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Conan Exiles tells its story through numerous facets, one of the most interesting being the Lemurian Lorestones. You’ll find these enchanted stones scattered throughout The Exiled Lands, telling the story of the Lemurian Uprising. Today, I’ll show you where you can find these lorestones and the story they tell.

TL;DR: The Lemurian Uprising

The Lemurian Uprising was a civil war that took place centuries before the events of Conan Exiles. After fleeing disaster in their homeland, the Lemurians settled on The Exiled Lands and allied with the native Giant Kings.

War erupted after the Lemurians found the Serpentmen in the Well of Skelos, causing heavy losses for both sides. The Lemurian Lorestones tells the story of this war, narrated by The Witch Queen.

Here’s a quick rundown of where you can find the lorestones:

  • Telith’s Island, Map Square H8.
  • Circle of Swords, Map Square C10.
  • Desertwatch Lake, Northern Map Square F9.
  • Meltwater Crag, Northern Map Square F10.
  • Lian’s Watch, Southwestern Map Square G10.
  • The Great Dam, Eastern Map Square G10.
  • Icespire Chasm, Western Map Square G11.
  • Ruins of Xullan, Eastern Map Square F11.
  • The Passage, Southeastern Map Square G11.
  • The Black Keep, Southeastern Map Square E12
  • Ruins of Xullan, Northwestern Map Square F11.
  • The Black Keep, Southern Map Square F12.
  • Between Meltwater Crag & Nordhof, Northwestern Map Square F10.

Lemurian Lorestone 1

conan exiles lemurian lorestone 1 location
Lemurian Lorestone 1. The exact location is shown by the player’s icon.

The first Lemurian Lorestone is located on Telith’s Island, next to the statue of The Kinscourge inside the Sanctuary Ruins. This location is in the center of map square H8. This lorestone is the first chronological entry and emits the voice of The Witch Queen. She says the following:

You are not alone. You are not less than them. You can be free. You do not have to believe their lies. I have left these stones for you, my lost and misguided children. I have subverted their sorceries so that only slaves of the bracelet can hear my message. I am the mother of your race. I am a secret-bearer, god-killer, witch-queen. I will guide you, I will teach you, and when the time is right, I will free you.

This lorestone lays out the story’s foundation from the Lemurian point of view. The Witch Queen declares a rallying call to all enslaved humans to resist the tyranny of The Giant Kings.

Lemurian Lorestone 2

conan exiles lemurian lorestone 2 location
Lemurian Lorestone 2. The exact location is shown by the player’s icon.

The second Lemurian Lorestone is near the Circle of Swords. You’ll find this location in the northeast corner of Map Square C10. The second lorestone details the Lemurian origins and the disaster that sunk their homelands.

Perhaps you were born a slave and do not remember the fate that shaped us. We were a people of the sea, voyagers and traders. Our islands were warm and prosperous and we spent our days fishing and sailing. I was an apprentice to the Cult of Dagon. But then came the great cataclysm. The world shook and our islands exploded in fire and chaos, then Slowly, they began to sink beneath the waves. The dark water came, lapping, unstoppable, inevitable. The ocean, once our ally, now claimed all that we were with an insatiable hunger. We gathered what boats and wreckage we could, and fled into the west.

This lorestone references The Cataclysm, a story event from the source material. Lemuria and Atlantis were two powerful and dominant civilizations in the Hyborian Age.

However, the cataclysm shook the world, raising volcanos and great earthquakes that sunk the islands of Lemuria and Atlantis. A small remnant of Lemurians managed to escape, most of whom would land upon The Exiled Lands.

Lemurian Lorestone 3

conan exiles lemurian lorestone 3 location
Lemurian Lorestone 3. The exact location is shown by the player’s icon.

The third Lemurian Lorestone is located on Desertwatch Lake. You can find this lake on the north side of Map Square F9. This lorestone further details the story of the Lemurians escaping the cataclysm and falling into slavery.

To know the past, child, is to avoid the same mistakes in the future. When we fled from our sinking islands, we made landfall on the eastern coast of this continent. There were people there with whom we had traded from time to time. As we made landfall on their coastline, they took it as an act of aggression. Half-drowned, numbed by the loss of our homes – the wicked Khari took full advantage of our plight. We were rounded up, chained, and put to work. That was the first time that our people became slaves.

After the Lemurians escaped their sinking homeland, they sailed westward, encountering the Khari, a vicious slaving empire. The Lemurians, beset by grief due to the events of the cataclysm, were enslaved by the Khari and forced to work.

Lemurian Lorestone 4

conan exiles lemurian lorestone 4 location
Lemurian Lorestone 4. The exact location is shown by the player’s icon.

The fourth Lemurian Lorestone is found in Meltwater Crag, a small highland camp on the north side of Map Square F10. It further details the Lemurian suffering under the rule of the Khari and their eventual escape.

As masters, the Khari were relentless. For you, child, I do not need to detail the brutality of existence under the Khari. You live a similar fate today, under the yoke of your masters. Needless to say, there were those of us who were versed in lore that was alien to the Khari. Our island civilization was far more advanced than theirs – if the war had been a fair one, we would have shattered them with our powers. As it was, some of us escaped. A remnant of a remnant, thousands strong, but all that remained of a mighty empire. We fled west, always into the west.

The Lemurians were a highly advanced civilization, adept in wielding magic, yet the cataclysm left them stranded and destitute. The Khari were lesser, easily defeated had it been a fair war. Some of the Lemurians eventually escaped and traveled even further westward in search of refuge.

Lemurian Lorestone 5

conan exiles lemurian lorestone 5 location
Lemurian Lorestone 5. The exact location is shown by the player’s icon.

The fifth Lemurian Lorestone is found at Lian’s Watch, just below the eastern cliff. Lian’s Watch resides near the southwestern corner of Map Square G10, a short distance west of the aqueduct. The lorestone illustrates the journey of the Lemurians that escaped from the Khari.

The trials of the journey were long and our people grew weary. We came to the shores of an inland sea and built boats and rafts to cross it. There were islands there – at least two of which had been inhabited before our coming. Some of our people chose to stay, hoping to recreate the seafaring life that we had enjoyed before the cataclysm. But the water had betrayed us once, so many of us continued westward – a remnant of a remnant of a remnant.

After escaping the grasp of the ruthless Khari, the freed Lemurians trudged westward, growing tired in their expedition. Discovering an in-land ocean, they traveled by boat, and some Lemurians chose to stay on the islands they had found there.

After the ruinous waves and eruptions of the cataclysm, others still distrusted the water and elected to travel even further west.

Lemurian Lorestone 6

conan exiles lemurian lorestone 6 location
Lemurian Lorestone 6. The exact location is shown by the player’s icon.

The sixth Lemurian Lorestone is found at The Great Dam, near the eastern tower. You’ll find the enchanted stone on the eastern side of Map Square G10. This stone finally brings the story to The Exiled Lands and narrates the Lemurian’s first impressions of the realm.

And so we came at last to this kingdom. It was a fertile land – rolling grasslands and temperate hills that gave way in the far south to the dryness of a desert. In the north were mountains, but not the snow-covered mountains that we had seen on our journey, just jagged rocky peaks. And a swamp, thick and brooding, that lay over the eastern part of the region like a shadow. But it was clear that this land was inhabited. Carved blocks of mighty stone covered the landscape, and a crystal clear lake in the north was dammed and siphoned along a great aqueduct. And the city… such engineering was beyond humankind. I saw the great monuments, the statues brooding over the river, and the towers that flamed unnaturally across the landscape… and I confess, I felt fear.

This lorestone lays out the Lemurian’s first journey into The Exiled Lands, and what they saw there. The Exiled Lands were not always a desert, and were once more temperate, with grasslands that developed into deserts further south. The north was devoid of snow, and the Lemurians found signs of a great civilization, striking fear into their hearts.

Lemurian Lorestone 7

conan exiles lemurian lorestone 7 location
Lemurian Lorestone 7. The exact location is shown by the player’s icon.

The seventh Lemurian Lorestone is found in Icespire Chasm, on a southern platform raised above the valleys below. You will discover Icespire Chasm on the western side of Map Square G11.

This stone tells of the first meeting between the Lemurians and Giant Kings and how the slave bracelets came to be, the same that now bind prisoners to The Exiled Lands.

When we met the ones we call the Giant-kings, some of us fell to our knees in worship. Surely these were gods in living flesh, come to offer us respite at the end of our long journey. We could not speak their language, but our sorcerers and theirs came together and worked a powerful ritual. Enchanted gemstones enabled our communication. We forged bracelets to hold them – thus could our communion with the Giant-kings begin.

Upon meeting The Giant Kings, the Lemurians were unsure what they had stumbled upon. Initially assuming they were gods, they soon devised a way to create golden bracelets with green gems to understand one another. This bracelet would serve as a key to the beginning of the Lemurian & Giant King alliance, though would not always remain as such.

Lemurian Lorestone 8

conan exiles lemurian lorestone 8 location
Lemurian Lorestone 8. The exact location is shown by the player’s icon.

The eighth Lemurian Lorestone is found at the Ruins of Xullan in Map Square F11, in the eastern area between Xullan and Icespire Chasm. It details the initial struggles between the Lemurians and Giant Kings, leading to their eventual cooperation.

There were mistakes in this stumbling, fumbling relationship. Our allies had little contact with humans and our impatience as a people meant nothing to creatures with such long lives. To us, they were painstakingly slow to deliberate and make decisions, to them we were like children who rushed forward without thinking. Still, there was progress. They have agreed that we could settle the swampy lands on their eastern borders. For them, the land had little value, but to those of us who remembered our seafaring roots, it gave us a chance to be close to the water once again. Given time, we would be able to call upon Dagon once again.

Despite initial cultural and lifestyle differences between the Lemurians and the Giant Kings, the two sides found balance. The Giant Kings offered the eastern swamp to the Lemurians, where they settled close to the water, in what is now known as Xel-Ha. The Lemurians hoped to rebuild their great empire, and call again upon their sea god Dagon.

Lemurian Lorestone 9

conan exiles lemurian lorestone 9 location
Lemurian Lorestone 9. The exact location is shown by the player’s icon.

The ninth Lemurian Lorestone is found at the snowy entrance to The Passage. The Passage stretches between biomes, but you’ll find this lorestone in the southeastern corner of Map Square G11. This stone details the Lemurian population’s rapid growth, and the search for a new home and foreshadows the fracturing of the Giant King alliance.

In the beginning, our friendship with the Giant-kings bore great fruit. We traded with them – knowledge, food, baubles – and both peoples prospered. But the Giant-kings became alarmed, I suspect, at the rate at which we gave birth. Theirs was a people who took centuries to reach child-bearing age, and they remained few. Whereas we spread across our new lands and began to encroach upon theirs. To avoid this fate, I began sending scouting parties far to the north, outside of the borders of the Giant-kings kingdom. They were to find fertile land that would not encroach upon the territory of our hosts. Instead, we discovered something dark.

This lorestone details the growing issues between the Lemurians and Giant Kings. Though it had not rose to conflict, The Giant Kings may have been somewhat jealous over how fast the Lemurian population grew, compared to the prodding reproduction rate of their race.

The Lemurians sought new lands for their growing peoples, and traveling far north, they discovered a secret hidden far north.

Lemurian Lorestone 10

conan exiles lemurian lorestone 10 location
Lemurian Lorestone 10. The exact location is shown by the player’s icon.

The tenth Lemurian Lorestone is found near The Black Keep, upon the highest peak northwest of the fortress, southeast of Map Square E12. This stone tells a frightful tale of the horrors found by the Lemurians in the far north, and the strange gods they worshipped.

Shall I speak, child, of the passage that our scouts found leading into the very bowels of the earth? Dare I speak of the fantastic city they found there, broad squares with twisted temples to the blasphemous elder gods who were before mankind, and will be, ever after? No, I need not speak of these things to strike true dread into your heart, child. I need only tell you of the creatures that dwelt in this city – beings that lived only in story and the primal fears of the human heart. For beneath the earth, we discovered what remained of the Serpent-men of Valusia.

In what is now known as The Well of Skelos, the Lemurians found a giant city deep beneath the earth. They saw temples to the serpent god Set, an elder demon revered in Stygia, and the ancient mystical empire, Acheron.

The city sat infested with Serpentmen, an enemy of humanity from before the cataclysm. They were seemingly destroyed by King Kull of Valusia, yet a remnant of this serpentine race still thrives within The Well of Skelos.

Lemurian Lorestone 11

conan exiles lemurian lorestone 11 location
Lemurian Lorestone 11. The exact location is shown by the player’s icon.

The eleventh Lemurian Lorestone is found at the Ruins of Xullan, at the foot of the eastern staircase, at the right side of the corrupted obelisk. You’ll find the ruins in the northwest of Map Square F11. The story illustrates betrayal from the Giant Kings, and how The Lemurian Uprising began.

We confronted the Giant-kings and the Triumvirate with their darkest secret, and they did not deny it. How could we trust them, allied as they were with the ancient enemies of mankind? I gave them an ultimatum. To give us the northern lands. To stay their hand while we exterminated the serpent men. They refused. War was inevitable.

After discovering the Serpentmen with the Well of Skelos, the Lemurians brought this issue to the Giant Kings. In a meeting with The Triumvirate, leaders of the Giant King empire, the Lemurians made a simple demand: Give us the north, and let us slay the Serpentmen.

When the Giant Kings refused to do so, the Lemurians realized that war was the only way to ensure the Serpentmen would threaten humanity no longer.

Lemurian Lorestone 12

conan exiles lemurian lorestone 12 location
Lemurian Lorestone 12. The exact location is shown by the player’s icon.

The twelfth and penultimate Lemurian Lorestone is found at The Black Keep, to the right of the main entrance. You’ll discover the Black Keep on the southern side of Map Square F12. The story from this stone tells the beginning of the war, and how the bracelets of communication were twisted into weapons by the Giant Kings.

In wartime, there is enough blame. Who struck the first blow? I cannot say. They enslaved you, twisting the bracelets to their corrupted ways. We retaliated by destroying their aqueduct. We established an outpost, Xullan, in the north, to watch the Serpentmen and prevent them from joining with their allies. And I began to formulate a powerful sorcery to ensure the safety of our people.

As the Lemurian Uprising came to fruition, the Giant Kings malformed the bracelets. Where they had once served to aid communication, they now bound the Lemurians to the lands.

The Lemurians shattered the southern aqueduct, and built the Outpost of Xullan in the far north, to contain the Serpentman. Between victories, The Witch Queen began to work on a powerful sorcery to change the shape of the conflict.

Lemurian Lorestone 13

conan exiles lemurian lorestone 13 location
Lemurian Lorestone 13. The exact location is shown by the player’s icon.

The thirteenth and final Lemurian Lorestone can be found at the rock formation between Meltwater Crag and Nordhof. You’ll find the final stone on the north-western side of Map Square F10. This lorestone leaves us on a cliffhanger, as it was enchanted during the heat of the war.

The war continues, child. I cannot say when it will end. You may not remember us. You may not have been born among us. But I urge you to join us. Resist. Sabotage the Giant-kings and their works. We are coming for you.

This final lorestone is a call to action, a rallying cry for those still enslaved beneath the slave bracelet of the Giant Kings. Some Lemurians remained as slaves to the giants, gathering food and resources. The Witch Queen, as leader of the Lemurians, calls for them to work from the inside and help defeat their masters.

The Lemurian Uprising

While the Lemurian Lorestones established the cause and early process of the war, none were made after its conclusion. Fortunately, there are plenty of sources from which to garner that information. It is unknown how much time passed between the final lorestone and the events detailed below. However, we can guess that it was likely a small amount of time.

Tyros the Deathbringer, the half-human and half-Giant King, joined the Lemurian cause. He and his Silent Legion had destroyed the Outpost of Xullan, but he soon fell in love with Telith, the daughter of the Witch Queen.

He allied with the Lemurians, as did his Silent Legion. Tyros would have a child with Telith, Xalthar, though evidence of a second child exists.

tyros the deathbringer conan exiles
Tyros the Deathbringer, the man who would later become The Kinscourge.

The Witch Queen met with The Archivist, a member of the Giant King Triumvirate, to discuss peace. They arrived at The Circle of Swords and The Witch Queen betrayed their trust, allowing the Silent Legion to cut down The Archivist. Though dead, The Archivisit’s spirit would inhabit The Archives, and he remains there still in-game.

Sometime later, the Lemurians and Giant Kings fought north-west of The Unnamed City. The Witch Queen unleashed the powerful sorcery she had slaved over, turning the Giant King’s soldiers to stone. This area is now known as The Shattered Springs.

The Triumvirate and some remaining Giant King soldiers retreated to the south. The Priestking, father of Tyros the Deathbringer, whispered to The Warmaker and convinced him to unleash The Heart of the Sands.

As he broke open the stone, an enormous sandstorm erupted, controlled by a sand elemental. It hurtled towards Xel-Ha to devour the Lemurians, yet a priest named Petruso bound the elemental to himself, locking the sandstorm in a temporal loop.

Over the centuries to come, the sandstorm would roll endlessly, scouring the landscape from lush hills to an arid desert. Petruso lives within the Sandswept Ruins, kept alive by the elemental.

conan exiles the shattered springs
The Shattered Springs, where the Lemurians used their magical weapon.

In the wake of the disastrous sandstorm, The Warmaker returned to The Unnamed City to muse on the destruction he had wrought. The Priestking traveled north and met his son Tyros at the Mounds of the Dead.

The two fought viciously, and Tyros eventually slew his father. The Priestking uttered a curse in his dying breath, dooming Tyros and The Silent Legion to eternal life.

Tyros would become known as The Kinscourge, and his maddened husk still roams The Black Keep. The Warmaker was buried within a barrow west of the mounds, yet was reanimated by the Diadem of the Giant Kings. His corpse can still be found wandering that barrow.

With the landscape scourged and the Giant Kings all but defeated, a coalition of Lemurian soldiers and Khari nobles, who had fled their homelands after a slave uprising, exterminated the final remains of the Giant Kings.

The bones of the Giant Kings sank into the sand, and centuries later, their blood would crystallize, creating the Bloodstone beasts found after the Age of Sorcery: Chapter 3.

As for the Witch Queen, Telith, and Xalthar, history is unclear on what became of them. The Witch Queen died at some point after the uprising, though her soul lives on in the mask, which would later possess Razma of Shem.

A mound on Telith’s Island indicates that she may have died there, though her grave emits strange, otherworldly whispers. Little is known of Xalthar, though The Cult of Sobek believes he found something in the Well of Skelos.

conan exiles xel-ha
Xel-Ha, the Lemurian home within The Exiled Lands. The Witch Queen’s spirit would attempt to rebuild the city after possessing Razma of Shem.

The remaining Lemurians would work to rebuild, eventually mating with outsiders and becoming The Hyrkanians. The Khari attempted to rebuild their empire, though a second cataclysm opened a gargantuan cave beneath their city.

Trapped within, they attempted to summon a demon for freedom, who then slew the remaining Khari. The remains of their empire can still be found in The Wine Cellar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is there any Reward for Discovering the Lemurian Lorestones?

Answer: Unfortunately there is no reward, aside from the lore information.

Question: Do the Giant Kings have Lorestones?

Answer: Yes. The Giant Kings have many lorestones scattered across the map, which provide their point of view on the war.

Question: What Happened to the Serpentmen?

Answer: The Serpentmen remained inside the well, though their race was slowly dying. The Degenerate, the true serpentman, would die of exhaustion after a fight with the player character, dooming the race is extinction.


The Lemurian Lorestones tell a riveting tale of how war erupted in The Exiled Lands. While you may not get any reward for finding them, the story itself divulges much information about the events that formed The Exiled Lands.

Combined with lore from other sources, this gives a full timeline of how we managed to find ourselves in the sand-scorched prison.

With this article, you can now go and hear those lorestones for yourself! As always, don’t forget to stay tuned into ConanFanatics for all the Conan Exiles news, guides, and tips.

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