Conan Exiles Gold Ore Guide

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As you can expect, precious metals are not something that you will find right away after you start a new journey in Conan Exiles.

Gold Ore, commonly known as Goldstone in the game, is one of those types of metals that takes a while to notice, so make sure to explore every corner of the map you’re currently playing in since it may hold treasures for you to take home. This Conan Exiles gold ore guide will help you find this ore and teach you what you can do with it.

About Gold Ore (Goldstone)

Gold ore or Goldstone is a raw material, a rare type of metal that you can find in Conan Exiles. Use a tool (a pick or a pickaxe) to mine this ore. The better your tool is, the more gold you’ll get each time you mine a rock containing it.

There are a few ways of collecting gold in the game, and what you can obtain using it can be of your interest. Let’s see below what you can do with Goldstone and where to get it.

conan exiles gold ore
Image from Wild Jester

How to Get Goldstone

You will find Goldstone while mining certain types of rocks through the Exiled Lands and the Isle of Siptah map. If you’re in the Exiled Lands, you’ll get Goldstones by mining Obsidian rock nodes found in the volcanic environment (on the north side of the map).

However, you’ll need to keep mining these Obsidian rocks until some gold drops from them since they won’t drop it frequently (rare drops). On the Isle of Siptah expansion map, it’s much easier to get Goldstones since you’ll find some groups of Goldstone rock nodes in different locations, but try not to confuse these nodes with Silverstone ones due to their similarity.

Another way of getting this precious ore is by looting different enemy corpses that may drop it or in random loot chests. Inside chests, you’re likely to find gold more times in the form of coins or bars, but you can transform these into other golden resources, also used as crafting ingredients such as Goldstone itself.

A less common way but also quite helpful of obtaining Goldstone, especially if you’re in the Exiled Lands (since Goldstone is not abundant in this map), is through Gold-vein Rocknoses. These creatures, while raised in any Animal Pen, can generate for you a few resources (Stones, Ironstones, Crystals) such as Goldstone over time.

Depending on the crafting time of the server or session you’re playing in, it can take a while to obtain a certain amount of gold from these kinds of Rocknoses if you leave them inside your Animal Pen with stones. This is a passive way of getting more of this ore.

gold vein rocknoses conan exiles
Image from Wild Jester
gold-vein rocknoses inside an animal pen conan exiles
Gold-vein Rocknoses inside an Animal Pen generating resources – Image from Wild Jester

Killing and harvesting wild Gold-vein Rocknoses will grant you a certain amount of Goldstones together with other resources (Stones and Ironstones).

You can come across with wild Gold-vein Rocknoses in volcanic environments, however, only a small number of these specific Rocknoses spawn through certain areas, as they are rare in Conan Exiles, so make sure to go back to the same places where they spawn at every now and then to collect more Goldstone from them once you can, as they are a reliable source of Goldstone.

wild gold-vein rocknose conan exiles
A wild Gold-vein Rocknose in the volcano (Exiled Lands) – Image from Wild Jester

What Can You do with Goldstone?

Goldstone, on its own, is not very versatile, but it’s simple to smelt it into Gold Bars or use it to help you raise a special kind of pet instead. Transforming gold ore into bars and overall into diverse types of items that you can use for multiple things make Goldstone itself much more useful than it appears to be.

Many resources in the game that seems to have limited use are surprisingly more important for your gameplay progress than you may think. Without Goldstone, Gold Bars, Coins, and Dust would not have existed in Conan Exiles.

You’ll eventually figure out how important these items can be during your journey. Below, you’ll learn what you can do with the raw ore itself as a start.

Smelting Goldstone into Gold Bars

To get Gold Bars through smelting ore, you must own a Furnace (any type) with fuel (Coal or Wood, for example). You’ll need about 3 Goldstones to craft a single Gold Bar.

conan exiles gold bars
Image from Wild Jester

Other ways of getting Gold Bars if you don’t own any Goldstones:

  • Find loot chests through diverse parts of both Exiled Lands and Isle of Siptah maps that contain Gold Bars while exploring;
  • Put 30 Gold Coins inside any Furnace with fuel to obtain one Gold Bar.
conan exiles gold bars container
Image from Wild Jester

Raising Pets with Goldstone

Goldstone is very helpful if you’re looking into getting a Gold-vein Rocknose as a pet. The creatures you’re planning to capture and raise to keep as pets and use later as your followers or as base guards can exist in different variants. Different variants within each species mean creatures can be “common” or “greater” after they have fully grown inside your Animal Pen.

A greater creature has a bigger health pool than common creatures within their species by default. Other creatures can be diverse in their fur or feathers color (like Shoebills).

Depending on which kind of foods you’re giving to the creature you’ve recently captured, it will have a different chance of growing into the desired type of adult creature you are looking to get: a matter of experimenting multiple times with the available foods they prefer eating – the higher the food quality, the higher the chances of success, but it’s a game of luck as well! This also applies to the Gold-vein Rocknoses.

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conan exiles raising pets with goldstone
Image from Wild Jester

How to Get a Gold-vein Rocknose

  • Purchase a Rocknose Egg from a merchant NPC that sells this creature’s eggs. Look for Shawna the Strange at The Den camp (Exiled Lands, E-8 on the map grid) or on the Camp of the Castaways (Isle of Siptah, I-13 on the map grid) to buy these eggs. They cost 10 Gold Coins each.
shawna the strange conan exiles
Image from Wild Jester
  • Let the Rocknose Egg hatch over time to get a baby Rocknose from it (called Pebblenose). You’ll have to let the creatures’ eggs you own expire (reach the expiration/decay timer) for them to fully hatch. You can let them hatch in your inventory or most containers (which will take 24 hours) or speed up the hatching time process by choosing to hatch the eggs inside a Compost Heap box instead (which only takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes).
rocknose egg conan exiles
Image from Wild Jester
  • After getting a Pebblenose, transfer it to your Animal Pen.
  • If you feed your Pebblenose a Goldstone, the chances of raising a Gold-vein Rocknose in an Animal Pen are very low. Crafting Shadespiced Gold in a Stove with 20 Goldstones and 1 Shadebloom and giving it to your Pebblenose will increase the chances of raising a Gold-vein Rocknose, but you’ll have higher chances of obtaining this special creature if you feed the Pebblenose with Shadespiced Gold Dust (crafted with 40 Gold Dust and one Shadebloom in a Stove). Any time you don’t get a Gold-vein Rocknose pet by feeding a Pebblenose, you’ll get a common Rocknose pet instead. Feeding Pebblenoses other resources they accept to eat will give you a chance of getting different kinds of Rocknoses, still keeping the chances of getting common Rocknoses high most of the time.
gold-vein-rocknose-with-shadespiced-gold conan exiles
Image from Wild Jester

The Importance of Owning a Gold-vein Rocknose

Keeping Gold-vein Rocknoses inside an Animal Pen and feeding them Stones will make them produce a certain quantity of Goldstone over time, together with Stones and Ironstones.

However, depending on the session or server settings you’re playing on, this process can take a while to happen, so it’s recommended that you drop enough Stones inside the Animal Pen and come back later to check what your Gold-vein Rocknose(s) has left for you.

This is a passive way of obtaining Goldstone, but not as quick as getting it while exploring (still a good idea to invest your time on, as Stones are easy to collect).

Gold-derived Items

conan exiles gold-derived items conan exiles
Image from Wild Jester

Without gold ore, it would not be possible to craft items made out of it, only finding a few of them while exploring points of interest. Soon, let’s talk about some items that contain gold (listed below), essential in the acquisition of a few resources for different purposes in Conan Exiles. Here’s everything made with the help of gold in the game:

  • Gold Bar;
  • Gold Dust;
  • Gold Coin;
  • Shadespiced Gold;
  • Shadespiced Gold Dust;
  • Gold-vein Rocknose;
  • Debaucheries of Derketo DLC jewelry: Bejewelled set (Circlet, Chains, Bracelets, Loin-Cloth, Anklets), Gold set (Circlet, Earrings, Bracelet);
  • Black Hand Earrings;
  • Alchemical Base;
  • Cloth Pouch;
  • Jewel of the West DLC decorative pieces: Aquilonian Brazier (variant A), Aquilonian Chair (variant B).

The most important items (when it comes to functionality) containing gold in the game are Gold Dust, Alchemical Base, and Gold Coins. We can add Cloth Pouches to this list if you’re actively using sorcery during your gameplay since these are used as a reagent to cast a few spells. These mentioned items are what make Goldstone an even more valuable ore in Conan Exiles.

Gold Dust

Gold Dust is a high-end resource of the game. This yellow, shiny dust is precious to alchemists in the world of Conan Exiles. But how can you get Gold Dust?

conan exiles gold dust
Image from Wild Jester

To Get Gold Dust

  • Use a Grinder (unlocked at level 17 with 4 Knowledge points). Adding one Gold Bar inside the Grinder will give you 10 Gold Dust, while one Gold Coin will get you 2 Gold Dust instead.
conan exiles getting gold dust
Image from Wild Jester
  • Search for loot chests through several places on the map you’re currently playing in for a chance of finding some of this dust. Remember that crafting stations (the Grinder in this case) will always be more efficient and profitable when it comes to giving you the biggest quantity of resources you need.

What is Gold Dust used for?

Gold Dust is a crafting ingredient used in the making of a few items, such as:

  • Shadespiced Gold Dust;
  • Cloth Pouch;
  • Alchemical Base;
  • Aquilonian Brazier (variant A);
  • Aquilonian Chair (variant B);
  • Increasing the chances of raising a Gold-vein Rocknose in the Animal Pen (place a Pebblenose with one Gold Dust inside the Pen). You can get a common Rocknose part of the time, however.

Alchemical Base is the main reason Gold Dust is such an important item you should collect, in case you haven’t been able to get Alchemical Base in other ways than just crafting it, especially if you’re playing in the Exiled Lands map.

Alchemical Base

conan exiles alchemical base
Image from Wild Jester

Alchemical Base is an essential ingredient of the recipe from several items of the game. It’s also a desired item among several players due to what they can craft with it. To make an Alchemical Base, you’ll need a Firebowl Cauldron (any tier) and:

  • 1 Gold Dust
  • 2 Silver Dust
  • 2 Ichor
conan exiles firebowl cauldron
Image from Wild Jester

Getting a large quantity of Alchemical Base, Goldstone, or Gold Dust in the first hours of your gameplay, especially in the Exiled Lands map, may not be that easy due to the rarity of these resources.

In the Isle of Siptah map, resources are more abundant, as you can get Goldstone more easily by mining Goldstone ores scattered through diverse parts of the map or by picking Flotsam crates from some NPC camps for a chance of getting stacks of Alchemical Base from the Supply Materials inside those crates, preventing you from needing to craft such resource in the long run.

You can use Alchemical Base to get many things in the game, like:

  • Advanced crafting materials (Hardened Leather, Layered Fur, Layered Silk)
  • Essence of Rot
  • Varied potions and elixirs
  • Wraps (Numbing Wraps, Stutter Wraps, Infused Wraps)
  • Bone Shrapnel Grenade
  • Leather Pouch
  • Items from Jhebbal Sag altars (creature Lures, The Sign of Jhebbal Sag)
  • A Tome of Kurak upgrade
  • Legendary repair kits (Legendary Armor Patch Kit, Legendary Weapon Repair Kit)
  • Stations (Precision and Giant’s Firebowl Cauldrons, Map-Room, Transportory Stone, Convergence Trap)
  • Tools (Bindings of the Dead, Acheronian, Obsidian)
  • Diverse shields (Acheronian Shield, Obsidian Shield, Serpent-man Shield, Ancient Lemurian Shield, Shield of the Grey Ones)
  • Armor (Pride of Aesir set, Silent Legion, Redeemed Legion, Rusted, Godbreaker, Chilled Godbreaker)
  • Weapons (Acheronian, Ancient Lemurian, Obsidian, Serpent-man, Blackheart, Claws of the Great Wolf, of the Grey Ones)

Gold Coin

conan exiles gold coin
Image from Wild Jester

Gold Coins are a form of currency in Conan Exiles that you can use to purchase products from merchant NPCs found in different points of interest through the Exiled Lands and Isle of Siptah maps. If you have extra Gold Coins but don’t wish to buy anything, you can transform them into Gold Bars or Gold Dust instead:

  • Place 30 Gold Coins inside a Furnace with fuel (any Furnace works) to obtain one Gold Bar;
  • Place one Gold Coin inside a Grinder to get 2 Gold Dust.

What Can You Purchase with Gold Coins in Conan Exiles?

The type of currency will vary depending on which merchant you’re trying to buy items from (Pearls, Silver Coins, Gold Coins), and the type of item will also vary depending on the merchant you’re interacting. With Gold Coins, you can purchase:

  • Baby/untamed animals
  • Pet eggs
  • Tamed creatures/raised pets
  • Human Thralls
  • Animal crafting resources
gold coins in conan exiles usage
Image from Wild Jester

How to Get Gold Coins?

There are different ways to get Gold Coins, but collecting enough of them is not easy. If you keep getting them during your gameplay whenever you find them or have the chance of crafting some, you will be able to purchase what you need from the merchant NPCs without extra effort later in the game. You can choose to:

  • Unlock the Fine Metal Crafts Knowledge at level 19 (it costs 1 Knowledge point) and make a Casting Table. With the help of a Coin Mold (crafted in a Furnace with 15 Iron Bars) inside this Casting Table and one Gold Bar, you can make 5 Gold Coins.
gold coins in conan exiles
Image from Wild Jester
  • Pick Gold Coins from loot chests located in diverse parts of the map you’re currently playing in. Certain areas contain loot chests with coins and even bars. Specific points of interest like caves, dungeons or even shipwrecks underwater are zones prone to have some Gold Coins.
loot chest conan exiles
Loot chest at Executioner’s Entrance cave – Image from Wild Jester
  • Sell any Scout Reports you own to Valeria, found by the Camp of the Castaways at the Isle of Siptah DLC map. You can get Scout Reports by interacting with human corpses spotted in many camps from the isle.


Question: What is the Best Way of Getting Goldstone?

Answer: If you’re playing in the Isle of Siptah, the best way of getting Goldstone is by mining it from gold nodes with a pick or a pickaxe since you’ll find them through several locations on this map (look for mostly nearby Vaults). The better the tool, the more resources you’ll get from mining a rock.
If you’re playing in the Exiled Lands map instead, you must mine Obsidian nodes by the volcano in the north (Road of the Pilgrim is a convenient place (G-12 on the map grid)).
However, Goldstone drops by chance from Obsidian nodes (it is a rare drop), so insist on mining these until you get the amount of gold you need while not forgetting that spending points in your character’s Expertise attribute will help you collect resources more efficiently (look for unlocking the Careful Harvest perk).
While still in the Exiled Lands, opting for killing Gold-vein Rocknoses by the volcanic area and harvesting them with your mining tools is quite profitable.

Question: Are there Ways of Obtaining Gold other than Mining, Crafting, or Looting Chests?

Answer: Yes, you can get Goldstone, Bars, Dust, and even Coins from looting random enemy corpses, but not many will drop them for you, even though looting is always a helpful way of getting different items while exploring the map you’re playing in.
It will take a longer time to get the amount of Goldstone and other gold-derived resources you exactly need through looting NPCs and even loot chests than by choosing the different ways previously mentioned in this guide, so this option is not a reliable way of obtaining gold as the main source (but always an extra help, of course).

Question: Is Silver as Important as Gold in Conan Exiles?

Answer: Silver is a resource that you can process exactly the same way as gold, and something you may want to collect if you need to obtain some of the things gold allows you to get as well (like Alchemical Base, for example), making it an ore as valuable as gold in Conan Exiles.
You can learn more about Silver by taking a look at this guide:


From the many resources you will come across while exploring the vast lands of Conan Exiles, there is no doubt that you will struggle to find some of the most precious ones, like gold. After learning how to get Goldstone and the items that contain it, you’ll know exactly where to go and what to do if you want to obtain what you need more efficiently.

Not only nice-looking outfits or decorations but functional ingredients as well, especially if you are on your way to the endgame and depend on specific resources like Alchemical Base – so grab the gear you need and venture yourself into finding as much gold as you’ll need to succeed!

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