Conan Exiles Greater Croc vs Greater Sabretooth

Conan Exiles Greater Croc vs Greater Sabretooth

Conan Exiles Greater Croc vs Greater Sabretooth debate is common in the game’s community. There are around 30 pets in Conan Exiles (depending on what you count as pets), so it can be overwhelming to choose some to start raising.

Raising pets can be a tiring process to get started. I’ll never forget when I left an egg to hatch and came back to a carcass. That’s something I only let happen once, but it just goes to show you that there are enough stresses when raising pets; there’s no need to stress over which pet you want to raise.

The Crocodile and Sabretooth are two of the most common pets in Conan Exiles. The Greater variants are quite rare, but with the right practices, you can have either in a few days’ time unless you’re super unlucky. But to decide which one you want, you may want a comparison. Find all about it in this Conan Exiles Greater Croc vs Geater Sabretooth guide.

Greater Croc vs Greater Sabretooth Overview

Greater Crocodiles and Greater Sabretooths are often compared because they have similar stats. The Sabretooth has more damage, while the Crocodile has better defensive stats.

The two could end up with the same stats when max level, depending on how you feed them. As for their aesthetics, they couldn’t be much more different. They are both aggressive by nature, but that’s where the physical similarities end.

The Crocodile spawns on the southern portions of the map, while the Sabretooth spawns in the north. This alone is a reason to get a Crocodile early game. But which one is a better investment of your time mass producing in hopes of getting a Greater variant?

To find that out, I want to break down what each of these pets is all about, what I love about them, and what to expect from their stats. It’s time for a classic game of reptile vs. feline.

Greater Crocodile Breakdown

Conan Exiles Greater Croc vs Geater Sabretooth
Image by Emily Medlock

Greater Crocodiles are fierce competitors and are one of the most common first enemies for Conan Exiles players. So it’s easy to get attached to them early game because you want to be on the other side of their aggression.


  • Health – 1031
  • Damage – 23
  • Armor – 146
  • Strength – 6 (8% bonus)
  • Agility – 0 (8% bonus)
  • Vitality – 2 (94 bonus)
  • Grit – 2 (34 bonus)
  • Experience to Max Level – 719,000

The stats for the Crocodile are good, there’s no doubt about that. They have decent bonuses, at least some damage (which can’t be said for all pets), and good defense stats (armor/HP.)

Perks – Reptile

LevelPerk TitleAttribute Bonus
AllGet Over Here5 Strength
AllGreat Ophidian5 Vitality
AllHearty5 Vitality
AllReptile Reflexes5 Grit
10Fearless3 Grit
10Fit3 Vitality
10Scavenger3 Vitality
10Toothy Grin3 Strength
15Carnivore5 Strength
15Fierce Vitality5 Vitality
15Iron Guts5 Vitality
15Thick Skin5 Grit
20Alpha10 Vitality
20Apex Predator10 Strength
20Cold-Blooded10 Grit
20Voracious Appetite10 Vitality

How to Get a Greater Crocodile

Conan Exiles Crocodile Baby
Image by Emily Medlock

To get a Greater Crocodile, search the beaches along Noob River for a Crocodile Hatchling. They also spawn near the waters in the desert and the jungle, but the river is your best bet as they spawn there most often.

I have found triplet crocodiles near the river, so I believe that hunting there is good luck. After you get a baby, you should put it in an Animal Pen and feed it. Without any modifiers, it should take 4 to 6 hours for it to mature.

However, in Conan Exiles, there’s a small chance you’ll get a Greater variant. Each animal has certain foods that can increase this chance.

Greater Chances for Crocodile (in order)

  • Shadespiced Perfect Cut of Meat – 30%
  • Shadespiced Raw Tough Meat – 25%
  • Shadespiced Raw Succulent Meat – 20%
  • Exquisite Meat – 20%
  • Shadespiced Human Flesh – 17%
  • Exotic Flesh – 15%
  • Shadespiced Raw Stringy Meat – 15%
  • Shadepsiced Corrupted Flesh- 13%
  • Shadespiced Fatty Meat – 11%
  • Savoury Flesh – 10%
  • Human Flesh – 7%
  • Feral Flesh – 5%
  • Abysmal Flesh – 3%
  • Raw Pork – 1%

Leveling the Greater Crocodile

  • Feral Flesh – 14% Vitality
  • Raw Pork – 14% Strength
  • Exotic Flesh – 7% Strength or Agility
  • Abysmal Flesh – 14% Agility
  • Shadepsiced Human Flesh – 7% Agility
  • Bush Jerky – 7% Strength or Vitality
  • Bone Broth – 7% Strength or Agility
  • Meaty Mashup – 7% Vitality

This is the best food list for keeping your Greater Crocodile healthy. I recommend Feral Flesh. This will increase the Crocodile’s HP. But of course, Strength is always a good bet too.

But in this case, Feral Flesh is so easy to get, and a high HP pet is hard to deal with. Almost anything in the starter areas will give Feral Flesh, but it doesn’t end there. Spiders, Bats, Hyenas, Reapers, Jhil children, and more.

Bonus: Roleplaying

Crocodiles are not my cup of tea in the roleplaying category, but I can imagine why someone would like them. They’re like a wildcard with a Cajun flare. This can work wonders for a unique Witch Doctor or swamp king build.

An alternative idea would be someone like Madame Medusa from The Rescuers. Get two followers, name them Brutus and Nero, and you have a character completely ready for you to impress with.

Greater Sabretooth Breakdown

Conan Exiles Greater Sabretooth
Image by Emily Medlock

The Greater Sabretooth is my favorite pet in Conan Exiles, but I will try not to cross preferences and facts here unless stated. In my opinion, the only pet that is better than the Sabretooth is the Bear, who will almost always take the cake.


  • Health – 1006
  • Damage – 75
  • Armor – 104
  • Strength – 10 (10% bonus)
  • Agility – 0 (10% bonus)
  • Vitality – 2 (116 bonus)
  • Grit – 2 (16 bonus)
  • Experience to Max Level – 1,078,500

The Greater Sabretooth has great stats all around with little to no weakness. If you raise it right, there’s little chance it will die when it’s max level unless you take it to the Arena Champion or a huge camp where it doesn’t have time to rest.

Perks – Feline

LevelPerk TitleAttribute Bonus
AllFeral5 Strength
AllPlayful5 Grit
AllPrimal Resistance5 Vitality
AllWell Grounded5 Vitality
10Fit3 Vitality
10Scavenger3 Vitality
10Sharp Claws3 Strength
10Unflinching3 Grit
15Carnivore5 Strength
15Fierce Vitality5 Vitality
15Iron Guts5 Vitality
15Quick Reflexes5 Grit
20Alpha10 Vitaltiy
20Apex Predator10 Strength
20Survival Instincts10 Vitality
20Wild Swiftness10 Grit

How to Get a Greater Sabretooth

Conan Exiles Baby Sabretooth
Image by Emily Medlock

The Greater Sabretooth is much more difficult to get than a Greater Crocodile. You have to travel to the snow to get a Sabretooth Kitten. They usually spawn south of the volcano or far west near the frost temple.

Not only is that a long way from the start, but you need warm clothes, gear to survive Sabretooth attacks, and to be able to spend time searching because Sabretooth Kittens are quite rare.

Just like the Greater Crocodile, the Sabretooth will take four to six hours to raise. It will also take different food to increase your chances of getting a Greater variant.

Greater Sabretooth Chances (in order)

  • Shadespiced Fatty Meat – 30%
  • Shadespiced Raw Tough Meat – 25%
  • Raw Pork – 20%
  • Shadespiced Human Flesh – 20%
  • Shadespiced Perfect Cut of Meat – 17%
  • Shadespiced Raw Succulent Meat – 15%
  • Exotic Flesh – 15%
  • Shadespiced Raw Stringy Meat – 13%
  • Shadepsiced Corrupted Flesh- 11%
  • Human Flesh – 10%
  • Exquisite Meat – 7%
  • Savoury Flesh – 5%
  • Feral Flesh – 3%
  • Abysmal Flesh – 1%

Leveling the Greater Sabretooth

  • Exquisite Meat – 7% Strength or Vitality
  • Feral Flesh – 14% Agility
  • Savoury Flesh – 14% Vitality
  • Abysmal Flesh – 14% Strength
  • Shadepsiced Raw Succulent Meat – 7% Strength or Agility
  • Trail Jerky – 7% Agility
  • Bone Broth – 7% Strenght or 3% Agility
  • Blood Sausage – 7% Agility or 3% Agility/Vitality

These are the best foods for raising a Greater Sabretooth. I recommend feeding it Abysmal Flesh to lean into that extra damage. This will pay off in the end as it one-shots small enemies.

To get Abysmal Flesh, you have to fight one of two enemies. The best bet is to farm Abysmal Remnant in the Dregs, a super easy dungeon once you’ve geared up. If you can get a Greater Sabretooth, this dungeon will be a piece of cake.

Bonus: Roleplaying

This is an aspect some players may ignore, but it’s important to me. Sabretooths are amazing for many builds, but in my mind, they always work best for a primitive or druidic character build.

A good example of a build to inspire you is Nidalee from League of Legends. She turns into a cougar, not a sabretooth, but her whole vibe is on point. Plus, her base armor is quite Hyena-fur-esque.

Category Winners

Conan Exiles Greater Croc vs Geater Sabretooth
Image by Emily Medlock

To better understand my final decision, I think it’s best that I break this down into categories. Each category will have a winner, so you will know that the winner wasn’t randomly chosen.

Stats – Sabretooth

This one is close, but the Sabretooth wins. The main reason for this is the damage. No other pet comes close to the Sabretooth’s damage, especially not the Crocodile. Even the Greater Crocodile doesn’t shine when it comes to damage.

The best part about Sabretooth stats is that it doesn’t compromise anywhere. It does damage, but it’s also a star in almost every way. It may not be a Bear-level tank, but it’s pretty darn good.

Guards – Crocodile

Because the Crocodile has higher defense stats and because it is much easier to get, it makes a better guard. You can line them up around your base, and they make an amazing barrier.

You probably don’t even have to search for Crocodile Hatchlings. They will probably come to you. Then you can have some raising on Raw Pork and leveling on the easy-to-acquire Feral Flesh at all times.

Perks – Tie

The Greater Crocodile and Greater Sabretooth have nearly identical perks. So this is a definite tie. All pets have similar perks; some even have the same name. But Felines and Reptiles are surprisingly similar.

Early Game – Crocodile

The Crocodile will keep you safe early game, and because Sabretooths are nearly impossible to get until at least mid-game, you can kind of count them out. It took me ages to get my first Sabretooth.

Like I said, the Crocs kind of come to you unless you veer too far from the beaten path early game. So chances are, you’ll pick up a baby sooner or later. Hopefully sooner, because our next category is not in their favor.

Now I’m not saying that Sabretooths are at all bad early game. In fact, they may be better than Crocodiles. But the facts are that you aren’t going to get your hands on one so there’s no point in stressing over it. Crocodiles will do you well for a long time.

Late Game – Sabretooth

Sabretooths are clear winners late game. They get so strong that they rival most thralls. Crocodiles, not so much. They are easy to get early game and super easy to raise. But there’s a reason Sabretooths need more XP to max level.

The Winner: Greater Sabretooth

 Conan Exiles Greater Croc vs Geater Saber Tooth
Image by Emily Medlock

The Greater Sabretooth always comes out on top when you compare it to a Greater Crocodile. It has much more damage and is almost as tanky. While higher HP/armor is proven to be more effective overall than DPS, the Sabretooth is just defensive enough for that not to matter.

We’re not comparing pure tanks vs. pure DPS here. We’re comparing a really well-rounded pet to one that needs more damage. That’s all there is to it. So feel free to do your own tests and see which you can count on at the end of the day.


Question: What is a Variant B Greater Sabertooth?

Answer: The Variant B Sabretooth comes from the Seekers of the Dawn Pack DLC. The Greater Sabretooth Variant B is very similar but with amazing damage/vitality bonuses and a brand-new intimidating look.

Question: Where Do I Get Shadespiced Meats?

Answer: You can get Shadepsiced meats, which are great for getting Greater variants, by mixing meats with Shadebloom. This plant can only be harvested from bosses at Midnight Grove.

Question: What is the Best Pet in Conan Exiles?

Answer: While it is up for debate, most agree that the best pet in Conan Exiles is the Greater Bear. Though the Sabertooth is also a close contender, the Greater Bear will almost always win in a 1v1.

The Best of Both Worlds

If you like both the Greater Crocodile and the Greater Crocodile, then there’s no reason you shouldn’t have both of them. With the relatively new Authority attribute, you can have two followers when you max it out.

So you can have both of them. Of course, I prefer to have thralls because they are stronger, but even thralls have a tough time beating the Sabretooth’s damage, which is why it will always be one of the strongest followers in Conan Exiles.

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