Answer: No. You don’t visit any of the Jhebbal Sag settlements to get Keystone items to take your bracelet off. So to “beat the game,” visiting Jhebbal Sag dungeons or cities is optional.

Question: Does More Than One Flesh of Remembrance Drop?

Answer: That depends on what you use. A high-end Sickle or Cleaver will give you plenty of Flesh of Remembrances from one kill, but if you use a low-end tool, you may not have enough for everyone.

Question: What is the Jhebbal Sag Avatar?

Answer: One of the coolest in the game. The Jhebbal Sag avatar is a flying manticore, which is the most unique of the avatars. It’s extremely powerful because it does passive damage to everything around it when it is flying.

Do You Have a Moment to Talk about Our Lord Jhebbal Sag?

Conan Exiles Jhebbal Sag Guide Jehbbal Sag 2
Original screenshot by Emily Medlock

Jhebbal Sag isn’t necessarily as sadistic as Derketo nor as savage as Yog. But he isn’t a god for the faint of heart. If you can’t handle collecting blood from your kills or thinking about your god mating with animals, then Jhebbal Sag is not for you.

But if you prefer to see Jhebbal Sag as the nature god who believes in the equality of all living things, then you may be just right for the job. But hey, with the right settings, you can be the jack-of-all-deities.

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