Conan Exiles Panther Cub Guide

Conan Exiles Panther Cub Guide: Did You Name Yours Bagheera Too?

A Conan Exiles Panther Cub guide will let you know if the Panther is for you and, if so, how you go about raising one. I love the pets of Conan Exiles because when I play other games, I always want more big cats and similar mammals.

Conan Exiles does this well, giving them each their own set of stats, abilities, and weaknesses. The Panthers are fairly well-rounded though not top-tier. The pet nerf a couple of years ago really hit those who prefer pets over thralls hard.

But in my opinion, you can use almost any pet and still take on most of the enemies in Conan Exiles without counting your losses. Panthers are viable companion options with plenty to offer any Conan player.

Conan Exiles Panther Cub Overview

  • Panthers are better than Lions but not as good as Tigers
  • Panther Cubs are found in the Jungle
  • Shadespiced Raw Tough Meat is the favorite food of a Panther Cub
  • Blood Sausage is the best food for an adult Panther, giving 10 HP per second
  • Panthers are good fighters because they bleed enemies, can knock them down, and don’t get stunned

Panther Breakdown – Everything You Need to Know

Conan Exiles Panther Cub Guide
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

Before you spend time searching for a panther or raising one, you should first find out if you really want one. When I set my mind on a certain pet or tame in a game, I know I want it right off the bat, even if it’s low-tier. But not everyone feels that way. So it’s only fair to let people know what they’re getting themselves into.


  • Inventory slots – 10
  • Health – 747
  • Damage – 0
  • Armor – 63
  • Strength – 1 (10% bonus)
  • Agility – 1

Where to Find a Panther Cub

You can find Panther Cubs anywhere Panthers spawn in Conan Exiles. They spawn in the jungle, specifically near Dagon’s Eye and Descent of Dagon. If you see adult Panthers around, there could be a baby nearby. If you want to reset the spawns, kill the adults, and the next set may spawn Panther Cubs.

How to Raise a Panther

conan exiles raising a panther
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

To raise a Panther, put the Panther Cub into an animal pen and then feed it. You can feed it almost anything, but if you want a chance to get a Greater Variant, you need to feed it specific meats. If you leave it in your inventory, it will automatically die in about a real-time day.

How to Get a Greater Panther

  • Shadespiced Raw Tough Meat – 25%
  • Exotic Flesh – 20%
  • Shadespiced Perfect Cut of Meat – 20%
  • Exquisite Meat – 15%
  • Shadespiced Fatty Meat – 14%
  • Shadespiced Raw Succulent Meat – 12%
  • Raw Pork – 10%
  • Shadespiced Human Flesh – 10%
  • Shadespiced Raw Stringy Meat – 8%
  • Savoury Flesh – 7%
  • Shadepsiced Corrupted Flesh – 6%
  • Human Flesh – 5%
  • Feral Flesh – 3%
  • Abysmal Flesh – 1%

What to Feed a Panther

conan exiles feeding a panther
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

There are only specific foods that have a chance to boost stats in Conan Exiles. Whenever your Panther levels up, you can affect what perk it gets by feeding it certain food. These chances are based on small percentages, but even a little can make a difference.

Stat Boost Explained: When I say Stat Boost, I mean the increase in the chance that the stat is increased at each level.

Exquisite Meat

  • Spoil Timer – 1 hour
  • Stat Boost – 7% Strength, 7% Vitality
  • Source – goats, crocodiles, shoebills, boar, baby animals, and more
  • HP/second – 1

I wouldn’t feed this to my Panther. Some pets love it, so I would save it for them or use it for recipes you need to use for yourself. However, if your Panther is ready to level and this is all you have, it’s not a bad option.

Feral Flesh

  • Spoil Timer – 20 minutes
  • Stat Boost – 14% Agility
  • Source – bats, hyenas, serpents, cats, and many more (super common)
  • HP/second – 1

This is the best way to have a chance to upgrade your Agility for your pet. Not only does it have the highest chance but out of all the meats, I think this is the easiest to get, especially if you live in the desert.

Savoury Flesh

  • Spoil Timer – 45 minutes
  • Stat Boost – 14% Vitality
  • Source – goats, apes, boar, shoebills, some baby animals, and more
  • HP/second – 2

Savoury Flesh is the best Vitality food for Panthers. Though it doesn’t offer much as far as HP goes, it isn’t a bad option. Of course, it only lasts 45 minutes, but if you preserve it until you’re ready, then you’ve got it made.

Abysmal Flesh

  • Spoil Timer – 1 hour
  • Stat Boost – 14% Strength
  • Source – Abysmal Remnant, Champion Demon-bat, Emissary of Abhoth
  • HP/second – 6

Abysmal Flesh is the best food for Strength boosts for Panthers. It also has a decent HP boost for combat, so I recommend it either way. The catch is that it is super rare, only being found on three bosses.

Shadepsiced Raw Succulent Meat

  • Spoil Timer – 2 hour
  • Stat Boost – 7% Strength, 7% Agility
  • Source – Savoury Flesh and Shadebloom in the Stove
  • HP/second – 7

This is a good food because it lasts two hours. It also gives you a decent chance to up Strength, which is one of the reccomend stats for Panthers. Of course, I’d never make it for my Panther because it’s so much easier to use one of the below foods.

Trail Jerky

  • Spoil Timer – 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Stat Boost – 7% Agility
  • Source – 1 Exotic Flesh, 5 Salt in Stove
  • HP/second – 8

I love making jerky because it lasts for an hour and a half. If you want to feed your Panther something for HP that is the most efficient to make, I recommend Trail Jerky because the ingredients aren’t difficult to find.

Bone Broth

  • Spoil Timer – 45 minutes
  • Stat Boost – 7% Strength, 3% Agility
  • Source – 1 Soup, 1 Bone in Stove
  • HP/second – 9

Bone Broth is a good option, but there are many more ways to use Soup if you have other pets or want to make the best foods for yourself. But if you want to hyper-focus on your Panther, this will keep them healthy.

Blood Sausage

  • Spoil Timer – 45 minutes
  • Stat Boost – 3% Strength, 7% Agility, 3% Vitality
  • Source – 5 Blood in fire of some kind
  • HP/second – 10

This is the best food if you don’t care what increases. It’s an amazing way to give your Panther an HP boost because it heals 10 HP a second, even in battle. This is the best it gets when it comes to combat food for Panthers.

Greater Panther – Worth or Not?

conan exiles greater panther
Screenshot by Emily Medlock
  • Inventory slots – 10
  • Health – 916
  • Damage – 0
  • Armor – 97
  • Strength – 1 (10% bonus)
  • Agility – 0 (10% bonus)
  • Vitality – 2 (105 bonus)
  • Grit – 2 (16 bonus)

Some pets get over twice as strong as the original versions when they are Greater. But Panthers do not. They do get stronger, but it’s not a huge difference like you may see in a Bear or Tiger.

It’s still worth getting the right foods to give you a 20 to 25% chance of getting a Greater Panther, but it’s not worth fretting over it. Greater Panthers are huge compared to the basic Panther, but that’s the only significant gain.

Panthers vs Other Cats

conan exiles panthers vs other cats
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

Multiple big cats are in Conan Exiles, with new cats added in DLC and other maps. Some are much better than others, with the Panther landing in the middle on most occasions.

Note: The Lynx is only available on the Isle of Siptah. 

VS Lynx: Wins

  • Health – 747
  • Damage – 0
  • Armor – 63
  • Strength – 1 (10% bonus)
  • Agility – 1

The Lynx has identical stats to the Panther, so the fact that the Lynx is the clear winner may be confusing. But the Lynx’s strength comes from becoming a Greater Island Lynx when it has over double the HP and ten times the strength bonus of a Greater Panther.

VS Jaguar: Loses

  • Health – 298
  • Damage – 19
  • Armor – 56
  • Strength – 1 (10% bonus)
  • Agility – 0 (10% bonus)
  • Grit – 1 (16 bonus)
  • Vitality – 0 (53 bonus)

The Jaguar is opposite to the Lynx when it comes to comparing it to the Panther. It is much weaker when in basic form but becomes identical (more or less) when in Greater form, which gives the Panther a clear win.

VS Lion: Loses

  • Health – 389
  • Damage – 10
  • Armor – 69
  • Strength – 0 (7% bonus)
  • Agility – 0 (7% bonus)
  • Grit – 1 (16 bonus)
  • Vitality – 0 (70 bonus)

The Lion is the worst big cat in Conan Exiles. Don’t get me wrong; I love it because lions are cool. But it’s hardly ever worth it in the game unless you live near a pride and pick up babies out or convenience. They have great armor as Greater Lions, but it doesn’t make up for its other stats.

VS Sabretooth: Wins

  • Health – 855
  • Damage – 0
  • Armor – 69
  • Strength – 1 (10% bonus)
  • Agility – 1
  • Grit – 0 (16 bonus)

The basic Sabretooth is decent, but it isn’t amazing. What makes the Sabretooth so good is the damage that the Greater Sabretooth has. It has insane damage and a great Vitality bonus, making it one of the best creatures in the game. Much better than a Panther, for sure.

VS Tiger: Wins

  • Health – 747
  • Damage – 20
  • Armor – 63
  • Strength – 1 (10% bonus)
  • Agility – 1

The Tiger wins easily against the Panther. Not only does it get a huge damage boost as a regular Tiger, but the Greater Tiger is just a great pet. It has decent health and armor, but shines with high strength and vitality bonuses.

Variant B Panthers

The Variant B Panthers are only available via The Savage Frontier Pack DLC. The DLC adds building pieces, armor, and more – all related to a primal hunter aesthetic. One of those additions is Variant B Panther.

There is a regular version and the Greater version. However, the stats don’t change because they are skins for your Panther, not another pet. You just craft the skin in your inventory using a panther and a DLC item.

How to Use Your Panther

conan exiles panther fight
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

Panthers can do all sorts of things in Conan Exiles. Some of them are things any pet can do, while other things are unique to the Panther or a small pool of pets. Utilizing each pet in a way that suits them can prove beneficial.

Guarding the Base

Cats are great for leaving at your base to guard because you can get quite a few of them stacked up to pack quite the punch. They also look amazing and are easy to place – unlike reptiles, which seem bulky and odd.

This may be a pet peeve of mine because I hate it when the tails of the pets pass through each other or overlap. Panthers are one of the easiest to place in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Your Trusty Companion

This is my favorite way to use them, even though it has nothing to do with utilization. When I roleplay, I always have an animal companion, and panthers often fit the image I want to portray because they are so versatile.

Bleeding Enemies Out

Panthers can inflict bleed damage, which is a great way to hit and run. If you can control your panther well enough, you can hit the enemy, run away, and come back right as you lose aggro.

But even with just pure attacking, you can still do more damage bleeding than without it. It’s perfect for getting away before you die while still doing damage. I like to play bleed when my ally does until I hit the cap.


Panthers can be on the frontlines because they have decent armor. But I believe they excel because they can’t be stunned, and they are amazing initiators. Their knockdown is the perfect way to take down an opponent with a huge advantage.

On the other hand, if you have heavy armor and high HP, you may want to draw aggro while your Panther does the damage. This is a good choice if you want your pet to survive against formidable enemies.


Question: What Biome Has Panther Cubs?

Answer: The jungle is the place to get panthers in Conan Exiles. They may wander outside of this area, but the jungle has by far the densest population of panthers and, thus panther cubs.

Question: Are There Leopards in Conan Exiles?

Answer: No. There are only Jaguars, who are similar to leopards in real life but similar to the Panther in the game. It is possible they will add more big cats in the future, as they did add the Lynx.

Question: How Do I Get Abysmal Flesh?

Answer: The best way to get Abysmal Flesh for your Panther is to defeat Abysmal Remnant in the Dregs dungeon. This is a low-level dungeon in the sewers of the Unnamed City.

Panthers Need You

conan exiles panther cub
Screenshot by Emily Medlock

Panthers aren’t the best cats in Conan Exiles, so they sometimes get left by the wayside. But I love all big cats and encourage you to have at least one “heart choice” that isn’t based on stats or a tier list.

I do this in all survival games and recommend the same to anyone. It helps me enjoy the game more from a roleplaying aspect. Plus, I like to surround myself with things that make me happy.

Panthers are one of my top favorite animals, with the White Tiger being the only cat in Conan Exiles to take precedence. Since White Tigers are amazing and the Panthers are average, I usually end up with a White Tiger by my side. But that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about my buddy Bagheera.

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