Conan Exiles Coins Guide: The Hyborian Market

A Conan Exiles coins guide may be all you need to capitalize on the currency of the Exiled Lands. In the game, you can collect gold and silver coins that you can then use to buy items from merchants.

I still haven’t memorized what you can buy from each merchant, so it’s always an adventure whenever I find one whose wares I’m unaware of. That said, I have a list of them, so I always know where to find what if I reference it.

Because I love a good market system, the Conan Exiles coins are something I utilize every time I play the game. It’s important to me to have a good gold farm, to know where key merchants are, and to capitalize on the in-game currency system.

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Conan Exiles Coin Overview

  • Only Silver and Gold coins are currency in vanilla Conan Exiles
  • Gold and Silver Coins can be found in treasure chests or made from gold bars
  • Goldstone can be turned into Gold Bars, which can be turned into Gold Coins
  • Mine Goldstone from Obsidian in the volcano
  • The Pippi mod adds a popular currency system with custom merchants and kits

How to Make Coins in Conan Exiles

making coins in conan exiles
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

Coins are easy to make in Conan Exiles, but you have to go through a few steps the first time. After that, it’s a super quick process. They craft fast, so it’s easy to make a stack of them in a pinch.

I don’t recommend making much more than you need because you may need the gold bars another time. I prefer to keep a small stack of gold bars on hand and then turn the rest into coins.


  • Blacksmith and Iron Tools – requires Stone Tools
  • Fine Metal Crafts – requires level 19

If you’re level 19, head over to your knowledge and search each of these to learn them. Blacksmith and Iron Tools are required for Fine Metal Crafts, which is how you make the Coin Mold and the Casting Table.

If you have the materials on hand, it should only take a few seconds to do all of this. But if you don’t, you’ll have to go gather Ironstone to make Iron Bars. Everything else should be super easy to find.

Materials for Coin

  • 15 Iron Bars – Coin Mold
  • 1 Silver/Gold Bar and Coin Mold – 5 Coins

Once you learn the knowledge, you can make the Coin Mold in the Casting Table for 15 Iron Bars. You don’t need to make more than one because the mold is reusable. This was amazing news to me.

You also have to smelt any Goldstone you have into Gold Bars to make Gold Coins. So do that in the furnace. Then, after you make the coin mold, add the Gold Bars and Silver Bars to the Casting Table to make coins.

Reversing Coins

  • 30 Gold Coins – 1 Gold Bar
  • 1 Gold Coin – 2 Gold Dust

If you accidentally make coins, you can reverse them, but it’s expensive. While you may not need the gold bars, you may want Gold Dust to make pouches, Rocknoses, and most importantly, Alchemical Base.

Alchemical Base is important for the Map-Room and other structures. But its main purpose is to make potions. You need it for dozens of potions and even more armor/weapons, so make sure you keep some bars or coins for dust so you can make this crucial base.

Where to Find Coins in Conan Exiles

finding coins in conan exiles
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

Farming coins in Conan Exiles can be a slow and painful process whenever you don’t know how to do so efficiently. It was difficult for me to make my first 50 gold. But after that, the process sped up as I learned the best routes.

When it comes to loot boxes in general in Conan Exiles, expect them to respawn every 20 minutes or so. The range is from one minute to half an hour, but I find that the timer is set for closer to half an hour most of the time.

Buccaneer Bay

conan exiles buccaneer bay
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

This is my number one spot for getting gold in Conan Exiles early to mid-game. There are a total of 20 chests in this area. If you find the right route, you can get them all in 10 to 30 minutes, depending on your level and gear.

I say this because getting a water-breathing potion will speed it up, and having stronger gear will as you may have to fight some Black Hand pirates. This video shows an amazing route.

Islands Near Dagon’s Area

conan exiles islands near dagon's area
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

This is one of my last choices, but if you’re at Buccaneer Bay, you can go to the islands to the southeast for more loot. Most of the islands to the east and northeast of the Palace of the Witch Queen have chests.

Bay of Hulks

conan exiles bay of hulks
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

Bay of Hulks is a good place to stop if you’re in the area, but I wouldn’t travel for it. There are only three chests, so it’s only worth it if you’re there anyway or if you want to sit and wait for them to respawn. You can find them half-buried in the sand along the shore.

Executioner’s Entrance

conan exiles executioner's entrance
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

This cave is a good loot cave in any case, and it’s close enough to the start of the game that you can access it early on without running into too much trouble. Find it north of the river on the northern edge of I-5.

You will find three larger loot chests with gold and other goodies throughout this cave. I wouldn’t waste my time if this were in a different location, but it’s such a convenient place, no matter where you have your base.

Obsidian Farming

This is my absolute favorite way to get gold late-game and even mid-game when I’m careful. In the volcano, you can find obsidian nodes before you get to the well or any super-hot areas.

These nodes are blueish and spiky, giving obsidian and goldstone at about a low rate. This sounds slow, but it stacks up super fast. Plus, obsidian gear is pretty darn good, so why not go for it?

Gold Vein Rocknose

conan exiles gold vein rocknose
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

The Gold Vein Rocknose is a pet you can get from buying a Rocknose Egg from Shawna the Strange. However, there’s a low chance the egg will be a Gold Vein variant, just as there’s a low chance a pet will be “greater.”

Treasure Rooms (Ex. Sunken City)

conan exiles treasure rooms
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

This is not the most efficient way, but if you have a good spot to teleport to via your Map-Room, it can be good while you’re waiting for other spawns. The best place I’ve found is a certain temple at the Sunken City with a ton of chests that have granted me an average of 15 gold per trip.

Where to Spend Coins in Conan Exiles – Exiled Lands

Merchant NameFactionGeneral LocationTP Player CodeItemsCost
Anzu the BrokeRelic HuntersSepermeruTeleportPlayer -253220 107608 -397010 Feathers1 Silver Coin
Consigner ArphusRelic HuntersSepermeruTeleportPlayer -249693 94337 -40171 Elephant Hide5 Gold Coins
Ephremis the BrokerRelic HuntersSepermeruTeleportPlayer -262982 84377 -40771 Spiced Pork1 Silver Coin
Essel the TraderVotaries of SkelosVolcano ObeliskTeleportPlayer -1817 -221603 446591 Ice Tea1 Silver Coin
Handler ThienaRelic HuntersSepermeruTeleportPlayer -237076 86834 -38901 Honeyed Wine1 Silver Coin
Hannah the BrokerRelic HuntersSepermeruTeleportPlayer -237451 86333 -39221 Mystery Meat Soup1 Silver Coin
Ignatius the GreedyBlack HandFlotsamTeleportPlayer 314167 66696 -143751 Sand Reaper Egg10 Gold Coins
Iliz of the BroodVotaries of SkelosVolcano – The High WayTeleportPlayer 12498 -221755 4717550 Ice10 Silver Coins
Koros the BraveBlack HandFlotsamTeleportPlayer 314005 66387 -143751 Shoebill Egg10 Gold Coins
Olz Forked-TongueVotaries of SkelosVolcano – Road of the RighteousTeleportPlayer -18660 -171805 3263420 Berry Juice5 Silver Coins
Owen the BeautifulBlack HandFlotsamTeleportPlayer 322565 64724 -192131 Spider Egg-Sac10 Gold Coins
Retas MetmegRelic HuntersSepermeruTeleportPlayer -237846 86379 -39221 Ale1 Silver Coin
Shawna the StrangeDogs of the DesertThe DenTeleportPlayer -95889 18834 -92051 Rocknose Egg10 Gold Coins
Siarra the HagglerRelic HuntersSepermeruTeleportPlayer -249509 94304 -40171 Bear Pelt5 Silver Coins
Urik, the Master TamerDogs of the DesertThe DenTeleportPlayer -94810 34886 -65771 Camel Calf10 Gold Coins
Vennor SkinflintRelic HuntersSepermeruTeleportPlayer -250290 113401 -396510 Glass Flasks1 Silver Coin
Zeina the VixenBlack HandFlotsamTeleportPlayer 320625 62541 -19086
  • Spiced Fowl
  • Alchemist (thrall)
  • Fighter (thrall)
  • 5 Silver Coin
  • 50 Gold Coins
  • 100 Gold Coin
Weeba ShamrockBlack HandFlotsamTeleportPlayer 314043 64911 -14368
  • Sghield of Zabweth
  • Archer (thrall)
  • Entertainer (thrall)
  • 100 Pearls
  • 100 gold Coins
  • 100 Gold Coins
Shamalla the Pirate QueenBlack HandFlotsamTeleportPlayer 314546 64678 -14364Sword of N’Ruka100 Pearls

Where to Spend Coins in Conan Exiles – Isle of Siptah

coins in conan exiles - isle of siptah
Screenshot by Emily Medlock
Merchant NameFactionGeneral LocationItemsCost
Anzu the BrokeRelic HuntersCamp of the Castaways10 Feathers1 Silver Coin
Consigner ArphusRelic HuntersCamp of the Castaways1 Elephant Hide5 Gold Coins
Ephremis the BrokerRelic HuntersCamp of the Castaways1 Spiced Pork1 Silver Coin
Handler ThienaRelic HuntersCamp of the Castaways1 Honeyed Wine1 Silver Coin
Hannah the BrokerRelic HuntersCamp of the Castaways1 Mystery Meat Soup1 Silver Coin
Ignatius the GreedyBlack HandCamp of the Castaways1 Sand Reaper Egg10 Gold Coins
Kiah the IncorruptibleAccursedAccursed Citadel1 Yakith500 Gold Coins
Koros the BraveBlack HandCamp of the Castaways1 Shoebill Egg10 Gold Coins
Miah the CorruptibleAccursedAccursed CitadelTamed Yakith Packleader1000 Gold Coins
Owen the BeautifulBlack HandCamp of the Castaways1 Spider Egg-Sac10 Gold Coins
Retas MetmegRelic HuntersCamp of the Castaways1 Ale1 Silver Coin
Shawna the StrangeDogs of the DesertCamp of the Castaways1 Rocknose Egg10 Gold Coins
Siarra the HagglerRelic HuntersCamp of the Castaways1 Bear Pelt5 Silver Coins
Tamer KapiDogs of the DesertCamp of the Castaways1 Island Lynx Cub200 Gold Coins
ValeriaXCamp of the Castaways25 Gold Coins1 Scout Report
Vennor SkinflintRelic HuntersCamp of the Castaways10 Glass Flasks1 Silver Coin

The Pippi Coin System

conan exiles the pippi coin mod
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

The Pippi mod is one of the most popular Conan mods available. One of the unique additions of the Pippi mod is a kit system. This allows admins to create kits that their players can buy with coins.

These coins are different from the standard Conan coins but can be converted into Pippi coins via an in-mod system. My favorite way to play with this system is to create kits that have random item drops for each kit.

So say you can spend five gold for a kit. That kit has a chance to drop Plant Fiber, a legendary weapon, or a Sabertooth cub. When I played, admins had set up three tiers of kits, each at a different price and with different items.


Question: How Long Does It Take To Get Coins in Conan Exiles?

Answer: If you’re gathering coins from chests in Buccaneer Bay, I estimate an average of 50 per 15 minutes. This is a good average as this is a great spot but isn’t as consistent as mining obsidian.

Question: Are There Copper Coins in Conan Exiles?

Answer: Yes, but they don’t do anything yet. They are in the game, but you won’t find them in chests, and they don’t buy anything. They are coded into the game for later, so you may see an update on that soon.

Question: What’s the Best Thing to Buy with Coins in Conan Exiles?

Answer: Materials are good, but I prefer to buy Fighters and pets. The Fighter you can buy at Flotsam and the pet Rocknose at The Den are great things to save for. But keep in mind you can’t get a T4 thrall this way.

Never Using Coins in Conan Exiles

I went through an entire playthrough of Conan Exiles without using any coins. It wasn’t until we added the Pippi mod that I got into the currency. Now I see the value of having a merchant system in the game.

This can be done with vanilla Conan Exiles too, because a few of the items you get from merchants are exclusive, while others are a pain to farm. This system, paired with the Obulus merchants, adds to the game.

The game is still a favorite of mine, even without any coins. But I love a good currency system, and while it’s not the best without mods, it’s still better than survival games that refuse to add merchants to the game. That’s a win for Conan Exiles.

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