Conan Exiles Best Pet Mods

Conan Exiles Best Pet Mods – Every Game Needs a Dog

Conan Exiles best pet mods make utilizing and falling in love with the animals of the Exiled Lands better. I talk about Age of Calamitous and Pippi all of the time, but I never mention pet mods.

In games like ARK, there are a ton of animal mods because the dinos are a primary part of the game. But in Conan Exiles, they are an addition, so pet mods are less popular. That makes them harder to find, so a guide is even more critical.

Some of the mods I mention add new pets, while some enhance the lives of the pets already in the game. I believe both are crucial when making a better world for pets in Conan Exiles.

Top 5 Pet Mods for Conan Exiles

Better PetsLinkFeralkyn
Siptah PetsLinkFeralkyn
Hosav’s Pets ExtendedLinkHosav

Best Pet Mods for Conan Exiles

Pet mods in Conan Exiles make the bloody and sometimes inhumane game feel much warmer. Yet, the game has so few pet mods compared to the quality of life, thrall, or map mods. That’s why I took the time to aggregate the best of the best pet mods manually.

Better Pets

Conan Exiles Best Pet Mods Better Pets
  • Creator – Feralkyn
  • Size – 250MB
  • Unique Visitors – 22,000+
  • Subscribers – 10,000+
  • Favorites – 665+

Better Pets is a popular pet mod in Conan Exiles. It makes pets as strong as thralls, which is something that I think should be in the base game. Not only do they level with better stats, but they start off with better stats.

The Greater Pets will have 15,000 or more HP at max level, which is much more realistic than what they have without the mod. However, the mod is made for PvE play and may be too powerful for PvP. 

Hosav’s Pets Extended

Conan Exiles Best Pet Mods Hosav's Pets Extended
  • Creator – Hosav
  • Size – 174MB
  • Unique Visitors – 68,000+
  • Subscribers – 59,000+
  • Favorites – 2650+

Hosav’s Pets Extended is the best mod for new pets. It had over 40 pets in the game, and if they update it, there may be even more. It still works well as of 3.0, thankfully, even though it hasn’t been updated.

The only complaint I have is that the pets don’t spawn in the wild. You have to admin spawn them in, so you don’t get to go through the whole process of finding and raising them. Plus, an admin has to give them to you.


Conan Exiles Best Pet Mods Emberlight
  • Creator – Beanipie01, Dr. Nash, Terrornautm, alrenstormeveer, Codeine
  • Size – 494MB
  • Unique Visitors – 367,000+
  • Subscribers – 398,000+
  • Favorites – 17,000+

Emberlight is so much more than a pet mod. It’s so popular that it has its own wiki Fandom page. Though it adds a lot of farming and gear aspects, it also adds animal husbandry. 

Though there are animal pens in the base game, the ones in Emberlight are specific to the animal you raise in it. You start with Rabbit Keeper and go from there. The animals will then produce items for you while in the pen.

Emberlight also adds “tiny friends,” which are pets that stay at your base and wander around. They don’t do anything, but they are super cute. We kept Chapalu at our base as our mascot for ages.

Underworld Arcana

Conan Exiles Best Pet Mods Underworld Arcana
  • Creator – Jintao
  • Size – 630MB
  • Unique Visitors – 6400+
  • Subscribers – 1700+
  • Favorites – 180+

The relatively new mod gained a quick following on Steam Workshop. The mod adds new classes, building pieces, and crafting benches. But it also adds new types of thralls and pet followers.

To be honest, I’ve never used this mod before, but it has excellent reviews and adds new pets, such as the Beastmaster Wolf, so I couldn’t resist adding it. I will try it soon and look forward to doing so.

Better Thralls

Conan Exiles Better Thralls
  • Creator – Testerle
  • Size – 1.2MB
  • Unique Visitors – 281,000+
  • Subscribers – 403,000+
  • Favorites – 16,000+

Better Thralls is a simple mod that allows you to pick up thralls and pets correctly. This is super useful, similar to soul balls in ARK: Survival Evolved. You can use it to reset their levels as well, which can be helpful if you don’t like their stats.

The mod also lets you have more followers, as you can only have one or two with a perk in the vanilla game. With the mod, you can have up to ten, give them all whistle commands, and have them drag unconscious thralls.


Conan Exiles Best Pet Mods Underworld
  • Creator – Jintao
  • Size – 1.7GB
  • Unique Visitors – 34,000+
  • Subscribers – 12,000+
  • Favorites – 800+

Underworld is a mod by Jintao that is regularly updated. It adds over 100 new weapons, even more items, races, and monsters. But one of my favorite things it adds is new pets.

The mod is a work in progress even after two years, but it’s a fan favorite, with new pets, bosses, and more added at least every couple of weeks. I’m super proud of the devs for keeping up with this one.

WR Critters

Conan Exiles Best Pet Mods WR Critters
  • Creator – 😼
  • Size – 265MB
  • Unique Visitors – 21,000+
  • Subscribers – 8600+
  • Favorites – 580+

If you enjoy the simple things in life, you’ll love WR Critters. As horses are the only rideable creature aside from the small rhino, I believe they deserve more attention. This mod gives that to them.

WR Critters adds eight new horse textures, even adding the horses previously exclusive to DLC, so now anyone can use them. They make it fun by putting the different horse patterns in scrolls, so you have to go find them if you want to see the horses. In the future, there will be textures for other pets added too.

[DrK] Spiders to Scorpions

Conan Exiles Best Pet Mods Spiders to Scorpions
  • Creator – Wolrajh
  • Size – 41MB
  • Unique Visitors – 8500+
  • Subscribers – 4500+
  • Favorites – 230+

If you have arachnophobia, you will love this mod. It changes all of the spiders in the game to scorpions, yet has the “spider scorpions” use the same abilities that the regular spider would.

As someone with thalassophobia, I wish that more modders would create mods that would cater to specific fears like this. Can I please get one for the deep water in ARK so I can enjoy diving?


Conan Exiles Best Pet Mods Exiles Extreme
  • Creator – Sibercat
  • Size – 1.2GB
  • Unique Visitors – 275,000+
  • Subscribers – 279,000+
  • Favorites – 9600+

This is a gorgeous mod with new mounts, weapons, and all sorts of cosmetics. The mod has some of the most unique additions, such as shapeshifting, which is something you have to see to fully understand. 

But another fantastic addition to the mod is new pets. You can get shoulder pets, Kyuubi, Cerberus, and more. There’s so much in this mod that I’d need an entire article to explain it.

The best part for me is partially the shapeshifting and partly the fact that there are flying pets. The inconvenience of not flying is part of what makes Conan Exiles unique, but after a couple of playthroughs, I want convenience or complete brutality. There is no in-between. 


Conan Exiles Best Pet Mods LCDA_bestiary
  • Creator – Moonhilde
  • Size – 678MB
  • Unique Visitors – 30,000+
  • Subscribers – 30,000+
  • Favorites – 1700+

LCDA bestiary adds many pets to Conan Exiles, from llamas to wyverns. Originally, you had to have their map to get the mod, but now it is available on all maps, as in the two vanilla maps.

Not only do the pets in the mod look unique, but they do unique things. Cows will give milk, sheep will give wool, and so on. They even added dinosaurs for ARK fans who can’t wait for ARK 2.

The milk, wool, and such that you get from the animals in LCDA_bestiary are used to create other items in the game. You also have to feed the animals water that you can only collect with the mod. So the whole thing works super well to create a new world.


Conan Exiles Best Pet Mods EmotesForPets
  • Creator – Moonhilde, Moen
  • Size – 1MB
  • Unique Visitors – 23,000+
  • Subscribers – 11,000+
  • Favorites – 780+

Enough said. This mod lets your pets emote. The mod can even be used to give pets from other mods emotes. It works with thralls, too, and doesn’t conflict with any other mod, nor does it matter what order you put it in.

That means this mod is clean and well done, taking everything it needed into consideration. It may be simple, but it’s honest work, and somebody needed to do it.

Master of Puppets

Conan Exiles Best Pet Mods Master of Puppets
  • Creator – Jadelight
  • Size – 1MB
  • Unique Visitors – 22,000+
  • Subscribers – 6500+
  • Favorites – 600+

Master of Puppets is an often updated mod for thralls and pets. You can use it to control your pet’s attributes and perks, which is something you’ve never been able to do before in regular Conan Exiles.

You not only can make them stronger, but you can make them weaker too. You can add more perks, control which ones are leveled, and so on. Again, this is a simple mod that is ever so powerful.

Thralls Level to 100

Conan Exiles Best Pet Mods Thralls Level to 100
  • Creator – Xeorius
  • Size – 1MB
  • Unique Visitors – 38,000+
  • Subscribers – 38,000+
  • Favorites – 1900+

Thralls level to 100 allows thralls and pets to reach level 100 rather than just 20. It was initially created for personal use, but then the developer decided to upload it to Steam Workshop so others could enjoy it.

I don’t believe this is the only mod that does it. But it is one of the smallest that does so, as it doesn’t have other clutter in the mod. I have never seen any issues with this, and it even works with AoC.

Shimas Compendium

Conan Exiles Best Pet Mods Shimas Compendium
  • Creator – WeaponZero, Otterly, shogakusha, Insein, alrenstormeveer, Fia, WildCypher
  • Size – 335MB
  • Unique Visitors – 27,000+
  • Subscribers – 9000+
  • Favorites – 600+

This is not a simple mod, nor is it just about the pets. It was made for the Savage Wilds map, but it can be used on any map, though it does require admin spawn-ins if you’re not running Savage Wilds.

The mod adds hundreds of new items, but the pets are one of my favorite parts. Most of the animals it adds are natural, jungle, or safari animals, which are some of my favorite animals in survival games. Who needs mythical creatures?

With this mod, I will recreate the entire storyline of Madagascar in Conan Exiles, and no one can stop me. I hope they have hippos because I don’t think Gloria wants to be a rhino.


Conan Exiles Best Pet Mods ThrallSideKick
  • Creator – Teella, Krucifear
  • Size – Less than 1MB
  • Unique Visitors – 98,000+
  • Subscribers – 87,000+
  • Favorites – 4000+

This is an interesting mod that allows you to place pets and thralls as your sidekicks. You can bind up to six of them to you, which will allow you to summon them from anywhere and give them new commands.

This is super useful whenever you get lost, stuck, or die in a silly place. You can even send them all home with the click of a button. As a quality-of-life enthusiast, this is really appealing to me.

I don’t know how many times I have lost a pet because I died and couldn’t find them. Or in Conan Exiles, when I lost a thrall because they wouldn’t stop following me, and I couldn’t use the commands fast enough. This will save me that trouble.

Siptah Pets

Conan Exiles Best Pet Mods Siptah Pets
  • Creator – Feralkyn
  • Size – 200MB
  • Unique Visitors – 19,000+
  • Subscribers – 6000+
  • Favorites – 500+

You probably saw this one coming because, well, it had to. In survival games, one of the most popular types of mods is adding animals from one map to all maps, and that’s exactly what Siptah Pets does.

It adds the pets from Isle of Siptah to Exiled Lands. This is important because, with the mod, you can have the dogs (such as Apollo) on Exiled Lands, which is something that needs to happen.


Question: What is the Best Pet Mod in Conan Exiles?

Answer: Better Pets is often considered the best pet mod in Conan Exiles. It is one of the most popular pet mods in the game, yet it doesn’t change the game too much. It gives exactly what most pet mod seekers are looking for.

Question:How Many Pets are in Conan Exiles?

Answer: There are over 100 pets if you count Greater pets and crafted pets. This gives you a lot of options in the vanilla game, especially if you add in mods that enhance the game with these pets.

Question: Can I Get Siptah Pets on Exiled Lands?

Answer: Not unless you use a mod. But with the mod Siptah Pets, you can add them to Exiled Lands. The mod isn’t updated, but it does seem to work even after major patches.

Are Pet Mods Worth It?

Because pets are one of my favorite parts of survival games, I believe they are worth it in Conan Exiles. Anything that adds new pets or makes the pets in the vanilla game better is a win in my book.

Of course, they may not be worth it for everyone. If a mod isn’t updated often or if it’s too large, it can make the game laggy or take forever to load in. In that case, it’s not worth it. But most of the time, better pets equal a better game.

Thrall mods are great, but I don’t feel right about keeping a thrall “pet.” I do because the game is so much easier with one. But that’s the point of pet mods. I can bond with my pet, who is as happy as he can be to finally find his forever home with me.

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