Conan Exiles How to Get Eldarium

Conan Exiles How to Get Eldarium

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There are a few ways of getting the mysterious Eldarium in Conan Exiles, but only if you’re playing on the Isle of Siptah since it’s the only map that contains it (there’s no Eldarium in the Exiled Lands). Follow the next Conan Exiles How to Get Eldarium guide to getting all you need to know about this rare resource.

You can get Eldarium gems or chunks (Decaying Eldarium) by exploring any Vault (in a total of 14) through the Isle of Siptah.

The Devolved enemies near the entrance and inside these dungeons have a random chance of dropping one Decaying Eldarium, but it’s inside the Vaults loot chests where you will get the most of it (not every chest, but some), especially in the big loot chest from the final room of each Vault, which you can access after killing the dungeon boss (that can also drop some Decaying Eldarium).

Enemies have a tiny chance of dropping Eldarium Cache, a rare item that will give you between 3 to 5 Decaying Eldarium units upon use, but make sure to avoid relying on finding it and opt for fully exploring Vaults instead.

One of the easiest Vaults you can venture into to get an acceptable amount of Decaying Eldarium is the Refuge of the Gremlins (H-7 on the map grid), where you can collect between 50 and 90 units of Decaying Eldarium in one run.

If you’re looking into getting Eldarium bars, place 2 Decaying Eldarium inside a Furnace (any tier) with fuel to smelt them. Another way of obtaining Eldarium bars is by smelting Scraps in a Furnace.

Conan Exiles How to Get Eldarium
Image from Wild Jester

Get these Scraps by killing a few human minibosses around the southern area of the map. You will get 5 Eldarium Bars each time you put Scraps inside a Furnace.

conan exiles gremlins vault
Refuge of the Gremlins Vault – Image from Wild Jester

Eldarium Locations

Any Vault from the Isle of Siptah map contains Decaying Eldarium. Here are the locations of all 14 Vaults you can explore on the Isle of Siptah:

conan exiles eldarium locations
Image from Wild Jester
a vault entrance conan exiles
Image from Wild Jester


You’ll find the minibosses that randomly drop Scraps around the points of interest marked on the map below. You can spot Rabid Milly in a camp near the Temple of the Loon (northeast of it, at G-5 on the map grid).

Fin the Rambler is in a camp by the shore, southeast of the Temple of the Loon (G-4). Find Krait the Planewalker by the camp not far from the Pit of the Grey Ones (west of it, at I-5).

You can come back to the places these enemies spawn at to kill and loot them again, so you’ll collect more Scraps and get Eldarium without needing to go inside a Vault.

conan exiles eldarium scraps
Image from Wild Jester
scraps minibosses conan exiles
Image from Wild Jester
scraps minibosses loot conan exiles
Loot from minibosses who have a chance of dropping Scraps – Image from Wild Jester

What is Eldarium, After All?

Eldarium is a metallic resource used as a crafting ingredient in the game (Isle of Siptah DLC exclusive). It’s available in two forms: chunks of metal that look like green gems (Decaying Eldarium) and bars (Eldarium). It is a fictional metal that only exists in Conan Exiles world, and you can smelt it like a common ore like Ironstone.

eldarium conan exiles
Image from Wild Jester


You can use Eldarium for various items and activities in Conan Exiles in its raw form (Decaying Eldarium) or smelted into bars. Craft the items listed below using Eldarium.

Decaying Eldarium

  • Devolved decorations: Insignias, Statues, Trophies, and Eldarium Plinth – you can learn these by interacting with some pieces lying inside Vaults. Here’s a video that helps you with the Devolved recipes locations:
  • Lecternunlock the Parchments knowledge inside the tower of Siptah with Fragments of Power to learn the recipe.
  • Eldarium-Reinforced Brazierslearn how to craft these by going through a small point of interest with some enemies and interacting with a brazier there (I-8 on the map grid).
  • Eldarium Chestslearn these chests recipe near the Accursed Citadel, by its western side (H-10), where the wooden platforms are.
eldarium uses conan exiles
Objects crafted with Eldarium – Image from Wild Jester

Eldarium Bars

  • Armor pieces (Devolved sets, Durable sets, Black Knight, Dune Hunter, Survivalist, and many more).
  • Weapons (Devolved sets, Voidforge, and other special weapons).
  • Projectiles (Harpy’s Kiss Arrows).
  • Tools (Eldarium tool collection, The Pecker) – learn the Eldarium Tools knowledge inside the Leyshrine of the Birdmen (G-11). Capture Heker the Henpecked, a tier 4 specialized Blacksmith (Edgesmith) that spawns in a camp at E-7, and place him in your Blacksmith’s Bench after converting him in any Wheel of Pain, as he will unlock The Pecker pickaxe for you.
  • Delving Bench – unlock the Elder Constructions knowledge at some Leyshrines to learn this station recipe.
conan exiles eldarium bars
A player wearing Eldarium gear – Image from Wild Jester

You can use Eldarium to perform some tasks for your own benefit. Here are the things you can do with this metal other than just using it as a crafting ingredient:

  • Light up the braziers around Leyshrines (Decaying Eldarium).
  • Repair Leyshrine levers to control the shutters and barricades, which are useful to protect yourself from Surge enemies and keep them from moving far away from their spawn location (Eldarium bars).
  • Recharge the Leyshrine Surge harvesters with Decaying Eldarium to help you quickly knock out one or multiple Surge human NPCs after using the correct lever to capture potential thralls.
  • Delve certain gear pieces in the Delving Bench with the help of Eldarium Bars to obtain special Armor or Weapon Schematics that will teach you the recipe for some special gear pieces upon use.
conan exiles decaying eldarium
Activity on a Leyshrine Surge where the player has used Decaying Eldarium – Image from Wild Jester


Question: Can I loot Decaying Eldarium from the same Vault I Went to Before?

Answer: Yes, you can return to the Vaults you have been to before to restock since any items (including Decaying Eldarium) will respawn after a while.
The Vaults loot chests and enemies will keep having the same type of items available for you the next time you loot them again (depending on the items respawn chances).
However, you’ll need to wait until the game respawns new enemies and chests items by staying away from the location and returning there later. Once you leave a Vault you’re planning to return to and get more Decaying Eldarium, you must wait for that Vault to reset so you can enter it again.
Upon completing a Vault and leaving it, the entrance gets locked for 15 to 115 minutes, depending on the server or session you’re currently playing in.
If you haven’t gone through a Vault recently and it is still locked, it’s because another player has completed it recently, and you’ll need to wait until it opens again.

Question: Why the Miniboss that is Supposed to Drop Scraps did not Drop any after I Killed it?

Answer: Any of the minibosses that drop Scraps for you when you kill and loot them have a big chance of dropping these for you – just not all the time, if you aren’t lucky, since Scraps aren’t a common resource and don’t have a 100% chance of dropping from enemies.
Once you kill a miniboss, move away from the camp it spawns at and return later for a chance of obtaining more Scraps from that miniboss. Eventually, you’ll get some Scraps to smelt inside a Furnace in exchange for a small amount of Eldarium.

Question: Do I Need Eldarium to Craft Stormglass Building Set Pieces?

Answer: You don’t need any Eldarium to craft Stormglass pieces (even if they look similar in texture to Eldarium-infused decorations). You can build a base out of Stormglass pieces without worrying about running into Vaults.
Stormglass is a Tier 3 building material, but every kind of Tier 3 building piece in the base game, DLCs, in-game store (Bazaar), or Battle Pass require the same materials as Stormglass to get crafted since Tier 3 pieces only vary in aspect, so consider the Stormglass building set as a different “skin” from the Reinforced Stone set that belongs to the base game.
You can craft Stormglass building pieces and any other Tier 3 pieces (except awnings) with the same materials – Hardened Bricks, Steel Reinforcements, and Shaped Wood.
The awning pieces from each Tier 3 building set usually require Iron Reinforcements, Wood, and Shaped Wood instead (Black Ice pieces also need these materials together with Black Ice, though).

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