Conan Exiles Razmas Quarters Guide

Conan Exiles Razmas Quarters Guide: Finding the Shemite Princess

A Conan Exiles Razmas Quarters guide is something I was so close to looking up. I had the key by chance, but I could not find Razma. Even after reading half of her notes (which is all I had), I was completely lost.

It took a few of us searching the proper city to figure it out because there was no direction on which building she was in. Conan is the only one who speaks about her, but I think we were too focused on the fact that we’d found Conan, wishing he looked more like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

As for Razma, the whole point of her storyline seems to be to find her. A good part of the main story is connected to finding Razma and spoiler alert; she can be found in her quarters.

Quick Guide to Razma’s Quarters

conan exiles key razmas quarters
Screenshot by Emily Medlock
  • Area – Sepermeru
  • Exact Location – in the building in the urban area of Sepermeru across the bridge. It’s marked with an eye.
  • Requirements – Key to Razma’s Quarters
  • Key Location – you must defeat the Witch Queen in the Forgotten City of Xel-ha, located far east.
  • Razma Unlocks – nothing. After you get in her quarters, it continues the story but doesn’t unlock anything and isn’t necessary to “beat” Conan Exiles.

Who is Razma in Conan Exiles?

razma conan exiles
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

Razma is the character in the opening scene of Conan Exiles. Conan saves her just as he saves you and gives her a battleaxe. Nothing else is revealed in the scene as it mirrors your experience with Conan.

But Razma is a key character in your main story. You can find pieces of her journal throughout the Exiled Lands, each one revealing something about what she went through and where you can find her.

If you read through each of her eight journal pages, you’ll learn a lot, but I did that, and it took a while, especially since I gathered them in the wrong order. However, I did enjoy her story.

Razma’s Journals

razma's journals conan exiles
Screenshot by Emily Medlock
  • Page 1 – Razma begins her journal by saying that she knew “they” would come for her after her father died. But she didn’t expect them to crucify her (opening scene). She reveals a lot with this page. She was left far from home, that the people who did it to her were commoners, and that she was royalty from Shem. But Shem did not have any men as hot as Conan.
  • Page 2 – Her next entry states that she knew others were also left crucified and exiled, but they were idiots because they lit fires that drew in those with ill intentions. She’s a little salty but cold yet refusing a fire, so that makes sense.
  • Page 3 – A long entry where Razma speaks of learning from every culture. She mentions she was captured by the Dafari and hated that cooked thralls sounded good due to her hunger. She hints about pirate treasure nearby and admits that after her escape, she will find friends to help her survive.
  • Page 4 – Razma makes a Stygian friend, Jakkad, who the Darafi also captured. She is in the arena with her friend, and their bracelets glow, granting her a dream that reveals more about the point of the bracelets.
  • Page 5 – Razma and Jakkad reach their first Black Hand pirates at The Black Hand stone ship. Somehow, they weren’t attacked on-site and instead spoke peacefully with them. In the end, they decide to leave for a dangerous city.
  • Page 6 – Jakkad doesn’t make it to page six. Instead, he was taken by what Razma calls a winged demon in the Unnamed City. This may be the most menacing page yet, but it lets us know just how dark the Unnamed City is.
  • Page 7 – This note was left in The Den, not far from the Unnamed City. She mentions how she has felt out of touch with reality but now knows that she must return to the Unnamed City. She speaks of the Dogs of the Desert, how they captured her, and that she needs to leave their settlement, which she seems to do rather easily. What she must do is find Jakkad’s people to have them help her go back to the Unnamed City.
  • Page 8 – The last page of her journal is found in Sepermeru, where she met both her people and Jakkad’s people. Hearing this was enough for me, knowing she was in good hands. But that wasn’t the end. She speaks of the Purge, sandstorms, and the map room, all things you probably know about when you read this. But this being her last entry, is quite curious.

Defeating the Witch Queen

conan exiles defeating the witch queen
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

The Witch Queen drops the key to Razma’s Quarters, so before you talk to or see Razma as herself, you must defeat The Witch Queen at her palace. This was something I did way later than I should have, so she was quite easy.

To find her, you must travel to the jungle, where you’ll find the Forgotten City of Xel-ha. After you get there, the Palace of the Witch Queen is easy to find. But before you defeat her, you must fight two huge, annoying statues that are quite tanky. You also must dodge green lasers when you fight the second one.

Only then will she come down from her throne. If you die, you’ll have to start over in the dungeon and defeat the statues again. Once you defeat her, you can loot the Key to Razma’s Quarters and the Mask of the Witch Queen (a key item for later.)

Who is the Witch Queen?

conan exiles the witch queen
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

There are stones around the city that are lengthy messages from the real witch queen. But the gist of them is that the witch queen wants to be the mother to her people. She tells of the days when her people, the Lemurians, were simple fishers and worshippers of Dagon.

But when the cataclysm came, the city sunk (a reference to the sunken city in Xel-ha, but that’s not a story for today).

When they fled, they were not welcome by the Khari, who met them with violence. They journeyed all over the Exiled Lands looking for a home and an alliance, but to little avail.

The stones speak of nearly every biome in the Exiled Lands, so if you journey here early, you can learn a lot. But the history, like how the witch queen and the other Lemurians destroyed the aqueduct after an act of war.

This was likely centuries ago, but the witch queen still sends a message for people to join her; we learn more from Razma about this later. 

Getting to Sepermeru

conan exiles getting to sepermeru
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

Sepermeru is a city in Southlake that is crucial to the Conan story. There are many ways to reach it, but the safest way is to walk to the west of the Unnamed City. Though if you’re taking your time, you can explore a dozen locations between the river and Sepermeru.

Unlucky that you have to travel to the far east to get the key to Razma’s room but then to the far west to reach Razma’s room. If you go to the map room under the Unnamed City first, you can learn to make the map, letting you travel to both areas from your base.

You need a ton of demon blood to make it, but once you do, every enemy you killed to harvest the blood will be worth it. This is my favorite item in the game because I love fast travel. But only within reason in survival games; Conan makes you work hard enough for it.

Finding Razma’s Quarters

conan exiles finding razma's quarters
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

Razma’s Quarters is in the southwestern area of Sepermeru. Just go to the southern area across the small bridge; this is where the road from the east leads straight to it. The residential area is cluttered with buildings, but Razma’s quarters are easy to spot.

When far away, the eye may not appear, but when you get closer, it’s clearly visible. If you find the small bridge that connects the market to the residential district, you’ve found her quarters.

Talking to Razma in Her Room

conan exiles talking to razma in her room
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

Razma has a lot to say whenever you see her in her room. She starts by admitting that she was the witch queen. Of course, you think you killed her, but you just almost killed her. It turns out whoever dons the queen’s mask is the new witch queen.

Razma says she doesn’t blame you because she wasn’t herself; she was someone else. Someone with power and great intelligence. But she doesn’t fully remember her experience or the memories of who she was connected to. She states that every second that goes by, she remembers less.

But the witch queen knew so much about the Exiled Lands and the bracelets that imprisons you. The witch queen made the bracelets with the giants and imbued with them the power of seven artifacts – the Witch Queen’s Mask, the Diadem of the Giant-kings, the Tears of Two Races, the Shining Trapezohedron, the Star of the Champion, the Heart of the Sands, and the Black Ring of Set.

The bracelets allow communication between unknown languages but will kill anyone wearing one if they try to leave the Exiled Lands. But the queen did not know this, as it was a trap set in place by the giants.

Razma ends with enigmatic pieces of the witch queen’s past, stating that Razma herself is now free. But she doesn’t know what to do. She believes she will travel with Conan. Perhaps back to her people of Shem or live a life of adventure alongside Conan.

The Razma Bug

conan exiles the razma bug
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

There seems to be a bug, but I can’t confirm if it still exists because it didn’t work for me when I tried it. It did work whenever someone else had unlocked her quarters a couple of days before me, and I attributed my getting in without a key to that.

Anyway, the bug is that you can get into her quarters and talk to her without defeating the witch queen or having the key. The door seems to be ajar, and if the gaming gods are on your side, you can roll right in.

Math is involved, but no one has figured out the exact formula. It typically involves getting a headstart and rolling directly through the door opening. I don’t approve, but she seems to be waiting when she shouldn’t be there yet, and some people live for this type of exploit. So have fun with it, if you wish.


Question: Is Razma in Other Conan Lore?

Answer: The character Razma is a Conan Exiles original, but the character of Shemite Princess has been around since the 1930s. At the time, Olivia was a key Shemite princess, but since then, others have been introduced.

Question: Should I Do Something Before Going to the Witch Queen?

Answer: There’s nothing you need to do before going to the witch queen. It can be helpful to get the map-room as soon as you can, but the natural order of things would be to wait on that.

Question: Is Talking to Razma Pointless?

Answer: For those who don’t care about the story, yes. But if the story is one of the reasons you play Conan Exiles, then you learn so much about the lands and why you’re there in the Razma storyline that it’s worth it.

Razma’s Place in the Exiled Lands

Razma is a key character in Conan Exiles. We see her face before we make a character, and we can read her notes before we know what’s going on. Aside from Conan, Razma is the most important NPC in the game.

She is connected to almost everything considering she’s like you. But she is also connected to the witch queen, who knows almost everything there is to know about the lands and your purpose.

If you don’t care about lore, Razma will bore you, as there are no rewards for learning anything or talking to her. But I, for one, loved the involvement of the Shemite princess in Conan Exiles.

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