Conan Exiles Jaguar Cub Guide

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It’s just a little further to the edge of this dark, jungle cliff. Is it just a shadow to your right? You’ve already scanned for big, hulking tigers and annoying aggressive exiles on your way to try and get a decent view past the dense vegetation. Something is moving behind you. It’s too late. A lurking jaguar leaps, seemingly from nowhere, at your back. Purely from instinct, you dodge forward: straight over the edge of the cliff. As you fall to your death, you think, “You know… that sneaky jaguar would make a pretty sick pet.”

Stalking the Exiled lands alone is no way to live, survive, or thrive. While capturing a named exile and leveling a thrall will currently yield the most powerful combat companion (because they can be tricked out with great armor and weapons), not everyone envisions themselves spending dawn to dusk and the hours after with a “Beastmaster Tiemos” by their side. Some of us prefer a nice, quiet animal companion to help us in our day-to-day adventures.

A jaguar or panther makes a great animal companion. There is very little stat-wise that separates them from the larger cats available mid-leveling, so it’s just about aesthetics. Jaguars and panthers can be found in the savannah and jungle biomes. You must look carefully for a cub while fending off the more dangerous adults, which can be a challenge. When you find a cub, all you have to do is put it in your inventory, make it back to your animal pen and feed it a slice of nice meat to start the crafting process. 

Panther Vs Jaguar: What’s the Difference?


Just like real life, there is no difference between the stats of a panther and jaguar or a greater panther and greater jaguar (greater pets have much better stats, but are harder to get). There are only two things that will affect your decision: companion aesthetics and cub location.

Jaguars are tan with black spots, while panthers are black with a faint brown spot base. More importantly, greater jaguars are white with black spots and greater panters are black with a faint silver spot base. It’s important to factor in both, as you’ll be aiming to run the greater variant.

The second consideration is how far you’d like to travel to snag your cub. Depending on where your base is, jaguar cubs are usually easier to obtain. If you could go either way on how your pet will look, or maybe you’re under-geared and a lower level, then a jaguar cub might be the way to go.

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Jaguar and Panther Cub Location

Let’s make a cub run! I’m going to use coordinates to help you pinpoint where these cubs spawn. Letters and numbers run along the edges of your map of the Exiled Lands, and they are the easiest tool to use for finding locations and items. Just match up the coordinates and you’ll be good to go!

Keep in mind that baby animals are very heavy. You may want to tame a “mule” animal or thrall just to carry cubs from longer distances.

Jaguar cubs can be found in K7, right as the biome begins to switch from desert to jungle. If you can handle the tigers in the area, you should have no problem grabbing a jaguar cub. While more difficult to get to, you can also find jaguar cubs in B8.

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Panther cubs are slightly more difficult to snag. The easiest spawn location to get to can be found near the Descent of Dagon in M6. There is a spawn point on either side of the “Descent”, so circling the camp while farming the adults is the most efficient way to grab several cubs. If you’re a little deeper in the jungle, there are also panther cubs at N6.

Panther cubs blend in really well with the jungle flora, having a mount is helpful on the hunt. All baby animals scatter once the player grabs one, and panthers are especially good at disappearing. Keep your eye on the prize!

How to Raise a Cub

How to Raise a Cub

If this is your first pet, you’ll need to start by building an animal pen. There are several different types of animal pens, but I recommend beginners stick to the standard animal pen. An animal pen requires 300 stone, 400 wood, and 20 twine and can be learned at level 13. It takes up a ton of space in your compound, but can “raise” four baby animals at once.

If you managed to bring home more than four cubs, they can be temporarily stored in a box while the others are raised in the pen. If you are a high enough level for a preserving bin, you can keep cubs in one indefinitely (it stops any spoil timer).

Put both the cub and one item of raw meat into the animal pen to start the crafting process. You may remove the food after it is started, it only takes one item to turn your cub into a pet. If you do leave food in the animal pen, the fully grown animal will consume it and produce dung.

After the cub has grown into an adult panther or jaguar, all you’ll need to do is add it to your inventory and then place it out in the world. After that, set it to follow to take it on your adventure with you. Only one thrall or combat pet can follow you at once, so choose wisely.

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Cub: Greater Jaguars and Greater Panthers

Most animal companions in Conan Exiles come in a greater variant. This variant has much higher stats and sometimes even looks different. You cannot find these greater variants as baby animals, rather you get a chance of turning a normal baby animal into a greater variant.

The foods you feed your panther or jaguar cub in the animal pen can give them a better chance to become a greater variant. For a jaguar, exquisite meat is the way to go. It gives a 20% chance to raise a greater jaguar pet. A panther prefers exotic flesh, with a 20% chance to raise a greater panther. The shade spiced versions of their favorites increase these chances by 10%.

If you happen to have the wrong meat for the wrong cub, as long as it’s exotic or exquisite it will still raise your chances of getting the greater variant by 15%.

It is very obvious to tell that an adult jaguar is a greater variant. It will be white with black spots instead of brown with black spots. It’s pretty difficult to tell the difference with the adult panther, but you can always look at their stats and name after placing them to verify the type of pet you’re working with.

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How to Hunt With Your New Big Cat


The perks of adventuring with a jaguar or panther are not just about looks. They have a competitive combat build while still staying out of the way during a fight. Sure, a sabretooth or lion might hit harder, but until you have access to these big girls a panther is a great companion.

From a distance, they will leap and perform a knockdown, which is a great opener against tough NPCs. Frequent side steps while attacking will keep their health bar intact, especially while fighting humanoids. Best of all, a randomized swipe attack inflicts bleed for build-up damage over time. Jaguars and panthers also cannot be stunned, which keeps the pressure on your opponent.

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Different foods grow different stats for your jaguar while it levels, so it’s important to keep decent food in their inventory. If you prefer strength for larger melee attacks, try abysmal flesh. If you want a larger health pool and high vitality go for savory flesh. All preferred food will add a healing bonus when consumed, and pets blow through food when in tough fights. As the meat gets harder to come by or is “more valuable”, the healing bonus increases.

Here Kitty, Kitty


Now that you’re bumping around with a silent killer by your side, the Exiled Lands just got a little bit friendlier. Whether you go with the flashy jaguar or the sly panther, you won’t regret putting the time into finding and raising a cub. With their quick side steps, knockdown attack, bleed attack, and stun immunity, they make a solid companion for any exile.

There’s a lot of ground to cover with your new friend, so, from my trio of greater black panthers (Lucy, Drew, and Cameron): Happy hunting!

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Jaguar Cub FAQ

Question: Are jaguars and panthers the same thing in Conan Exiles?

Answer: Stat-wise they are the same, though they are found in different areas and look different.

Question: Where can I find a greater panther cub?

Answer: You cannot. Greater panthers are raised from standard panther cubs. Better food increases your chances of getting a greater panther.

Question: Do I need a better animal pen to raise a jaguar or panther cub?

Answer: No, any animal pen will “craft” these pets. If you are having issues, check that you have compatible food.

Question: Do the greater versions of jaguars and panthers look different than the standard versions?

Answer: Yes, along with much better stats of course.

Question: What’s the best food to feed a panther cub?

Answer: Shadespiced raw tough meat immediately followed by exotic meat.

Question: What’s the best food to feed a jaguar cub?

Answer: Shadespiced perfect cut of meat immediately followed by exquisite meat.

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