Conan Exiles False Mandrake

Conan Exiles False Mandrake Guide

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Conan Exiles is a game rich in resources. Once you start exploring the map, you will notice the diversity of minerals and plants to collect and help you craft many items.

But there’s a twist – you’ll probably pick up lots of stuff that you don’t quite know how to utilize effectively, such as False Mandrake. This Conan Exiles False Mandrake guide will help you know more about this plant-based resource, so you’ll know what to do with it next time you play the game.

What is a False Mandrake?

False Mandrake is an ingredient you can find in Conan Exiles. Harvest False Mandrake berries from bushes and use them to craft items or to grow plants at your base.

false mandrake
Image by Wild Jester


A False Mandrake bush has olive green leaves, gray sticks, and bunches of purple berries. You’ll only notice the berries on bushes if you approach them (they don’t render at a long distance, and sometimes the whole bushes are hard to spot too).

false mandrake bush
Image by Wild Jester
false mandrake bush with bunches of purple berries
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Resources Upon Harvesting

Once you harvest the False Mandrake bush, you will get the following resources:

  • False Mandrake (always);
  • Plant Fiber (always);
  • False Mandrake Seeds (once in a while).

Depending on the harvesting rate of the server/session you’re currently playing on, your character’s attributes, and the harvesting tool, the received quantity of these resources will vary.

How to Get False Mandrake


You can find False Mandrake in both Exiled Lands and Isle of Siptah maps, and they grow mainly in areas with diverse vegetation, but there are occasions where you’ll find a few bushes in deserted places.

In the Exiled Lands, False Mandrake grows in different environments, especially in the Highlands. There are a few spots in the jungle and the desert as well.

false mandrake locations
Image by Wild Jester

In the Isle of Siptah, you can find it around the open fields located east and west of Siptah’s tower, as well as a few northeast of the map.

false mandrake locations
Image by Wild Jester

Efficient Harvesting

false mandrake harvesting
Image by Wild Jester

You can handpick any berries, plants, and flowers in Conan Exiles, but the best way of getting these resources is with a tool. Sickles allow you to obtain these resources (and even a few more like Gossamer) more efficiently than by hand since you’ll collect resources faster and in bulk.

High-tier sickles are more effective as they gather a larger quantity of resources per hit and last longer, but an Iron Sickle is enough to collect the False Mandrake you need.


false mandrake farming
Image by Wild Jester

The process of farming/growing False Mandrake is similar to other plants and can be a convenient feature for some players – if you start growing your own False Mandrake bushes, the need to travel through the map to get more of this resource will decrease.

What you’ll need to grow your own False Mandrake:

  • False Mandrake Seeds;
  • Compost;
  • Planter (any will do – Crude Planter, Planter, Improved Planter).

You can get Compost in a few ways, mainly in a Compost Heap. Try adding inside it one of these commonly used combinations:

  • 5 Plant Fiber with 10 Dung
  • 5 Plant Fiber with 4 Bonemeal and 2 Putrid Meat
Conan exiles compost heap
Image by Wild Jester

Get a Planter by expanding your Knowledge. Learning the Peasant Knowledge at level 18 unlocks the Crude Planter recipe (together with the Compost Heap mentioned above). Once you craft and place a Planter:

  • Transfer the Compost and False Mandrake Seeds inside the Planter’s inventory;
  • Wait enough time for the False Mandrake to grow into a bush.

One False Mandrake is the result of one single False Mandrake Seed and one Compost.

false mandrake seed and compost
Image by Wild Jester
false mandrake
Image by Wild Jester

More about Planters and farming in Conan Exiles can be found in the suggested guides below:

What is False Mandrake Used for?

The primary resources you harvest from False Mandrake bushes are its berries. These may look edible, but you can’t consume them, as they are exclusively a crafting ingredient with no other uses. The False Mandrake berries will help you craft the items below:

  • Bitter Tea
  • False Mandrake Seeds
  • Purple Dye
  • Spice

Bitter Tea

Place the ingredients below inside a Fermentation Barrel to get Bitter Tea:

  • 1 False Mandrake
  • 1 Purified Water
  • 5 Plant Fiber

You might also be interested in: Conan Exiles Herbal Tea Guide

This drink gives you the temporary “Chilling Strong” status, which cools down your character, making it an appropriate beverage to consume in warm environments.

The Bitter Tea is also supposed to help regenerate your stamina, but unfortunately, it isn’t working as intended. Use a Preservation Box to prevent this drink from spoiling.

conan exiles bitter tea
Image by Wild Jester

Note: The Bitter Tea was removed from the regular gameplay and is currently not appearing in the Fermentation Barrel to craft, but it’s still available to spawn through the Admin Panel.

This might be possibly related to its functionality issues. Hopefully, it will be fully implemented again once the developers fix its stamina regeneration effect.

False Mandrake Seeds

To get False Mandrake Seeds through crafting, put False Mandrake berries you harvested from bushes inside a Dryer with Bark to get these seeds over time. You need 3 False Mandrake berries to get one Seed.

false mandrake seeds
Image by Wild Jester

Besides growing False Mandrake bushes, you can use these seeds as a crafting ingredient. Place 15 False Mandrake Seeds in a Fluid Press to get one Oil or obtain one Spice from the Grinder with 10 Seeds instead.

If you wish to spice up your base, only one False Mandrake Seed and 10 Stones (on any Artisan’s Table) are needed to craft a Decorative Planter (False Mandrake).

mandrake seeds in a fluid press
Image by Wild Jester

Purple Dye

With one False Mandrake and a Water-filled Glass Flask inside a Dyer’s Bench, you can create Purple Dye.

conan exiles purple dye
Image by Wild Jester

Dyes can change the color of your armor pieces. While in your inventory interface, click over your armor piece icon and select the Dye option to change its colors. Make sure to have at least one dye in your inventory slots to customize your armor.

conan exiles dying armor
Image by Wild Jester

Some dyes require Purple Dye as an ingredient to be crafted, like Dark Purple Dye (Purple Dye and Dark Dye Colorant). There are many dyes in Conan Exiles, and you can get them through crafting with different resources or by exploring the map and looting places or enemies.


Place 10 False Mandrakes inside a Grinder to get one Spice. Use this ingredient to make diverse foods and drinks at a Stove or a Fermentation Barrel. Eating Spices will make you hungry somehow, so avoid consuming them and prefer crafting things instead.

false mandrake and spice
Image by Wild Jester


Learning about False Mandrake happens to be more simple than it looks. However, collecting many resources in Conan Exiles such as this lead to grinding – but slowly progressing is part of the punishing world of this game.

Learning more about the little details of each resource and its uses will help you find what you need, preventing you from discarding what you’ve just picked up in the wild. False Mandrake bushes are found in both maps and easily harvested with your bare hands, but choose a Sickle to get more of it.

By harvesting these bushes, you’ll always collect Plant Fiber and False Mandrake berries, and less commonly False Mandrake Seeds. All of these resources are crafting ingredients.

You can use False Mandrake berries to:

  • Make Purple Dyes in a Dyer’s Bench;
  • Create Spice in a Grinder (10 False Mandrakes are required);
  • Obtain False Mandrake Seeds from a Dryer with Bark (3 False Mandrakes needed);
  • Make Bitter Tea in a Fermentation Barrel.

Also, collecting enough False Mandrake Seeds is beneficial since you can:

  • Turn them into Oil inside a Fluid Press (15 Seeds will give you one Oil);
  • Make Spice by crushing 10 Seeds in a Grinder;
  • Grow your own False Mandrake bushes at home by using any Planter with Compost and a False Mandrake Seed inside it;
  • Craft a Decorative Planter (False Mandrake) to enrich your base (requires one False Mandrake Seed and 10 Stones).


Question: Is False Mandrake Needed to Help me Level up Faster?

Answer: No. False Mandrake is not used to craft gear, kits, or consumables** that help you progress through hard parts of the map. It doesn’t benefit your character’s status and abilities either. For that reason, you can consider it more as a secondary item.
** The only consumable item that would offer some benefit is Bitter Tea, crafted with the help of False Mandrake. However, it’s currently not working as intended. Alternatives to this drink: Blackcove Rum and Herbal Tea.

Question: Can I Get False Mandrake only from Harvesting Bushes?

Answer: You can also get False Mandrake by looting chests from points of interest or enemy corpses that drop it. Remember that the most reliable way of getting False Mandrake and its seeds will always be through harvesting wild or planted False Mandrake bushes, especially if you’re looking into getting it in bulk.
Using a Sickle while gathering False Mandrake is the best way of obtaining this resource.

Question: About Harvesting and its Uses, how Similar is False Mandrake to other Resources?

Answer: False Mandrake is quite similar to some other plant-based resources, such as Grey-flower Lupine and Asura’s Glory.
The harvesting and planting/farming processes of these plant-based resources mentioned above and a few others are the same as the False Mandrake;
You can craft dyes and consumables with resources harvested from certain shrubs and plants (their flowers, berries, seeds, etc.) as you can with False Mandrake;
The crafting stations you use to craft items with False Mandrake are the same used to craft items with other plant-based resources.

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