Conan Exiles Dragon Powder Guide

Conan Exiles Dragonpowder Guide

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Of Khitan origins, Dragonpowder is a potent mixture that only the bravest dare to use in their crafts. This powder is powerful enough to cause damage if combined with other ingredients. It’s likely linked to sorcery and used by alchemists in the past.

Find all about this magical ingredient in this full Conan Exiles Dragonpowder guide.

How to Get Dragonpowder

Dragonpowder is a volatile crafting ingredient with alchemical properties. You can unlock its recipe by learning the Firebowl Cauldron Knowledge at level 15. This powder is expensive to obtain, though – place the following ingredients inside a Firebowl Cauldron to get one Dragonpowder:

Conan Exiles Dragonpowder Guide
Image by Wild Jester

If you get an Alchemist thrall and place it in your Firebowl Cauldron, it will help you craft Dragonpowder faster, or use a Giant’s Firebowl Cauldron instead. You won’t spend as many resources as you usually do if you use a Precision Firebowl Cauldron to make this ingredient.

While there aren’t many uses for this uncommon powder, it’s still a valuable resource to consider making once you’re ready to take a step further in your gameplay, especially to create explosives or even to deepen your sorcery knowledge.

Conan Exiles Dragon Powder Crafting
Image by Wild Jester

Where Can I Find Brimstone?

If you’re playing in the Exiled Lands, you’ll find Brimstone inside caves (Sinner’s Refuge, Gallaman’s Tomb, Executioner’s Entrance), near Spotter’s Squat (J-6 on the map grid), at the Shattered Springs, or even underwater at the very eastern side of the map.

In the Isle of Siptah map expansion, Brimstone is more common, and you can find it near Vaults, in the Isle of Dusk, at The Barrens (around Siptah’s tower), some Leyshrines, and a few other locations.

Conan Exiles Brimstone
Image by Wild Jester

How do I Get Crystal?

Like Brimstone, you can mine or pick up Crystals inside specific caves from the Exiled Lands (Hanuman’s Grotto, Cavern of Fiends, Scuttler’s Shortcut, The Passage). Crystal nodes and bits are scattered through the Isle of Siptah map, and you will find them more easily nearby Vaults entrances and around Leyshrines.

Conan Exiles Crystal
Image by Wild Jester

How to Harvest Demon Blood?

Slaying demonic creatures is the best way of getting this ingredient, used for mainly alchemical purposes: to upgrade your Tome of Kurak, help you craft a Cloth Pouch, Corrupted Stones, or the Elixir of Rebirth. You can also obtain regular Blood, Dung, Ichor, Essence of Rot, Serpent-Man Arrows, or specific Pets (such as Tamed Scorpions or certain Spiders) through Demon Blood.

Alternatively, using a Fluid Press to get Demon Blood is possible if you have Corrupted Livers or a demonic creature head (only from creatures such as Bat Demons, Demonic Spiders, or Green and Red Dragons).

Conan Exiles Demon Blood
Image by Wild Jester

How to Obtain Steelfire?

You’ll have to collect plenty of Steelfire to craft Dragonpowder (100 units per powder), which is likely one of the biggest challenges you’ll face until you can make this potent ingredient. Steelfire is a volatile mixture known among most players, and you’ll need to make it as soon as you wish to upgrade your base or gear.

With 2 Tar and one Brimstone, you can easily make Steelfire at any Firebowl Cauldron after reaching level 15. Capture an Alchemist thrall or build a better Firebowl Cauldron to craft Steelfire faster or decrease the Dragonpowder crafting cost.

Conan Exiles Steelfire
Image by Wild Jester

What Can I do With Dragonpowder?

It’s possible that in the future of Conan Exiles, the uses for Dragonpowder will be less limited, but, for now, you can use it for just a few things – but enough to turn it into such a precious ingredient that is so important among several players, depending on their play style.

Explosive Arrow

You can craft this type of arrow at any Carpenter’s Bench. A unit of Dragonpowder with 5 Tar, 4 Feathers, and an Ironhead Arrow will give you about 10 Explosive Arrows at a time. Using Dragonpowder to craft these projectiles seems to be a pricey chore, but you’ll have to consider the number of arrows you’ll get per Dragonpowder and their power.

The Explosive Arrow has different purposes, which makes it different from most other existing arrows in Conan Exiles. While you can directly hurt your enemies with an Explosive Arrow by shooting it at them, this arrow was primarily designed to blow things up – as the name specifies.

Combining it with other volatile objects increases its explosive power, making it more effective in damaging or even completely destroying targets nearby: if you or someone else has recently thrown or shot Gas, Oil, and Tar Arrows or Gaseous Orbs in an area, shooting an Explosive Arrow towards the area affected by those projectiles or orbs will create big explosions, hurting anything or anyone close to them. This makes these arrows helpful in certain combat situations.

Another purpose for the Explosive Arrow is to crack meteors, as it will instantly explode upon contact with the meteor shell, opening it so you can mine the Star Metal ore inside. It works as a reliable alternative to other ways of cracking these meteors.

You can occasionally (but rarely) find Explosive Arrows while exploring the map you’re currently playing on.

Conan Exiles Explosive Arrow
A player shooting an Explosive Arrow at a Star Metal meteor. – Image by Wild Jester

You can only learn how to craft Explosive Arrows at level 49 after possessing the Specialist Ammunition III Knowledge, which requires you to unlock the following Knowledge beforehand:

  • Archer
  • Specialist Ammunition II
  • Steel Tools
Conan Exiles Specialist Ammunition III
Image by Wild Jester

Explosive Jar – The Importance of Dragonpowder in PvP

These jars are the most popular kind of explosives in Conan Exiles, and players use them to damage or completely destroy objects and structures nearby. You can use an Explosive Jar as a way of raiding other players’ bases by placing it near their structures like foundations or walls and igniting them so they can explode (make sure to step back in the meantime to prevent your character from getting hurt or even killed).

Conan Exiles Explosive Jar
Image by Wild Jester

Depending on the structure’s sturdiness, one or more Explosive Jars may be needed to cause noticeable damage to it, increasing the chances you have of entering inside your opponent’s base and looting their belongings.

Bring with you a Repair Hammer to check how much damage you have done to someone else’s structure pieces. An Explosive Jar can also damage anyone or anything in its explosion radius, so using it wisely and at the right time is the key to avoiding wasting it.

As an alternative to Explosive Arrows, Demon-Fire Orbs, or even the Mass Cull spell, you can use Explosive Jars to crack the Star Metal meteors’ shells instead and mine the ore with your current tool.

Conan Exiles Meteor and Explosive Jar
An Explosive Jar about to crack a Star Metal meteor shell. – Image by Wild Jester

You can also use Explosive Jars as a crafting ingredient:

  • Demon-fire Barrages are one of the required ammunitions for the Trebuchet, but you can only craft them with the help of Explosive Jars and Twine.
  • Both Exploding and Vapor Traps recipes require a few resources to be crafted, including an Explosive Jar – use these to hurt or kill players or NPCs, before or during combat, or even to defend your base from threats that may approach it.
  • With the addition of Golems to the game, different attachments to build them were added as well: the Explosive Guardian Head is one of them. If you build a Golem with this part, it will explode once your Golem dies as a defense system. You can only craft this head with the help of an Explosive Jar and a few other ingredients.

To ignite an Explosive Jar, you can interact with it by opening its radial menu and choosing the correct option that will trigger it (the “Interact” button). If you prefer, you can use a projectile against it instead (arrows will successfully work).

Conan Exiles Explosive Jar
Image by Wild Jester

Fire sources near Explosive Jars will blow them up, as expected: throwing a Demon-Fire Orb or an Explosive Arrow near or at these jars will make them explode; hitting an Explosive Jar with a torch or even placing one near a Brazier or a Firebowl Cauldron is enough to light the fuse.

If you place an Explosive Jar where another one has recently exploded, it will blow up right away since the ground is still on fire due to the previous explosion, so you may want to wait some time before placing down more jars to prevent an accident!

Surprisingly, any orb (the previously mentioned Demon-Fire, the Purple Lotus, Gaseous, Grease, and even the Water Orb) will make these jars explode! Just throw these orbs and move away!

Conan Exiles Explosive Jars Triggering Torch
Triggering Explosive Jars with a lit Torch. – Image by Wild Jester

Unlock the Explosives Knowledge at level 35 and start handcrafting Explosive Jars with one Dragonpowder, an Earthenware Jug, and 5 Tar.

Conan Exiles explosives
Image by Wild Jester

Godbreaker and Chilled Godbreaker Armor

These Legendary armor sets demand you to complete the Warmaker’s Sanctuary dungeon before you can make them. After you learn their recipe in the final boss room, make sure to craft the pieces from the Rusted armor set at an Improved, Campaign, or Garrison Armorer’s Bench since you need this set pieces as crafting ingredients to help you make the Godbreaker or the Chilled Godbreaker armor sets later.

Together with the Rusted armor pieces, you’ll need some Alchemical Base, Armor Scraps, and Dragonpowder. It makes sense to use Dragonpowder as one of the ingredients to make these powerful armor sets since they hold some kind of magic.

Both Godbreaker and Chilled Godbreaker armor pieces offer you a significant defense against enemy attacks and are heavily resistant to harsh temperatures (Godbreaker for cold weather, while the Chilled Godbreaker for warm weather).

Conan Exiles Armor
Image by Wild Jester
Conan Exiles Armor
Image by Wild Jester

Tome of Kurak Upgrade – The Importance of Dragonpowder in Sorcery

To learn the Abyssal Armor recipe, use 10 Dragonpowder units with 20 Black Blood and one Sorcerous Spell Page to upgrade your Tome of Kurak to the 13th level inside a Thaumaturgy Bench. Learning sorcery is necessary to perform rituals that teach you spells and some crafting recipes.

I Need Dragonpowder Because…

I’m Trying to Get Star Metal

I’m sure many of us have used countless Explosive Jars since a long time ago to crack meteors and reach those beautiful-looking Star Metal ore nodes, ready to be mined. I can’t deny it was a somewhat expensive way to do it, and at times those jars would roll down the hills and explode a little further away from the meteors, making my long trip to the north not as rewarding as I expected it to be.

However, Explosive Jars are still a good choice to help you get this precious ore any time you need it, but crafting more Dragonpowder can become tedious or even challenging if you’re planning to get multiple jars.

You can look for alternatives if you’re done with the “old way” of getting rare resources or want to farm more efficiently and at a lower cost.

Explosive Arrows also do a great job in cracking the meteors shell, but also require Dragonpowder to be crafted. They compensate more than the Explosive Jars since you’ll get 10 per time crafted instead of just one like the jars.

Demon-fire Orbs, after you throw them at meteors, will work towards their destruction and reveal the Star Metal ore inside them. With one Water Orb and 5 Volatile Glands, you can craft a Demon-fire Orb at an Alchemist’s Bench, but make sure you have an Alchemist thrall (any tier) inside it to unlock this orb’s recipe.

Volatile Glands aren’t very common – only specific enemies will drop them for you (Salamanders, Exploding Imps, and some Dragons carry these glands). I usually loot points of interest (look inside chests and enemy corpses) to get orbs to prevent crafting them often.

Conan Exiles Dragon Powder Meteor And Demon Fire Orb
A Demon-fire Orb cracking a Star Metal meteor shell. – Image by Wild Jester

The Word of Power: Mass Cull spell is a choice if you need to harvest diverse resources quickly and easily – especially ores such as Iron and Star Metal – including cracking the meteors’ shells. The Mass Cull is one of the spells that require a Cloth Pouch as a reagent, and you must be previously 20% Corrupted (at least) to cast it.

Cloth Pouches are somewhat expensive due to the Gold Dust if you’re having trouble getting this ingredient (Gold is a rare resource if you’re playing on the Exiled Lands map), but you can kill Sorcerer NPCs (tier 1) at camps for a chance of obtaining some of these if they drop Cloth Satchels.

To learn the Mass Cull spell, unlock Basic Sorcery beforehand and upgrade your Tome of Kurak to level 6 at a Thaumaturgy Bench.

Conan Exiles Dragon Powder Meteors And Mass Cull
Using the Mass Cull Spell to crack meteors shells and harvest Star Metal ore. – Image by Wild Jester

I Want to Raid Someone Else’s Base

You may be looking to craft Explosive Jars so you can either take revenge or take someone else’s loot – Dragonpowder is your best ally here. It’s a safe option to take multiple jars instead of just one to your opponent’s base, so prepare enough resources beforehand since you never know if everything goes according to your plans.

Conan Exiles Dragon Powder Raiding With Explosives
Image by Wild Jester

There are different ways of damaging and taking down other players’ structures, meaning you can take a break from getting Dragonpowder as the primary source for going further in your gameplay adventures.

You can opt for throwing orbs at someone else’s base instead: Demon-fire Orbs will damage structures over time, and their effect will be increased if you throw a Grease or a Gaseous Orb before throwing the fire ones.


Question: Are there any explosives that don’t require Dragonpowder to be crafted?

Answer: The orbs available in Conan Exiles are an alternative to the Dragonpowder-made explosives (Explosive Jars and Explosive Arrows). In order to create an explosion, after throwing an orb toward a target, you must throw a different kind of orb against it to increase or combine its effect with the effect from the previously thrown orb. This will only work with certain types of orbs, however. For example, try throwing a Grease Orb and then a Demon-fire Orb in the same area.

Question: What can I use to raid other players’ bases besides Explosive Jars?

Answer: If you don’t want to depend on Explosive Jars to raid other players’ bases, you can choose other successful alternatives, but remember that these jars are one of the best ways of raiding in Conan Exiles. Summoning religious avatars or using a Trebuchet can deal significant damage on bases. A more simple way is to use your followers (a tamed Rhino mount, for example) or melee weapons and arrows against structure pieces to damage them, but it takes too long for the pieces (and any others nearby) to fall apart, so these methods are more recommended if you’re looking into taking down placed objects or structures with a small health pool, or use them you if you have nothing else at hand.
Explosive Arrows are different from other arrows since they will deal much more structural damage (but require Dragonpowder to be crafted). Demon-fire Orbs or the combination of these with Grease or Gaseous Orbs will damage buildings at a faster pace, compared to arrows or melee weapons. The Lightning Storm spell bolts are somewhat harmful, randomly hitting structure pieces, any placed objects, pets, thralls, or players within an area, with high chances of damaging (and even destroying) their targets and anything or anyone that surrounds them.

Question: Is crafting the only way of obtaining Dragonpowder?

Answer: Crafting Dragonpowder is the most reliable way of obtaining it. It’s very hard to get this resource through looting, especially because of its high rarity. You can still try your luck and take a look inside loot chests from special points of interest like dungeons and such, but, if there is any chance of getting Dragonpowder that way, it’s a tiny one. If you feel that making Dragonpowder is a burden, try investing some of your time and effort into getting a high-tier thrall and better crafting stations to help with the process and reduce the crafting cost.


Conan Exiles Dragon Powder Blowing Up A Base
Image by Wild Jester

While Dragonpowder is not something readily available at your disposal due to how tedious it is to get it in the amount you desire, it’s still worth your time and effort if you’re trying to choose one of the best ways of successfully blowing things up during your gameplay, or simply want to put your hands in some of the heaviest and strongest armor pieces of the game.

With different alternatives to reach the same purposes, several players still opt to craft this dangerous powder; no matter how many secrets its history holds, they will repeat the crafting process and still succeed many times – so what are you waiting for? Collect enough resources and start heating your Firebowl Cauldron!

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